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Weekly General Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 18 November 2019


For everyone, the fact that Mars is on the move this week is significant but especially for you, as the warrior planet of the cosmos is also your ruling planet. Added to that is the fact that his departure from your relationship sector on Tuesday is going to take a lot of pressure off both you and your relationships. So much so that it might not be until after Mars is gone and the pressure drops back, that you realise how much pressure you were actually under. Especially as this might have crept up on you. Equally game changing is Mars' return to your financial sector, where for the first time in two years he begins a mission to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit, in order to see you take your financial power back. With Mercury in retrograde motion until Thursday there might be a call for patience at first, but Mercury's direct turn will give money matters the green light. This comes just before your professional year is preparing for a surge as well.


The week might get off to a busy start but by the Wednesday it will dial back to a more manageable pace and stay that way for the rest of the year. What you are experiencing at the start of the week is Mars' final hours in your busy work sector and not returning again until late 2021, he will be urging you to put everything you have into everything you do. Whether at work or with the things in life that keep you busy, Mars is determined to leave you without any regrets of not having done enough. As Mars turns his attention onto your relationships the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment will take the wheel, keeping work and job matters or the things that keep you busy on track but without the same demands. Meanwhile, in her last full week in your financial sector, Venus continues to fuel your financial confidence and to update your financial wish list, ahead of the Sun's return over the weekend.


While things take a busy turn this week before they do there is a chance to begin the week making giving your relationships a voice a priority. It was over the weekend that the Moon left Gemini, but not before clashing with Venus and Jupiter in your relationship sector. Moving into the most important weeks of the year on the relationship front, this was a chance to put a balance between your personal and relationship needs to the test. Yet just days after shaking the tree, the Moon will return to your communication sector on Monday and into a friendly aspect to both Venus and Jupiter before leaving on Wednesday. Meanwhile it is on Tuesday that life not only takes a busy turn but one it will retain for the rest of the year. Just days before Mercury's direct turn in your work sector on Thursday and the Sun's departure over the weekend, Mars returns on Tuesday to fire things up and to make things happen.


Just as well you begin the week with the Moon in Cancer, for even while it will leave in the early hours of the week, this will give you an intuitive edge that will prove invaluable this week. For this is the point in the year where several planets are moving into different camps and are starting to swap places. Just this week we have the Sun and Mars on the move, with more planetary shifts next week. However, nothing new is starting up and nothing is ending, so what we have is a shifting around that is impacting the balance of power. Thanks the Moon you will be able to trust your instincts are you adjust to the shifting dynamics. This will be especially helpful when two areas strengthen, which are your busy work sector and a more playful part of your chart. With a balance between work and play becoming more important, trusting your instincts will make it easier to know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off.


All the Moon's monthly visits to Leo are important, giving you a valuable chance to check in, listen to your inner voice and sharpen your sixth sense. What makes this week's visit important, apart from the fact that this is just the second to last visit for the year is that this comes just as there are a lot of planetary activity shifts. The Moon will return to Leo on Monday and leave on Wednesday, giving you an intuitive edge during Mercury's final days in retrograde motion, giving you an intuitive sense of when to hold back and when to push on. The Moon is also here as Mars joins the Sun and Mercury in your home and family sector on Tuesday, bringing a lot more energy into home and family matters. The Moon will also form a friendly aspect to planets on the playful and adventurous fronts, just before the pace is due to pick up on the job front next week. This also makes the Moon's return to your income sector on Wednesday important, giving you insight into forces across the income, work and career fronts.


There are three important cosmic events this week, with the Sun and Mars both leaving one area of your chart and returning to another, while the third event is Mercury's direct turn. What ties all three events together is that they all centre on communication, something that is key to a Virgos' world. It is on Tuesday that Mars will return to your communication sector, just two days before Mercury's direct turn here, ahead of the Sun's departure over the weekend. This is essentially Mars returning so that the Sun can turn his focus onto home and family matters. Yet Mars starts the week in your income sector, where his departure on Tuesday will be win/win for both sides of the financial fence. Mars will leave you with plenty of momentum and motivation while Juno, queen of commitment will stay on for another 10 months in order to keep things on track. In the meantime this will take the pressure off planets in your financial sector, with financial pressure dropping back.


Mars departure from Libra on Tuesday brings you to the end of what is the foundation phase of any new Mars cycle. Mars has spent nearly seven weeks fuelling your passions, drives and competitive spirit while working to establish what excites you. This is the start of a nearly two year long Mars cycle which won't end until late 2021, with Mars' departure on Tuesday the point where the real journey begins. Fortunately, Mars will leave behind the asteroid Juno, with the queen of commitment staying on for another 10 months to help you stick to resolutions and to stay on track. At the same time, Mars' departure will take the pressure off you and your relationships, for the warrior planet demands a lot. Instead, Mars will turn all his attention and warrior spirit onto more lucrative pursuits, with his return to your income sector on Tuesday coming just two days before Mercury turns direct here and just days before the Sun leaves over the weekend.


It is in the final days of your birthday month that things take and exciting turn, thanks to Mars return to Scorpio on Tuesday, for the first time in nearly two years. Prior to then, with Mercury still in retrograde motion here and the Sun leaving over the weekend, it was looking like your birthday month would come to a low key end. Mars' return changes everything, with the only challenge being a need to cool your heels until Mercury's direct turn on Thursday. Until then, Mars will return with his foot on the gas, ready to make things happen, while Mercury will still have his foot on the brake. In the meantime, the Moon's return to your career sector from Monday to Wednesday will not only fuel your professional instincts and imagination but form a friendly aspect to Venus and Jupiter, in their last full week together in your income sector. A friendly aspect to both planets in your work sector as well will energise things across the income, work and career fronts.


This is an important week for a number of reasons, with your old solar year ending and your birthday month and new solar year beginning just one of this week's important factors. The Sun won't return to Sagittarius until the weekend, with your old solar year still playing out as Mars joins both the Sun and Mercury in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart on Tuesday. Just as the wind down of your old solar year is coming to a close, Mars returns to begin winding down a nearly two year long Mars cycle, as he prepares for his return to Sagittarius in the New Year. Yet while planets are preparing to return to Sagittarius, two planets are preparing to leave. Venus is spending her last full week in Sagittarius, while Jupiter is preparing to leave just a week later. What you have is the job of the planets charged with forming a sense of what's possible and a framework for the future coming to a close, while those that will focus on the 'when, where and how' are preparing to begin their job.


This is a week of preparation and as the week progresses you will sense that there is change in the air. That change will come with Venus' return to Capricorn early next week and Jupiter's return a week later, kicking off your most important, expansive and significant year in over a decade. This is something that you have been preparing for since Pluto's return to Capricorn in 2008 and more seriously since Saturn's return in 2017. It is Jupiter's return and position in Capricorn until 2020, that constitutes the year everything until now has led up to and everything from now will lead on from. Jupiter returns to Capricorn once every 12 years, but never in our lifetime has Saturn and Pluto been here at the same time. Having the planets of luck, change and the planet that gives you the power to move mountains come together in Capricorn is a once in a lifetime event. Why this is so palpable now is Ceres' return to Capricorn over the weekend, with change already starting.


If you have a case of Mondayitis this week embrace it, even if you have to fit embracing a passion for adventure around other responsibilities. At the very least channel this into finalising your bucket list before Mars leaves an adventurous part of your chart on Tuesday. What you want to do is not only embrace Mars' passion for adventure before he leaves but make sure that you have something to commit to, which is why having a bucket list is important. For while Mars will not only move on but will join the Sun and Mercury in your career sector, allowing your professional year to catch its second wind Juno, queen of commitment will remain in an adventurous part of your chart for another 10 months. Mars' job is to fuel a passion for adventure and leave you with a bucket list, while Juno's job is to help you stick to it. Meanwhile, Mars returns to make the final six weeks of this professional year the most exciting.


The fact that the Moon will leave a playful part of your chart and return to your busy work sector in the early hours of the week is a sign of what kind of week to expect, in terms of a balance between work and play. The Moon returns to your work sector during Venus' last full week in your career sector, with Jupiter leaving a week later but the Sun returning over the weekend to take over from where they leave off. Before leaving on Wednesday, as well as giving you an intuitive read on work and job matters, the Moon will form a friendly aspect to Venus and Jupiter and also to both planets in your income sector. This will create a boost in confidence and insight across the income, work and career fronts. However, there is little chance of life becoming all work and no play, with Mars not only returning to an adventurous part of your chart on Tuesday but spending the rest of the year here.

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