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Daily General Horoscopes - Sunday 21 July


As if to bring home a call to spend at least some time in the slow lane over the weekend Eris, the planet that has probably been in Aries your entire lifetime turns retrograde. Where other planets have come and gone over the years and decades, the dwarf planet Eris has been in Aries for over nine decades and won't leave for another three decades. If there is one planet whose heartbeat you are synced to it is Eris and when she gives you permission to pull back you're more likely to listen. This comes just as Mars, your ruling planet is full of playful exuberance.


As you look back to this time last weekend, there is a chance that this will feel more like a month has passed rather than just seven days. One reason for the gulf between where you are now and where you were this time last weekend is a dramatic drop in pressure and the very different conditions in play. Yet the main reason is that so much has transpired since then, with the stars packing a lot in over the course of the week. The weekend brings a lively and social vibe, with communication and connecting adding to its magic.


In contrast to tension in the skies during the early part of the week and only really easing back a few days ago, the weekend is a near sanctuary in comparison. The only problem you face today might be some balance issues, caused by the fact that you have too much of a good thing. The Sun and Moon are in the centre of a friendly coming together of forces on the income and career fronts, while the communication, social and relationship gods are creating something special as well.


Having the Moon in an adventurous part of your chart is the perfect chance to embrace the weekend spirit but also to put things in perspective. Before a lunar eclipse earlier in the week blew the lid off building tensions, in a way that may have been akin to lancing a boil, any adventurous lunar vibes would have struggled to get your attention. But in this, the last weekend of your birthday month and the journey that is this new solar year stretching out in front of you, calm and confidence is being restored.


While Mars has just become unleashed is able to surge ahead with nothing holding him back as he moves into his final four weeks in Leo, your old solar year is still winding down. The Sun is making the most of his last weekend in a nostalgic, reflective but also intuitive and imaginative part of your chart, giving you a chance to recharge your batteries. With your birthday month and new solar year just days away, while Mars has you excited about what lies ahead, there is still time to hear yourself think.


For the third time in 13 days, another planet turns retrograde, in the process turning all your focus on money matters as a whole to the rear view mirror. Eris' retrograde turn in your financial sector today comes 13 days after Chiron turned retrograde here, sending all planets focused on what you do with the money you have back to the drawing board. This allows the money gods to take a 'divide and conquer' approach, setting the money gods more focused on money coming in to look to the road and opportunities ahead.


Where work/life balance has been an issue in the past and this was the main challenge a lunar eclipse earlier in the week brought home, already you are enjoying the benefits. There is a special coming together of forces on the job and career fronts, which is creating a new sense of job and professional confidence. Yet while there is also something special and healing taking place on the communication and relationship fronts, neither of these very different forces are getting in the other's way.


In a case of perfect timing, just as Mars is able to push things forward professionally, the second planet in your busy work sector turns retrograde today. This changes the dynamics of this professional year, taking the focus off being a slave to your job and the work you do and putting it onto chasing your professional passions. This gives you a lot more options and adds a fun and exciting quality to your professional year. Over the coming weeks and especially as you transition more into doing the things that excite you, you may find that you're putting in less effort for better results.


Even before a lunar eclipse earlier in the week, there has been a lot of intensity and pressure building for weeks now. Yet on the other side tensions and pressure is dropping right back, with a special coming together of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Neptune creating an opportunity for some grounding. After being tossed around by life's fickle winds, this weekend is a safe port with a strong focus on 'coming home', whatever 'home' means for you. It is less the act of coming home and more about what you are coming home to.


Whether you are working through the weekend, have demands on your time or it is just another day, there is something about the influences in play this weekend that makes this a valuable chance to catch your breath. Next week will be as different to everything until now as it is possible to get, with the whole dynamics of the year shifting. Without a doubt, the hardest part of 2019 is behind you and the most exciting part is now in front of you. However, only just, with the stars giving you permission to simply catch your breath in any way that helps to soothe body, mind and soul.


As much as the work tension and job pressure of recent weeks has dialled back, the message behind it couldn't be more important. There is a lot of potential building in your busy work sector, an area of your chart that the ancients also related to slavery or forced labour. With the recurring theme over recent weeks being that of knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off, reflect back on what you have been a slave to and not just on the job front.


This was always going to be an important weekend for simply catching your breath after some fairly intense forces over recent weeks. A lunar eclipse earlier in the week has brought tensions to a head and in the process released them, changing the dynamics of this year. Without a doubt we are on the other side of the most challenging part of 2019 but only just. Having the Moon in Pisces over the weekend is giving you a chance to reconnect to your own inner voice and compass, with a chance to get your bearings.


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