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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 17 May 2019


This week, you could feel convinced that something in an area of your world is stuck, stagnant, too dormant for your liking and showing no signs of progress. Fortunately, the sky insists that isn't the case. Rather than wish that something would shift or change, it's important that you accept that it is shifting or progressing but at a necessary, gradual pace. Regardless of what you sense – or fear – will remain as it is indefinitely, movement and progress will happen soon. You could be surprised at – and delighted with – what changes dramatically.


We're often told to be 'careful what we wish for.' When it comes to wishing, the last thing we want to show is restraint. This week, you may need to give careful consideration to what you wish for or perhaps invest considerable faith in. This isn't because you're at risk of not getting it. It has more to do with you achieving or accomplishing what you pinned your hopes on only to discover that it doesn't quite match expectations you set. The more patience and open-mindedness you can summon this week, the more reassured you'll feel that you're heading in the right direction, even if the route differs from what you expected.


This week, you could feel as if you're on your own with certain obligations or responsibilities. Although you may not enjoy or prefer to handle a crucial matter single-handedly, you're very capable of doing precisely what's needed. You also look set to embark upon a learning process that will likely take you into unknown territory or require you to address sensitive subjects you'd prefer not to deal with. What you're about to gain is a new, alternative perspective on a particular matter. This, as you'll discover, offers a much more direct route to a goal or aspiration you're keen to achieve.


This week, there are many benefits to helping and healing others, but it's important to remember that you have personal needs that you can't overlook. It's also possible that lashing out -deliberately or unintentionally - toward loved ones could be done to reduce your feelings of anxiety or insecurity. It's essential to remember this is more likely to disrupt or harm your closest relationships and could serve only to push away those you want and need to be closer to you. This is a time to address and treat as a priority your personal needs. Don't focus so intently on others' needs that you fail to do so.


Events this week should do much to reassure and please you. It's possible that, for some time, you've been wrestling with a certain problem or tricky dilemma, aware of the implications or consequences attached to it and felt daunted by how seemingly complex it appears. Fortunately, coming events could confirm that your problem is a simple one. A boost to your confidence will help you to identify precisely what's needed to bring the progress you want. With a combination of imagination and ingenuity, you can gain clarity where you need it and be able to distinguish between what's essential or important and what's less urgent or irrelevant.


This week, it could be easy and tempting to adopt a 'que sera sera' attitude in an area of your world or accept that whatever will be, will be. Where you've adopted a rigid stance or been prepared to fight or defend what you believe to be fair and right, you could sense that your most sensible strategy must now involve a ceasefire of some kind or to stop fighting a difficult battle and allow whatever transpires to do so. Rather than throw in the proverbial towel, remind yourself of why a certain matter is as important to you as it is and then continue to summon the strength to defend it. The really good news is, the sky insists it is possible for you to emerge victorious, too.


This week, before you speak your mind or put someone in their place, look inward to check that you're making a fair assessment of them – and possibly others. You may believe you have an accurate understanding of how much to trust certain people and how much you should believe what they tell you but it's possible you're drawing more than one unfair and unfounded conclusion. You could also see others or maybe one person in particular in an unfair light because you're used to seeing them in such a positive way. If you allow logic to play a more important part in your assessment this week, then you could find you become more accommodating and see those around you in a more positive light.


Sometimes, it's what's seemingly small, irrelevant, or trivial that has the most immense, transformative influence. This week, it's important that you take more notice of what's small, paltry or trying to get your attention in the far-off distance. What's seemingly minor holds significant power. If you can remain open-minded and trust your instincts this week, you could not only have your attention drawn to something that you might have normally been inclined to ignore or dismiss but experience an event or development that holds enough power to transform your life positively.


We understand patience is a virtue, but this can be easily overlooked when we have much to accomplish and pressing problems to solve. This week, you could be aware of how patience is more of a vice than a virtue. It could be what's causing you to adopt too much of a relaxed attitude toward something that you perhaps ought to be fired up about. However, only allow yourself to be pushed to the point where you take specific, decisive action. Otherwise, you could waste considerable time and energy getting all worked up about something that doesn't need as much effort as you could be inclined to give it. Don't resort to forcefulness where a swift, determined effort is needed.


This week, it could become clear how something is shifting pleasingly or reassuringly, but this requires you to not only adapt to it but possibly revise a strategy that was important to you recently. You could also discover that a fear is not as real as you've believed it to be. That doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist or poses no problem. Although you may see clear signs of progress, that doesn't automatically means that a sense of anxiousness has been removed or isn't in some way justified. However, it is about to reveal itself as far removed from the great disaster you have been priming yourself for.


This week, it could feel as if something is finally coming to fruition or that closure is attained in some way. However, this could feel more like the third and final act of a tense drama, where our hero or heroine faces a tricky or awkward situation that requires decisive action to save the day. It's important that I make that that there's nothing 'final' about what you're likely to experience this week. As one chapter closes, another begins, and the journey you're on could go on for many more delightful miles. Despite an array of bewildering options is one sensible choice. Allow events this week to help make that crystal clear.


This week, it's important that you make an effort to gain a proper or realistic perspective regarding certain people in your world, and possibly one person in particular. You may have to decide how much to trust them or believe what you're told by them. It might also be necessary to detach yourself from one or two people to see them in a more accurate and perhaps less idealistic way. It might also be necessary to restrain your imagination and try to see your relationship with others or a certain person with more honesty but also with more sensitivity. It's your needs that deserve more attention this week and addressing them can only help you to form or strengthen connections that really do matter.


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