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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 15 March 2019


A Full Moon influencing partnerships and commitments brings a need to strike a balance between your needs and those of someone else. You might be required to reach a compromise or negotiate. It's also possible that a partnership could feel as if it's being 'tested' in some way, too. However, you have a chance to reach a new level of agreement - or connect at a deeper level – with a certain person. Embrace what's altering between you. It's a clear sign of progress.


You could look at current circumstances in your world and feel you're justified with blaming others for your any feeling of discontent. Perhaps, you have a solid or valid reason to do so, too but try instead to use emotional energy positively. The sky implies this could be applied effectively to your work conditions, daily routines or health. Take your pick. Do something differently. Break a tedious routine. Break a bad habit. Above all, don't underestimate how one seemingly small act of kindness can bring a significant change that you'll feel was worth the effort.


This week's Full Moon encourages fun, frivolity and adventure. However, you could feel a need to summon self-discipline or be responsible kills any magic that comes from being lighthearted or spontaneous. Don't ignore your need to be self-expressive, or maybe creative. You're encouraged to convey thoughts or feelings, either to a certain person verbally or by connecting with your artistic side. However you choose to release what you might have been concealing or suppressing, it's important that you do so – and if you feel pressure intensifying to open up, then don't resist it!


During the past couple of weeks, you could have been investing considerable time and energy toward career aspirations, but your personal life needs attention at this time. Striking a balance between energy spent on work and energy focused on home or family matters is becoming essential in the light of this week's Full Moon. It's time to do some prioritizing before you risk over-extending yourself. If you've been waiting for a green light to proceed with a home-related change or alteration, then you could find you have a perfect excuse to shift your focus that direction!


There's an old saying about why we should be more willing to 'go out on a limb' because that's often where the best fruit is found. This week, you could feel an urge to pursue a plan, maybe hang the consequences and see what your effort brings you. Taking a calculated risk could result in achieving something impressive. However, in the same way the act of tree-climbing often requires one sure-footed step taken at a time, don't be too hasty with taking action. Your impressive result might need you to be more patient than you're prepared to be.


Events this week could involve you conveying yourself in ways that will have a knock-on effect to how you're seen by more than one person. This begs the question about how you want to be seen and what you're keen to tell others that they don't know already. If you've wanted an opportunity to speak your mind or make an important point, then the chance to do both could arrive this week. However, the respect you gain from doing so will make it worth the effort.


The coming week brings the annual Full Moon in your sign. Although a situation could become tenser before it improves, you can be certain the improvement or whatever alters within it won't go unnoticed. You're also being given a chance to experience freedom or release where you've wanted to experience it. For this to happen, closure must happen with something that has dragged on for long enough. You have a chance to embark upon a fresh start in a fantastic way.


We often see substitutes to something we know we want or alternatives as second-rate options. This week, you're presented with a superb opportunity but could be inclined to see it as inferior to what you believe your heart desires. Don't convince yourself that what you're offered is 'as good as it's going to get' or believe you must 'make do' with something uninspiring. In time, you'll see how ideal what's coming your way really is.


How we to convey ourselves, whether positively or negatively, is often be influenced by our mood or attitude at the time. If we feel resentful, defensive or angry, then we sometimes apply aggressive energy - and then discover how a more sensitive or less confrontational approach would have been better. This week, your impatience to make a point could cause you to come across as unintentionally antagonistic. Summon as much sensitivity and diplomacy as you can, whenever you can!


When hindsight kicks in and we worry or feel uncertain about a decision made, we can lose sight of how sensible or appropriate it felt at the time. All it takes is one negative thought or comment and we become convinced we made a wrong choice. Don't be hard on yourself regarding a decision made recently. By applying patience, determination and faith, it could become clear that what you instigated was wise, timely and beneficial.


You could be dealing with a surge of information from numerous sources and in many formats this week, and you might need to summon restraint to absorb or process it all. Events this week could require you to slow down and assess what ideas or plans deserve the energy needed and those that should be put on a back burner. What you sense deserves your effort deserves as much as you can summon. If you have any doubts about what's worthy of your attention, then then trust they exist for a good reason.


This week's Full Moon highlights where 'giving' and 'taking' exists in your world. What makes you feel comfortable and secure needs to be balanced with attention you give to others' needs and comfort levels. Coming events could also encourage you to settle debts - financial or otherwise. Either way, you could find that you're requested to provide support. If you sense that, by doing so, an arrangement or commitment will be balanced, then proceed. If you have doubts or reservations, then trust your instincts regarding why these exist.


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