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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Tuesday 7 July


You have an opportunity to make some extra money from something you learn right now. If you have been looking for a way to spend some free time and maybe make a little extra money, visit the library, bookstores, or go online and you'll find something that catches your eye.


You and your partner are again discussing budgets. You both need to work harder, tighten your belts and compromise on the so-called "discretionary" spending. One of you may have to fill out some annoying, seemingly pointless government paperwork right now.


You may be feeling uncomfortable in your current working conditions, but things are about to change. A sudden opportunity may appear to come out of the blue, but you have actually been hard at work for some time putting all the pieces in place.


Your partner comes across as stern, cold or depressed right now, but chances are good it has little to nothing to do with you. They may have encountered an old friend, relative or a former lover who has brought up some issues that are a little touchy.


You may be considering taking a well-earned vacation soon, but there could be problems with paperwork and documentation, either at the workplace, or in your personal papers. Make sure that all identification and medical documentation is in order.


You come out from under your shell right now and you are going to feel pretty good for the most part. One friend is being a pain in the posterior though, as there is some issue with a difference in your social standing or financial backgrounds. You can put it aside though.


If you are feeling a bit anxious or wound up it is because you have a lot of extra physical energy and don't have an outlet for it. You may find that you will be spending time and money on a project that is to come to fruition later on in the week.


Others are not terribly supportive of your world domination plans right now. It's not like they don't want more money, who doesn't? But they would really rather have you, fully present and in the moment, even if only for a few hours right now. Give them the gift of your undivided attention.


You have a major case of "Freudian Slip - Foot in Mouth" Disease right now. You have to watch your words carefully, because your subconscious concerns and motivations are readily apparent to others, most especially siblings and close friends.


Your career and social ambitions are on the upswing, and there may be unexpected opportunities for you to boost your bottom line. Just be sure that you are ready for a new leadership role before taking on new responsibilities that could keep you busier than you'd like.


A child or young person may get themselves in trouble. You may find you need extra advice or tools to cope with this phase they are going through. Patience, listening skills and asking leading questions may help. Look up Active Listening in Google if you need some tips.


You are a mental powerhouse right now. You have brilliant ideas, and tons of extra energy, but you are pushing just a little too hard for someone else's comfort levels. You may be right that they are being lazy, but you may be forced to work with them for the time being.


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