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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Sunday 28 February


Your telephone is ringing and you are getting romantic invitations that are a little over the top! If you are single, one of your friends may make an indecent proposal that sets your cheeks on fire. If you are not single, you have some special time together with your partner.


Don't bring paperwork home with you if you can at all help it. You are close to burning out, and chances are that hot-rush emergency could live a couple more days on a back burner. You may not have a choice, and if so, insist you get some other time off to make up for it - and soon!


You may be on the telephone or Internet a lot right now, answering calls and letters and dealing with people who don't seem to be able to make up their minds where they stand. Be patient, things will turn around when someone calls up with an entertaining diversion.


You may have to offer a blunt and negative assessment of a coworker or employer's performance right now. It may not be avoidable. Your own self-esteem is at issue here, as well as working conditions. You could be surprised that you get a more thoughtful response than you expected.


You may be able to reclaim some wasted time with the help of your smartphone. If you find yourself stuck in line or at a medical appointment, you may get a great deal of writing done. Someone out there would love to hear from you, and a nice long email could bring them a lot of joy.


You have a wonderful opportunity to make friends, influence people and generally be the life of the party right now. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone new in your circle of friends or acquaintances. Get out into crowds of people for the best luck right now.


Your significant other is not just being stingy. They are afraid, they don't feel too secure, and that is where their reluctance to spend money is coming from at the moment. While there are beneficial signs in the work and money sectors, it can't hurt to secure your nest egg.


Someone else's troubles could be the trigger that gets you and a family member back on speaking terms. One or both of you is going to realize that your little spat was really rather petty - things could be far, far worse. You could both do some real good by reaching out to a troubled friend.


Sudden good news about your career turns around the mood of the past few days and you could well be humming "Happy days are here again". There are some frustrations though - make sure any paperwork, documentation or contracts are double or even triple-checked before you sign off on them. You want to be sure there are no "loop holes".


A home-based business could be a bigger challenge than you thought, with the primary pressure coming from an insecure spouse or business partner who cannot wait for future prosperity. Instant results are not possible, and you may have to dip into savings to make this dream come true.


Family members will bring joy or happiness into your life. You may discover you have spiritual interests in common that bring you closer together. There may, in some cases, be financial opportunities with family members, or gifts of value coming from family members.


You and a friend are not seeing eye to eye right now. One is accusing the other of not being terribly realistic at best and childish at worst. If you are on the receiving end of some criticism your sense of fun and humor could come to the rescue.


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