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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Thursday 19 September


Don't blow all the good energy right now on self-defeating and mostly made-up anxieties. You may fear something that proves to be nothing more than an exercise in scaring yourself. Pay no attention to the neg-aholics you may hear from right now. You can make yourself sick with imaginary worries.


There will be terrific breakthroughs. Your personality, sense of pride, physical well-being and appearance all take a wonderful dose of planetary energy that sends you over the moon! You may be accused of being a little self-centred right now - if that is your mate talking, there may be some truth in their observation.


You have a lot of energy and charisma right now, and are feeling highly creative. If you don't have an artistic hobby, but have always wanted one, look for a local class, seminar or tutorial and get started creating! You may surprise yourself with the talent you have buried.


It may be your turn to be a little smug. The challenges you faced yesterday turn out to have been a blessing in disguise, and you now not only have some self-created lucky opportunities, but you are bringing in new friends who hopefully have more faith in you.


Really good financial news will take the edge off someone's criticism of your personality or appearance right now. You may be tempted to tell someone to get stuffed, but that might not be a good idea. You and your partner could disagree about a dinner party invitation.


You are changing your look and your entire attitude is different now. This could bring problems with insecure companions who fear losing the "old" you. The truth is that this is one of many transformations you are going to go through for a while and if they can't cope, then you may indeed be moving apart.


You may be over-thinking things right now. Worry and fears could be exaggerated as a result. Some time spent in meditation or prayer could refocus your perspective and bring greater peace of mind. Take some time to relax and get out of your head.


In the morning your friends come across as lazy, self-indulgent and unfocused, and that impression will likely intensify as the day wears on. In the afternoon, they are likely to come across as almost addle-minded, they are so unfocused. Luckily they won't be stuck like this forever.


You could be a good friend or a mentor to a young child. You may have skills, ideas, or resources that could make a young child feel that life is much better. You could also be a great help to that child and their parents.


You might have to cancel that trip or vacation you were thinking about yesterday, and the most likely cause is the schedule at work. You may be asked to put aside personal goals in order to sacrifice for the "good of the team". All well and good if you truly feel it is worth it ...


You may be inspired by a magazine article, blog post or online discussion to make some changes or improvements to your home. A small investment could pay off handsomely if you are patient with the process.


Your friends are all acting like mad men and women right now. Their energy is high, they are as sensitive and highly-strung as concert violins, and someone seems to be playing them for all they are worth. You may decide to take the phone off the hook.


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