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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Wednesday 20 November


Not the best day to plan to sit behind a computer punching keys. The pesky device will seem to have a mind of its own. The rest of the scene at home is a lot more peaceful, but it might be a little dull. You may get a call from an older relative.


Listen to your intuition right now. It could lead you to the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You may find money, win a small sum, get a refund or rebate, or find yourself on the receiving end of a hot moneymaking opportunity. Secrets are revealed and gifts are offered right now.


You are full of creative energy and vigor right now. You may decide to take up painting, drawing or a musical instrument. It will be relaxing and will help you connect with something you felt was lost a long time ago. If you have children it may be time for piano lessons.


You will find that it is pretty challenging to get from place to place right now. People are cranky and confrontational on the road, and they don't seem to be paying attention to where they are going. Your attention is split too, so be careful.


Someone in your family is looking to you for answers to a medical or health-related problem, and the alternatives you are suggesting might not be exactly what the doctor ordered. Herbs and other treatments could have unintended results right now.


You may be your own worst enemy right now. You may have pushed someone aside because you were feeling hurt and misunderstood. The question is, is it more important to save face and pride, or is the relationship more important to you? Either choice may be valid. Choose what feels better in your heart.


You will have a wild new idea for redecorating your home right now. Maybe a little too wild. It might be a good idea to hold off on buying the supplies right now, because you could bring home a wild technicolor assortment of paint and sundries and the idea could lose its appeal quickly.


If you do not want to add to your family right now, then take extra precautions. Your creative energies may be a little higher than you expected, or would really like. Explore new ideas with care right now, you should check the source.


You may discover that you have spiritual healing abilities. There are some wonderful books, and online information available about the art of Reiki that may appeal to you. You could be drawn to massage therapy or other forms of energy healing.


Some family secret is out in the open now and while it was liberating at first, it becomes apparent that there is hard work to be done to get your life back on track. You may have disagreements with family members over this, or over the changes you have made in your life recently.


Are you looking for a way to impress your love partner? A sudden, spontaneous trip, a gift of a book or seminar they have wanted, anything that expands their mind or touches their soul. If you are single, you could meet someone when and where you least expect it.


If you do not want to add to your family right now, then take extra precautions. Your creative energies may be a little higher than you expected, or would really like. Explore new ideas with care right now, you should check the source.


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