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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Monday 20 May


You may feel that your intuition is a bit off right now and find it hard to trust yourself. You may find that your decisions are particularly challenging where it comes to romantic partnerships, but you have better luck connecting with relatives and extended family.


If you are already married it is likely to be a warm, sensuous and passionate day right now. You may be considering taking your significant other out to a spa or for a healing treatment of some kind. If you are still single, you are hot, exciting and interesting to others.


Trust your intuition and call up a family member or loved one who is tugging at the corners of your mind right now. They may not be feeling well, or are depressed and lonely, and a call from you could make all the difference in their world right now.


You are very likely to end up in arguments again right now. This time, the challenger is likely to be your significant other, who has some choice words for you about your physical appearance or attitude. This is an opportunity for some self-discovery.


You just can't resist taking charge right now even though you know that the extra responsibilities bring challenges. You may find yourself volunteering at the same moment you are asking yourself "What am I thinking?" The answer is that you need this experience, that is why you created it.


A little quiet time could work wonders on your mood. You may feel more approachable after a bit of a rest or some meditation time. Find a way to get out of your head.


Keep your opinions to yourself if you value your rung on the corporate ladder. You could anger or upset an important authority figure if you are too blunt, assertive or politically incorrect in your opinions. Spend some time on yourself instead, and have a little time to relax.


You may have an opportunity to build your financial future with the quiet assistance of someone who wears a uniform. You may have to visit some kind of zoning, taxation or real-estate authority right now, and while it's out of your way, and the experience is a bit of a nuisance, you will ultimately find that there is real value to be had.


You will be incredibly impulsive right now, and you may be the one to blurt out "The Truth that shall not be spoken" at an important business meeting right now. There could be an opportunity for you to make money from an invention or an innovative new idea.


You may be learning new things, reading books or attending lectures. Public speaking may not be as challenging or frightening as you fear. If you want to take a leadership role, you will need to spend some more time traveling or studying.


You have a chance to let your boss know that you have a home life, take it. Whether you confront or hint around the issue, you need a little extra time off, and you will only get it if you speak up. You have a family member who needs more of your attention.


Shared frustration in the workplace could lead to an important contact or alliance. Be wary of assuming that this also means friendship. It may, but do not make assumptions. As long as your goals are shared, you may walk a friendly path, but there may be no loyalty should those goals change.


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