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English Daily Love Horoscopes - Tuesday 7 July


Your love life is exhilarating. What helps you most is having such a considerate and thoughtful attitude. If you alienate your partner, it's most probably because of a change in your attitude that causes friction in the relationship. If you make a little more effort, it's easier to overcome obstacles and focus on the future.


If you find it difficult to control your moods, you find those you love don't know what to expect or how to react appropriately. Arguments about trivial matters have little impact. If you feel you've caused unnecessary hurt, it may be worth apologizing for an outburst that was unfounded or not thought through.


You fill the life you share with others with love and affection. Loved ones enjoy anytime they spend with you and appreciate you as a thoughtful and stimulating lover. Your natural approach makes you an attractive and desirable partner to have, something you can use to your advantage, especially if you find you're single.


If you're unsure of an existing relationship, you must confidently confront your situation. Be careful to maintain a positive attitude towards your lover, keeping your focus on the future. If single don't hide away, any new people you meet react positively towards you, showing enthusiasm, you allow them into your life.


Your mood swings hurt the people closest to you. You appear changeable, rather unpredictable and end up picking quarrels with the very people you care for most. A solution might be to spend most of your time with those less likely to get upset by your unpredictable moods.


Pay proper attention to your lover who shows you such kindness and devotion; they may be your partner for life. If you're single others find you interesting and you're frequently approached and spoken to. When you instigate a contact, it's possible for you to you be friends or with luck, conceivably dream partners.


Your ability to deal with others helps you socially. Even if normally you find it difficult, it’s easier to make new friends. With conviction, you instinctively know how to put across your point of view, impressing others with your composure and eloquence, and only pursuing these friendships if you want them to develop.


Your lover reacts positively to your openness and shares your enthusiasm for life's romantic escapades. Unsettled relationship obstacles which still exist are calmly and patiently dealt with. If single encounters you have are friendly and amicable, previous rifts are healed, you're able to appreciate past alliances much more.


If you have a partner who wants to socialize, and friends who are also demanding, you probably find the attention stressful, and unlikely to improve the way you feel. Make your excuses, refuse to take part before you end up being somewhere you don't want to be. Your friends must accept that you need some quiet time.


Recognize what you believe isn't always correct and refrain from making needless comments about everyone and everything you see. If you must say something, do so without overreacting. Such conduct results in an unwelcome response from others who take what you say more seriously than you realize.


Thinking about your relationship you clarify what you have together identifying the existing feelings you share that show promise, or if there aren't any lasting ties, if you are both sympathetic and accepting, you can both agree to accept positive changes to what initially seems a difficult situation to resolve.


Everyone you know takes notice of you and reacts positively towards you, especially if you respond in the same friendly way. You enjoy life either with your lover or if single with friends. Plan some activities in your spare time, experience for yourself how you can happily enjoy such memorable moments.


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