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English Daily Love Horoscopes - Sunday 21 July


Try to avoid saying things you don't mean during any disagreements, instead react calmly and thoughtfully. When this seems difficult, you realize you can’t engineer or control the outcome of every situation you're confronted with. Try to be more understanding and view the argument from your lover's perspective.


Revaluating your romantic situation, you confidently attempt to resolve any existing bitterness that may have come between you. However disruptive it is initially, in the long run, it is worthwhile for you both. If single, your playful self-assured attitude towards others is attractive and does not go unnoticed for long.


You have difficulty communicating with the people you care about and have trouble telling them exactly how you feel. You can easily convey the wrong sentiment or misunderstand what is being said. There is no real reason for your mood, try to ignore it and it will disappear as quickly as it appeared.


Self-confident, laid-back and in a good mood, you keep everyone happy and expect to do well romantically. You reassure loved ones by your concern and can resolve any issues that arise between you. Nothing prevents you from making new friends. Being positive as well as realistic brings you success.


Pay proper attention to your lover who shows you such kindness and devotion; they may be your partner for life. If you're single others find you interesting and you're frequently approached and spoken to. When you instigate a contact, it's possible for you to you be friends or with luck, conceivably dream partners.


You feel more adventurous, stepping outside of your usual comfort zone you are intrigued by the people you meet who appear to be very different from yourself. It's easy to forget about a long-term partner or a special love interest. Give them the attention they expect from you as often as you possibly can.


You’re faced with an ongoing ordeal and constant distractions. Resist any urge to ignore your situation but keep in mind your perspective isn't the only point of view out there, maintain your composure, others aren’t necessarily always correct. Often solutions to problems are easier to resolve than you first realize.


A certain indefinable touch of magic characterizes your relationships. You possess the potential for romance. Whether a long-term relationship or you're just looking for a date you find contentment within your social circle. Your pleasant encounters leave a lasting impression on the people you meet.


You successfully deal with conflicts. People you know try to unload problems on you which are absolutely nothing to do with you. Its possible people say things to hurt you or make further unreasonable demands. Embrace confrontations, use them to strengthen your position, see how easily clashes can be resolved.


Feeling friendly and approachable, very little can interrupt or stop you from enjoying time spent with those you love. You have a unique opportunity to explore your emotions and discover if someone you care for can show the trust you might expect from them and whether they feel the same about you.


Feeling self-assured and cheerful, you have a stimulating effect on the people you meet, and you're seen as an interesting person to converse with. If single use your relaxed approach, take advantage of promising new friendships that have the potential to develop into something more romantic and be flirtatious.


Your emotional life dominates, you're sensitive to the feelings of those you're close to. They appreciate your attitude, understanding and enjoy stimulating conversations. Even if you're usually more realistic about romance, you quickly become involved, noticeably showing far too much concern and commitment.


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