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Daily Career Horoscopes - Tuesday 24 May


While you might find it hard to get moving or motivated today, even the professional gods are urging you to take advantage of this. In the last full day of a two year Mars cycle, your tanks are empty but that will change when the warrior planet of the cosmos returns to Aries tomorrow. Until then, today's slower pace gives you a chance to unpack the messages the Moon's departure from your career sector over the weekend has left you with.


The Moon's departure from your career sector yesterday was always going to leave you with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled and a download of information and messages to unpack. This last visit before Saturn's retrograde turn later next week has also left you with a read on the slower approach that is now required in order to keep the wheels turning.


Having the Moon in your career sector during Mars' last full day here is both sharpening your professional instincts and adding fuel to his warrior and competitive spirit. The Moon is also reaching out to forces on the income and job fronts but also to the other planets here in your career sector that will stay on after Mars leaves. As you work to make Mars' hours here count, the forces that will remain in play across the income, work and career fronts are regrouping.


In the lead up to both the Moon and Mars' return to your career sector tomorrow, there is a chance to first catch your breath before this professional year moves into its highest gear yet. While Venus is just days away from leaving, ahead of Mars' return tomorrow her alignment with the dwarf planet Eris is giving your heart and a sense of what you are fighting for a voice.


Weeks after leaving your career sector late last month but just days after the Sun left over the weekend, Mercury is back. Mercury retrograded back in yesterday for a double dip visit that gives you a chance to spend time back at the drawing board before Venus' return over the weekend. With Pluto already in retrograde motion in your work sector, this opens the doors to the past, second chances and untapped potential on both fronts.


Thanks to the Moon's departure from your work sector yesterday you not only have an intuitive read on work and job matters but on the changing dynamics across the job and career fronts. This was the Moon's last visit before Saturn's retrograde turn here later next week, but it comes just as the Sun is spending his early days in your career sector on his own after Mercury retrograded back out yesterday.


The Moon is making its ordinary monthly visit to your work sector but with extraordinary timing. As well as giving you an intuitive read on work and job matters and of Mars' influence before the warrior planet of the cosmos leaves tomorrow, the Moon is connecting with forces from across the income, work and career fronts that will stay on to keep the momentum going.


Even the professional gods are urging you to hold back ahead of not only the Moon's return to your work sector tomorrow but with Mars returning for the first time in nearly two years. Returning to find Jupiter and Venus already here, this will give the warrior planet of the cosmos the resources to work with from the start while ushering in what could be the busiest but also the most defining six weeks of the year on the job front.


Weeks after leaving your work sector Mercury is back and having retrograded back in yesterday, just two days after the Sun left, this brings a chance to return to the drawing board. Ahead of Venus' return later in the weeks this is a chance to revisit the past, including the doors now open to the past, second chances and untapped income and job potential.


By the time Mercury retrograded back out of your work sector yesterday he had already been here for over three weeks, leaving you with an intellectually savvy edge and 20/20 hindsight. However, with Mercury gone and his retrograde phase no longer slowing things down, just days after the Sun's return over the weekend the brakes have been released and things are able to move forward.


While having the Moon in your income sector during Mars' last full day here is an advantage financially, this is also having a positive impact professionally. A friendly aspect to planets on the job front and to the force behind last week's eclipsing Full Moon on the career front as well as the planets that will stay on in your income sector is helping to bring all the different threads together.


Having the Moon in Pisces during Mars' last full day here is giving you a better read on the warrior planet's influence and especially where his warrior and competitive spirit is drawing your attention. With your instincts sharp, this gives you a better sense of where to channel Mars' need for action, both today and moving forward.


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