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Monthly Chatty Style Horoscopes - May 2019


When we experience an array of interesting and intriguing ideas, we can, perhaps understandably, believe other people have had similar trains of thought. Therefore, we see no reason to enlighten them or draw attention to what we believe is obvious. This month, it's important to summon extra care and sensitivity to make certain points clear and ensure you're understood. During the first half of May, you're supported to sweeten certain connections or one in particular. However, a growing sense of restriction within an arrangement or relationship could push you to convey yourself forcefully. Be patient with those who might need time to connect with and accept your ideas or visions – and whom you're likely to need on your side to make them real.


This month, you could be reminded of the truth in the saying, 'it's not what you say, it's the way that you say it that counts.' From the 5th to the 21st, your communicative style is likely to become more confident, eloquent and facilitate greater depths of understanding between you and others. However, your thoughts and communication during the second half of May - and beyond – could be underpinned with noticeably more conviction and passion. Although your ability to persuade is about to be heightened, you'll need to be aware of when enough has been said. You could reiterate certain points that others understood the first time around. It might be around the 18th when you discover that heartfelt actions convey a much deeper message than words could achieve.


Coming weeks could have a noticeable and potentially frustrating push/pull, stop/start feel. You'll likely have an accurate assessment of current circumstances and see clearly where you want to be. However, getting from A to B will require you to accept that you can't take strides toward the future until you've addressed certain issues or obligations in the present. Fortunately, you're not as alone as you might believe yourself to be where making certain progress is concerned, because you appear to have someone who can step in to offer the guidance or support you need. Try to make full use of this before you apply excessive and unnecessary force to make something happen singlehandedly.


During the first half of May, you could feel like a runner poised to sprint at the sound of a pistol. Being over-eager could result in you lurching forward before the pistol sounds, and having to return to your previous position. This could be a time of false starts or broken promises, but you'll start to see positive changes from the 15th. Where you've felt it has been necessary to be an observer or refrain from taking a certain action, you could feel a powerful urge to speak your mind or take the initiative. This could come in handy where others who appear to be deliberately contrary or putting obstacles in your way are concerned. You have a chance to create a stronger sense of teamwork where it's needed. That's only one possible constructive use of your abundant passionate energy. Be imaginative regarding where it can be applied elsewhere in your world.


This month, you could feel determined to reassess career goals and your career direction. This could be reinforced by a chance on the 4th to bring a fresh start career-wise, and avoiding change is unlikely to be an option. Whether it's a promotion that alters your professional trajectory or an opportunity arises to start your own business, you're about to give your true life's purpose new and possibly unprecedented levels of attention – even if others think your approach is unusual or breaks a rule or two! The second half of May could cause you to feel withdrawn or antisocial, preferring to enjoy your own company. But as the month draws to a close, you could feel more encouraged to meet, mingle or reconnect. A long-term goal could appear more attainable or achievable during the coming weeks, too.


Try to 'bend with the breeze' rather than resist the winds of change this month. You could become aware of how long-held beliefs or attitudes are altering. A new level of focus could be given to ways to broaden your mind, perhaps involving travel or a new form of studying. Your thoughts and communication could be stimulated on the 18th, and you could feel extra-determined to separate facts from fantasies to bring a particular truth into the open. What you discover needs to be shared, so don't keep it to yourself. From the 20th, career-related responsibilities could increase. If you want to impress someone higher up the professional ladder, then the period between the 22nd to the 24th offers a superb chance to do so!


It will likely become clear this month that your attitudes are shifting toward boundaries in your life, both personally and professionally. The passion you bring to conversations won't go unnoticed either, but don't let someone who lacks ability or ambition weigh you down. There is much focus on 'deep sharing' this month – whether this involves reaching new financial agreements or redefining the depths you're prepared to go intimately with a certain person. On the 18th, your focus could shift to financial matters, requiring you to create a stable lifestyle by assessing your financial position with brutal honesty. Managing your money will require more self-discipline, but will improve your cash flow in the future.


There could be something thrilling about instantaneous change affecting your closest relationships - or one in particular - this month. However, even if you feel tempted to break relationship rules, you'll only create complications if you don't accept how the emphasis is shifting from your needs onto those of others. It's important to create an environment that fosters healthy relationships, and you have plenty of planetary support to do so. On the 18th, you're urged to check in with your heart to reassess your personal aspirations. Are you on the right path or have you wandered off track? Either way, you're about to take a significant step toward creating the life you know you want – and deserve!


You could feel pushed to ring changes to your daily routines, even if there is a certain sluggishness to how you get things done this month. Fortunately, you're unlikely to become anxious or worried about the pace at which certain plans or projects unfold, believing they'll get finished whenever they get finished. This could make you more productive by not overexerting yourself and boosting your stress or tension levels in the process. On the 18th, you could be reminded that, although you have a sunny, lighthearted side, you also have a dark side. By accepting and addressing this, you could help someone to come to terms with their demons. Be the healing influence you can be in a certain person's world this month.


You have a chance to truly shine this month by being grounded and expressing yourself in a level-headed, patient and sensitive way. Although you might stick to routines that make you feel secure, you could be surprised at the opportunities you attract by adopting a less laidback approach. You don't need to try so hard to make your interest known – romantically or professionally. The spirit of collaboration is highlighted on the 18th but guard against trying to wield power over any group effort. You may become obsessive about networking, or use social connections to discover - or expose - secrets. Not everyone will be supportive of or appreciate such actions. Try to build bridges with others, not walls.


With so much focus on your emotional foundations, home or family, you have a superb chance to boost levels of comfort, harmony, and relaxation within your domestic set-up. However, be prepared to cope with or adjust to anything or anyone interrupting or disrupting a home or family equilibrium you've worked hard to create or maintain. A similar level of patience will need to be applied to work and daily routines. You could get easily riled when plans go awry from this month until July, so try not to burn through each day in the belief that doing so makes you extra-productive. You could become selfish about personal agendas, or determined to ensure every plan unfolds exactly as you want it to. Events around the 18th could highlight a need to balance professional goals with personal aspirations. If too much effort has been applied to one area and not enough to the other, then that imbalance could become crystal clear during coming weeks.


A surge of information comes your way this month – and much of it will be enlightening and revealing. You're about to gain a more solid understanding of what has been vague or ill-defined recently. However, don't assume everyone can piece together pictures or draw the same common sense-based conclusions you do. Your creativity is boosted wonderfully from this month until July. Although a gung-ho approach could bring impressive results, it could also make your self-expression a bit too assertive - or aggressive. Your finely-tuned intuition could become extra-psychic around the 18th. You're blessed with an enhanced ability to understand all that's unseen and draw inspiration from what's intangible. This can help with seeing certain illusions for what they are - and possibly setting yourself new and more practical goals.


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