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Monthly Chatty Style Horoscopes - March 2019


It's possible that, during the past nine years, you've become accustomed to carefully-made plans going awry. You've had unpredictable Uranus influencing your sign for much of this time and, this month, it finally moves on, bringing an end to upheaval and disruption. A New Moon on the 6th encourages detachment, reflection and soul-searching on your part. It's all about finding a balance within yourself and when the Full Moon arrives on the 20th, it's time to strike a balance between your needs and someone else's. From the 31st until mid-May, Mars influences your thought processes and communication, making you more articulate – but also more aggressive. Avoid heated exchanges wherever possible and be aware of the clout your words carry.


From the 1st until the 26th, Venus brings a new level of harmony to your career and helps you charm the pants off someone higher up – perhaps literally! An office romance isn't out of the question. Uranus returns to your sign and from this month until 2026 brings monumental changes to your outlook on life, how you project yourself to others and intensifies your need for freedom. A New Moon on the 6th helps with making new social and professional contacts. The Full Moon on the 20th can kickstart a health or fitness regime or push you to make a necessary change on the work front. If boosting your earnings is important, then Mars's influence from the 31st until mid-May could give you the motivation to do so.


Venus enhances your desire for anything exotic, mind-broadening, distant or foreign from the 1st until the 26th. A New Moon on the 6th highlights your career and public responsibility, helping you develop new business strategies and feel reinvigorated about professional aspirations. The Full Moon on the 20th reminds you to be more self-expressive, have more fun, be more spontaneous and creative, especially if work-related obligations have drained your energy or enthusiasm recently. With Mars in Gemini from the 31st until mid-May, you could feel more determined to stand your ground, take charge of your life or prove yourself in some way. That's admirable but ensure your new-found forcefulness doesn't push away certain people who can assist you.


Venus enhances deep sharing, transformation and regeneration until the 26th, and a financial boost is possible, maybe involving a partner. However, Venus sweetening an intimate connection could make this month particularly memorable! Until 2026, Uranus will bring out your wackier, unusual side that could make you a unique friend others will admire or encourage you to push boundaries or break rules more frequently in any group or collaborative setting. A Full Moon on the 20th highlights your home, family and emotional security. A domestic matter demands attention, but it might also be necessary to find a healthier balance between the time you give to your work and how much you give to your family.


Venus sweetens relationships and commitments until the 26th, boosting your willingness and ability to compromise or create a more harmonious relationship balance with a certain person. From this month until 2026, not only will your career direction alter significantly but you could be drawn to unusual or unconventional professions. A Full Moon on the 20th influences communication, ideas and brings one or two unhelpful distractions. Finding a balance between tending to your needs and placating others could be difficult but only briefly. With Mars boosting your energy and passion for anything collaborative, group-related or connected to your long-term goals until mid-May, the urge to lead rather than follow will intensify. You're reminded of how teamwork makes the dream work - but avoid stepping on others' toes in the process.


Venus helps you establish a warmer or more harmonious work environment and could also boost romantic and social opportunities in the workplace. From this month until 2026, Uranus influences distant horizons, faraway places, foreign connections and higher education. Opportunities to travel could arise unexpectedly and you could adopt unconventional outlooks or philosophies, perhaps through people you meet during this cycle. A New Moon on the 6th can mark the start of a new relationship or help to redefine an existing one. A Full Moon on the 20th highlights your earnings and resources, possibly requiring you to halt any shopping sprees. Managing your money requires discipline that will pay off by improving your cash flow in the future.


From the 1st until the 26th, Venus influences self-expression, creativity, dating and pleasure. Your ability to charm goes right off the scale! Your powers of attraction are heightened and more love and appreciation come your way. From this month until 2026, Uranus shakes things up and brings unexpected developments to money that doesn't come from earnings. Developments related to shared resources with a partner, alimony, taxes or loans will keep you thinking on your feet. A Full Moon in your sign on the 20th encourages you to assert your needs without stepping on others' toes. It's time to put your needs first but doing so with respect for others is the way to bring the best results. Don't be surprised if your ability to be a leader is tested in some way, too.


Venus sweetens your home, family and emotional foundations from the 1st until the 26th possibly making you feel more sentimental or nostalgic. If you've wanted to restore harmony in family circles or spruce up your abode, then make the most of this Venusian influence! Uranus targets partnerships and commitments until 2026, making close relationships erratic and encourages you to reveal your rebellious side should any relationship feel restrictive or too traditional for your liking. A Full Moon on the 20th highlights a need to be alone. It's time to balance work and routines with some essential 'down time' - but be prepared for a secret or private matter to emerge as well, either one you've concealed or one someone close has kept hidden.


Coming weeks bring a constant exchanging of ideas and much of what's discussed will capture your imagination or reveal how like-minded certain people are in your world. From this month until 2026, Uranus shakes up your daily routines and attitude toward work and health. The urge to break free from the confines of routines will intensify and irregular schedules and disruptions are likely. You're about to adopt a more unorthodox or unconventional approach to what you do daily, whether this involves your job or attitude towards diet, exercise and health matters generally. A Full Moon on the 20th highlights the role you play in others' lives, strengthening your involvement with friends – or one in particular – and group activities. If you've been distant or detached from any pals recently, then you could be willing to make yourself more available.


Your desire to increase creature comforts in your world could become stronger, as Venus influences possessions, your self-worth and resources from the 1st until the 26th. A wave of reassurance could arrive regarding your financial position and help the constant stream of outgoings leaving your bank account recently to diminish. A Full Moon on the 20th puts career matters in the spotlight but could do the same for you as others' eyes are upon you in some way. It's time to shine and show one or two people what you're capable of. The fact that Mars is about to boost your energy levels where work, daily routines and health matters are concerned could be handy, too. Your workload could increase but so too could your impatience with those you work with. Channel any excess energy or aggression constructively – and a new fitness regime could be the answer!


With Venus in your sign from the 1st until the 26th, not only will your gentler, more romantic side reveal itself, but you could pay closer attention to your physical appearance, mannerisms and boost your attractiveness in some way. With Venus on your side, you probably won't have to try too hard to do so, either! Uranus influences your home, family and emotional foundations from this month until 2026. Moving to a new abode – and possibly more than once in that time – is likely and be prepared for disruptions to your domestic routines, too. A Full Moon on the 20th could test your personal beliefs and push you to focus less on mundane tasks, connect with your adventurous side, pursue something that broadens your mind and, above all, have some fun!


Venus influences detachment and isolation from the 1st until the 26th, and something connected with your love life or how you show love and affection could become more private - or secretive. A New Moon in your sign on the 6th helps you to adopt a new look or new way of expressing and presenting yourself. Changing personal habits can boost your confidence and this is a time when you can be noticed and make a superb impression on others. A Full Moon on the 20th can help to bring or restore balance where giving and taking are concerned in your world. What makes you feel comfortable and secure needs to be balanced with others' needs. A financial matter could come to a head, involving the repayment of a debt, a settlement or possibly a large outlay of cash!


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