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This is the first full week of the month long wind down of your old solar year and with it, there is always a need to pace yourself. This will be put to the test when the Moon not only returns to your health sector over the weekend but as a Full Moon. This is a Full Moon that will always fall at some point during the month long wind down of your old solar year and as well as amplifying a read on what your body is telling you, will put how well you are heeding a call to rest to the test.


While you are not likely to notice a big difference this week there has been a subtle shift, one that is making you more aware of a need for time to recharge your batteries. Whether it is taking a nap when you need it or just slowing down at the first signs of stress, you have become more attuned to what your body is telling you in terms of inactivity. Your body has become good at telling you when it needs to move but now it is also telling you when it needs to rest but this voice is more subtle.


Throughout the eight weeks that Mars will spend in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, there is a need to pace yourself. Mars is the planet that rules the body and especially for providing the fuel that keeps you active and energised. However, by the time he returns here you are usually running on empty, making it important to pace yourself. Especially as Mars has reached his last full week and returning to Gemini with a fresh load of energy next week, it is important not to burn out on the home straight.


It was how well you listened to a test on how well you know when to rest and when to push yourself over the weekend, that will determine how the week begins. If you begin the new week feeling exhausted and that you didn't have a weekend at all, then chances are you didn't pay attention. If you feel rejuvenated because you took the time to listen to your body's need for rest, you will enjoy the benefits. Either way, this is a powerful reminder to listen to your body and not your head.


There could be a new sense of motivation on the health front this week, with a call for change and even a sense of rebellion when it comes to conquering old excuses. Bless anything that spurs on a need for change and make the most of a chance to make a bold move. Whether it is joining a gym, choosing to become more active, change your diet or anything that improves your health, this is the week for taking a leap of faith.


The Sun's departure from your health sector last week may have taken the solar spotlight off your health needs, matters and situation but not before passing the torch. The torch was passed to Venus, who until leaving on Friday is fuelling a desire to look and feel good. This might be vanity based but it can be used as motivation. It is then that Venus will pass the torch to Mercury, who is more focused on taking smart and practical steps but also on knowledge and information gathering.


As the Sun spends his first full week in your health sector, this brings you to the time of year when there is always more focus on your health. With the solar spotlight on your health needs, matters and situation it is not just that your attention is drawn more to health matters but with things becoming more obvious. Venus will have a different influence when she returns on Friday, with her focus more on bringing a desire to look and feel good. However, the two can nicely go hand in hand.


There is a whole new influence on the health front this week after the dwarf planet Ceres returned to your health sector over the weekend. Unlike other planets, Ceres' focus is on nurturing and on helping us to uncover our real needs and priorities. This is the start of a three month mission to look beyond the 'when, where and how' and to simply focus on understanding your health needs and priorities. This is your first chance for this deep dive in four years.


As Mars spends his last full week in your health sector, his motto is to 'use it or lose it'. Mars is a planet of action and in your health sector, his focus is more on getting moving and active. Mars was always going to push this in his last full week here but it is a friendly aspect to Pluto that brings the planets of war and revolution together, challenging your excuses and giving you the confidence to take some blind leaps of faith. Instead of thinking about taking action, this is a push to just do it.


As the week begins the Moon is just leaving your health sector, with this monthly check in mainly having played out over the weekend. As always, this is a chance to listen to what your body is telling you, with the message that it is constantly sending you amplified and harder to ignore. The Moon will leave on Monday and to get the best of its final hours there is a need to listen to both what you do and don't want to hear.


The Moon will return to your health sector on Monday and as always, this will both amplify the messages your body is always sending you and put some of your systems to the test. The latter will be especially so just before the Moon leaves on Wednesday when a clash with Pluto will push how well you know when to rest and when to push yourself to the test. This gives you two days to first become an expert in what your body is telling you and how to read all the signs.


When the Moon returns to your health sector midweek it is coming full circle from last month's Full Moon. This means that there will be echoes of the messages delivered last month but because it won't clash with the Sun, it won't come with the same tension. This will still amplify what your body is telling you and might remind you of lessons learned in the past but this is more a chance to check in. As always, you will get the most out of this if you listen to what you do and don't want to hear, especially on Thursday and Friday.


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