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For the first time in our lifetime, we are living through a global pandemic and whether you are directly impacted or not this is putting a lot more focus on health. From social isolation to boosting our immune system, this is something that is having a formative impact on the early weeks of your new solar year in a way not seen before. This is allowing you to take more seriously the things that you would otherwise take for granted.


As much as social isolation might be something that is being forced on you it is coming with perfect timing for you. The month long wind down of your old solar year is a time for reflection, pulling back and spending time both reflecting and recharging your batteries. The reason that this is the point in the year when we are most likely to get sick is that the modern pace of life rarely allows for this. This year you have a better chance of giving your body what it already needs.


Right now the world is divided into the 'haves' and the 'have nots' but this has nothing to do with money and everything to do with time. Half of us have too much time on our hands and the other half don't have enough and whatever camp you fall into, there is a need to embrace any time you do have off in a whole body way. Time where relaxation is taken seriously will be good for body, mind and soul.


Even if you are on lockdown or practicing social isolation, chances are even if you are working from home or just having to stay home, you are finding it hard to relax. Healthwise, what is really needed right now is time to rest and to recharge your batteries and while you might be finding this hard to do, beating yourself up about this will only make it worse. It is when Venus returns to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart over the weekend that you will find this a lot easier.


When Saturn left your health sector just over a week ago there may have been the temptation to relax some of your health regimes or resolutions. This may have even seen things swing the other way, especially if your daily routines have been impacted by the global pandemic. This week and especially from Tuesday you will find that this evens out, where you can find a middle ground between Saturn's rigid demands and throwing caution to wind.


Having Saturn and Mars in your health sector is a whole new experience or it will be when the latter joins the hard taskmaster of the cosmos here on Tuesday. Saturn's return has brought a call to not only take your health seriously but to take responsibility. Mars' return is more a chance to take action and this would normally be the perfect time to join a gym. However, these are not normal times and you might need to get creative.


Had Mercury not turned retrograde in late February he would have left your health sector 14 days after returning two months ago and you would have updated any health initiatives or plans for the coming year. Since then the world has changed, along with your health expectations and priorities. Fortunately, Mercury did turn retrograde and he is still here, giving you until later next week. This is all about being informed.


The Sun will always end March and spend the first three weeks of April in your health sector but this is normally something personal to you. While that is still the case for the first and hopefully the last time in our lifetime, the Sun is shining the solar spotlight on your health situation, matters, needs and priorities in the middle of a global pandemic. This makes this something you can't look away from.


Anything that you do, commit to or focus on when it comes to your health this week needs to be prefaced with the word 'want'. 'I want to stay fit', 'I want to eat better' or 'I want to go for that check up'. Venus is the planet of desire and until she leaves your health sector over the weekend, you are more likely to stick to something if it is something you want rather than something you should do.


If you have lost your motivation when it comes to exercise, eating healthy or just making healthy choices there is a need to cut yourself some slack, especially during the working week. If you have been indulging in treats or social distancing has made you feel lethargic, lean into it. For it is over the weekend that Venus will not only return to your health sector, where she will fuel a desire for healthy choices, she will stay here for the next four months.


The Moon will make its monthly visit to your health sector this week and as usual, this will push how well you are managing your time to the test. If you are over working and not taking time out to recharge your batteries your systems could feel overwhelmed. Yet as well as allowing you to better hear what your body is telling you, knowing where you might be pushing yourself is vital when it comes to keeping your immune system robust.


When the Moon returns to your work sector each month, which it will do on Friday and Saturday it has two main objectives. The first is to make it easier to hear what your body is trying to tell you and the second is to remind you that you are not indestructible. This will not just highlight where you are not taking time out to recharge your batteries it will do so by creating stress. Stress is our canary in the cage.


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