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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Saturday 26 September


There's often something deflating about a 'one step forward and two steps back' scenario. We accept that we should be grateful for that single step forward. But where you may have grown used to taking one step forward and more than two steps back recently, you could sense that progress seems more consistent. This is a time of both progress and closure. Prepare to feel more relieved, comfortable, and reassured.


Sometimes, when we see posters showing a sentimental item somebody has lost for which a reward is offered, the reward can be insignificant. We're aware of what the person has been through having lost the precious item. Witnessing their joy first-hand should we be the one to find it can often be enough. It's by opening your mind and being receptive to a non-material reward coming your way that you receive one. Kindness and compassion will be essential in bringing it.


Someone's insistence on discussing a particular matter may be wearing thin or draining from your point of view. Perhaps, you can't help but think that their keenness to do so has more to do with their best interests than yours. But that is unlikely to be the case. Be willing to open your mind to a discussion you're encouraged to have. It could be an exchange you'll be glad to have had.


Consistency looks set to replace inconsistency, and you could be surprised at how many different areas this covers. Yes, you could look at various areas of your world and see what's uncertain or volatile within them. But what happens when you look inward? Is it possible your relationship with others could benefit if you were more consistent with them? That appears to be the case - and something you're assisted with now.


It's easy nowadays to push the rewind button on a remote control and replay scenes of a TV show or film that we missed or wish to view again. We can't change anything about the production, all we can do is replay it. That's exactly what happens when we look back to the past. We're free to replay previous episodes over and over in our minds as much as we want to. If you feel doing so is helpful now, then fine. But try to accept the futility surrounding trying to change anything. Try to keep your reflection brief.


There's much truth in the saying about how 'we're known by the company we keep.' But we can be unaware of how much of a keen interest others take in our actions and responses. More than one person in your world may expect you to act or respond in a particular way now. If you match their expectations, then that shouldn't pose a problem. But consider surprising them. This might involve being more lighthearted, kind, loving, and compassionate.


Along with the age-old question about whether the chicken preceded the egg and vice versa, people have pondered who cuts barbers' hair or who doctors or dentists go to when they need assistance. We can often overlook how those who provide help and support frequently can need similar support themselves. It's possible you match that description now. You and others know how you've assisted them. That help will be reciprocated if you're willing to ask for it.


We all know somebody who has 'an answer for everything.' Some people are genuinely knowledgeable and seem able to come up with answers or solutions by osmosis. But we also know people who want to be seen as knowledgeable but who are oblivious to how they 'talk a good game.' Someone matching that description may underestimate your intuitive ability to detect this. That makes 'the upper hand' yours.


Back in the 1960s, a Broadway musical was later made into a film called, 'Stop the World - I Want to Get Off.' I mention this because those words might be relevant to you. That attitude could apply to something you believe has become painfully tedious and repetitive. But distancing yourself from it means you're going to come back to something remaining the same. That's why you're encouraged to apply some imagination to make a helpful and motivating change. Stick with it and improve it.


You're probably aware of how others look to you for inspiration or leadership. You probably don't actively encourage it, but there's no denying that your innate sensibility and practicality are respected, admired and sought-after. You might wish that somebody followed your example in some way now. You may have proven that something 'works.' But remember the old saying about 'leading a horse to water.' Give someone time and space to allow your idea to become theirs.


Even if others don't believe you're working to a thought-through plan, you know that's not the case. You could feel as if you're expected to run before you can walk in some way or that there's something you're pushed to instigate immediately that you know requires time and patience. But as you take steady and surefooted steps in a particular direction, you can be certain that your actions will speak louder than words. Give others a chance to see that what you're doing is right - and right for you.


Let's pretend your car breaks down suddenly in a lonely, strange place. That's a frustrating and daunting scenario. Let's also pretend that a little bit further down the road is a mechanic with a garage based next to a lovely restaurant that will provide all the comfort you need while your car is tended to. Before you get worked up about an understandably frustrating situation, you really can trust that support and comfort are not far away or behind.


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