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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 21 July


Sometimes, when we become too close to certain situations, input or insight from someone detached from our situation can be helpful and valuable. Your ability to see something that one or two others may struggle to see fairly or impartially could be integral to reducing or eliminating complications waiting to manifest. Do your bit to highlight a point that may have been conveniently overlooked.


If you sense that the coast is clear or you can remove yourself from a source of protection, then trust your instincts. Where you may have felt a need to distance yourself from a source of antagonism, tension, or discord, you could see dust trying to clear and settle. A particular saga has now reached its final chapter. This offers a future that you ought to view with justified optimism. Don't worry about where the strength to do so will come from.


Allow the universe to bring the 'feel-good factor' it's keen to offer at this time. This is likely to involve a helpful boost to your confidence. With that, you'll discover how much can be improved in your world by feeling more inclined to face and tackle one situation you've avoided. A renewed sense of optimism could override any enhanced or intense sensitivity. Expect soon to see a situation or arrangement in a less worrying or precarious light.


We all have numerous reasons at times to keep certain issues bottled up rather than allow them to emerge. We don't want the hassle, stress, or vulnerability associated with doing so. Neither do we want to bring instability to a situation that has become stable. Both might apply to you now. However, you know, regardless of whatever risk you sense exists by opening up or releasing feelings that have been concealed, the time is right, and it is necessary to do so.


Consider how certain situations could appear exaggerated at this time. It's possible that you're dealing with confusing and distorted information that makes it difficult to gain an accurate view of particular scenarios. Confusion is bound to affect your confidence levels, too. Fortunately, you're helped to keep your confidence levels high, and this cosmic support can also help you to accept the positive steps forward on offer rather than see only unhelpful obstacles.


A situation you were probably glad to see the back of may not have been removed or banished entirely - yet. There could be some level of unfinished business, on par with the last, dying gasp of a slain dragon. Don't feel it's necessary to prime yourself for further confrontation or a need to return to what you believed was sorted. What's manifesting now is nothing to be fearful of, but it will require you to acknowledge and address it, once and for all.


Perhaps, you feel you must jump through hoops to placate a particular individual. Maybe, it's you demanding someone jumps. Either way, a relationship or arrangement can be improved by pushing aside a perceived need to prove commitment or loyalty on either or both sides. This 'proof' can be achieved or evident with a bit more faith and trust from you and you-know-who. It's possible that more pleasing results can come from both of you being more willing to listen, too.


Our instincts can do an excellent job of assisting us with knowing when it's appropriate to push our luck. The feelings of delight and surprise that accompany success from doing so are always wonderful to experience. Where you have 'pushed your luck' in in the past, you look set to gain in the present. Resist any urge to find a big, new solution. With a bit more confidence focused on an existing solution, you'll discover it could enhance your luck even further.


Those of us who 'hoard' things often don't know why we do so. We feel confident that we'll find a use for something one day and, in an area of your world now, you could make a valuable discovery - or possibly a re-discovery. Expect to be reassured about your reasons for not abandoning or discarding a plan you had faith in not so long ago. You could be very glad that you kept it on the back burner.


Even someone who possesses 'the patience of a saint' has limits that they'll allow their patience to be pushed to. A limit can be reached quickly when a surprise development causes us to have to deal with an issue that has already pushed us to the brink of a breaking point. The universe isn't creating an unfair or stressful situation for the sake of it. If you look closely at what you're expected to deal with now, then you could see a way for a seemingly frustrating situation to be turned to your advantage. All you need to apply is a bit more patience.


In some way, a situation requires you to 'give your all' or face a challenge fearlessly. If you rise to this, then you could bring a significant change to what has been dormant or lifeless for some time. You have an opportunity to make a decision that that can transform an unsatisfactory situation beyond recognition. The desired result might not be immediate, but it is possible to feel reassured or inspired with one brave step taken now.


When we believe we've missed the proverbial boat with an opportunity, we often accept that we won't be presented with the same one again. This causes the episode to be filed in a mental folder that stores life lessons we refer to only when we have to. However, we then find ourselves surprised at and delighted with discovering an opportunity we'd written off is determined to return until we seize it properly. Expect such a development soon.


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