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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 17 January


You might sense that others in your world seem more cooperative at this time, and this shift in attitude is bound to feel welcome. As you sense certain people are prepared to be more supportive of you, you're willing to lend a hand where you might have been hesitant to offer one. This 'you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours' approach might be overdue, but at least it's happening.


You could be making a concerted effort to cling to feelings attached to the past. You might believe it makes more sense to do this than allow someone to have more of an influence in your life presently. You're encouraged to release painful regrets that have held you back and prevented you from releasing emotional baggage. This is a time to step forward confidently and courageously.


You might feel extra sensitive but unable to pinpoint the reason. It can be easy to focus on an area of your world where results arrive in dribs and drabs rather than at the pace you hoped they would, but to become deflated about progress at this stage is premature and unhealthy. Any negativity will be short-lived, and a positive outlook will soon return with a little bit of patience on your part.


The situation surrounding personal relationships or one, in particular, could feel more manageable at this time. This might be due to you sensing clearly a step you need to take and having justified reasons for taking it. You're about to gain control of a situation involving a certain person that you've had no choice other than to accept. However, don't overlook how patience on your part has put you in the stronger position you're in now.


Your keenness to be unusual or unorthodox might only serve to push away those whose support you need. However, your desire to stand out from the crowd or prove that you're not willing to play 'follow the leader' might cause you to be unconcerned if others don't connect with your thinking or approach. If you have to achieve something solo, then so be it.


You might have a long list of pursuits you'd rather focus your attention on today, but you can't ignore the call of duty when it demands you heed it. Although you might find the mundane tasks that demand attention to be annoying distractions, be assured that fulfilling obligations in the real world will ensure you can give some guilt-free attention to what really inspires you later on.


You might surprise yourself at your ability to summon restraint now or shortly. You're right to accept that there's no need to overreact to certain development. Facing it, rising to the challenge it offers and being determined to put it to rest quickly will ensure that you do. Don't overlook the way one or two others might be watching to see how you deal with this matter, either.


Confusing or disruptive energy you've experienced recently should be waning. This should also help you to give undivided attention to whatever or whoever needs it. However, it's equally important that you set aside some time to pamper yourself. If it has been some time since you indulged in a bit – or a lot – of self-care and self-love, then make that a priority now.


Although you might feel that distancing or detaching yourself from a certain tense or awkward scenario only adds to complications surrounding it, it could be a wise move on your part. There could be much to learn from being an observer, too. You're forming your own opinions of something unfolding around you involving one or two others, and you'll have your chance to offer them soon. For now, step back into the shadows.


Reflecting on the past could be more of a hindrance than a help at this time. Your memory of previous events and the stressful energy attached to them might make your mental stroll down Memory Lane unpleasant. However, try to focus on how you're dealing with very different circumstances now that bear no resemblance to what you dealt with previously. If only you knew back then what you know now…


Resisting or ignoring certain responsibilities won't bring the relief you think it will. You might be inclined to let one or two slip to see who bothers to take the reins or the initiative, but it's unfair and unhelpful to test others in such a way. The reason certain responsibilities fall on your shoulders is because someone has faith in your ability to deliver. With once small attitude adjustment, you can be a shining example of effectiveness.


You have your ideas and opinions on a certain matter that make sense to you. However, conveying these could be met with resistance from others when communication becomes blurry or prone to misinterpretation. You might also be aware of how what you say somehow differs from what you intended to say. The solution involves not trying so hard to achieve verbal clarity. You might be trying to say too much. Speak less, say more.


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