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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Friday 22 October


You may need to be selective about any pressure you give in to now. Life would probably be easier if you weren't subjected to input coming from others. If you saw more evidence of progress in a certain area, you might feel you had the wind behind you, too. But the sooner others understand that a decision is yours to make, the sooner you'll feel that momentum finally works with, not against, you.


'Why's everybody always pickin' on me?' So sang The Coasters in the '50s and The Bloodhound Gang, more recently. The words suggest defensiveness, but they don't imply that an assertive stand is about to be taken. If you sense that you're on the receiving end of unwanted criticism, try not to see it as intimidating or bullying. You may be receiving the right kind of attention in some way.


Yes, you probably could achieve a goal single-handedly. Likely, others in your world don't doubt this, either. But you and they could benefit from understanding and accepting the truth in the saying that teamwork divides effort and also multiplies success. If your and others' roles in achieving a shared goal need a quick review, doing so could be time very well spent now.


'My decision is made now, and that's all there is to it.' That statement implies frustration at what may have been a delayed decision. But, said in a certain way, it suggests a strong, admirable belief in what someone is about to do. In your world now, it might be time to take a decisive step. The even better news is, you're blessed with the assertiveness and confidence to take it.


If you're hungry, exploring drink options in a supermarket will, at best, provide temporary relief. You've identified the right area to satisfy your need but aren't looking in the right place! That might sum up a situation now. An answer or a solution can likely be found where you're looking for it. However, the satisfaction you crave will need you to explore somewhere more appropriate - or sensible!


In the 'Mission Impossible' TV shows,and films, a choice was always offered regarding any assignment. 'Should you choose to accept it' was probably a relief to hear at times! You might feel it would be helpful to be in a position to reject a certain challenge rather than be obliged to accept it. But trust that choosing to take it on will probably be something you'll be glad to have done.


Why stand if you can sit? Why walk urgently if a moving walkway like those in airports is available? You appear to have options that can make life easier in some way. But, either due to habit or fear of breaking from a certain 'norm,' you might not spot these. So, slow down and look at how you can get from 'A to B' now. Some innovative thinking could reveal an inspiring and reassuring way forward.


You might think someone holds the key to essential insights or knowledge. Interestingly, this person might feel the same about you! But even if you're dealing with a shared situation difficult to answer, put your heads together to come up with a solution that works for both of you. In truth, this could be so simple that it's very easily overlooked.


Do you see a challenge as intriguing? Hopefully, the answer is yes! But rather than rising to and conquering it only for the sake of doing so, look closely at what you'll gain from your effort. On one level, the reward might be obvious. Yet, you could discover that taking a bold step to resolve this is 'a means to an end' in another way. That makes it doubly worth doing!


You might not immerse yourself in vivid, imaginative worlds often. However, doing so now could add essential fuel to an ambition that makes better use of a talent or skill you possesss. So, try to open your mind and see how unhelpful a comfort zone has become. This reality check could reveal that it's time to push a boundary. See what being led by inspiration does for you.


If we 'rack our brains', we think incessantly or overthink. But 'rack' does create an image of a certain medieval torture device! Your brain is likely to appreciate you shifting focus from where it has been applied intensely recently. Your 'grey matter' has likely had enough information to process in a specific way. Now, your extraordinary focus abilities are needed elsewhere!


'I made it link by link, yard by yard; I girded it of my own free will, and of my own free will, I wear it.' So said the spirit of Jacob Marley to Ebeneezer Scrooge in ' A Christmas Carol.' Yes, I do accept it's a bit early to offer festive-related analogies! Yet, you too might carry a burden willingly. Coming events could reveal how free you are to release it. The first step involves accepting that you're not obliged to shoulder it.


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