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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 20 November


We know when our reasons to embark upon a plan are reliable and realistic. We also know when we're throwing caution to the wind and taking a risk carelessly. The latter often occurs when we've exhausted all perceived options, but it can happen when we want to give a different way of doing something a try. As you assess your reasons for pursuing a particular plan in a specific way previously, consider how applying a bit more imagination this time could bring precisely what you need.


There might be little or no point thinking about how, if only you knew in the past what you know now. Whatever it is you wish you were blessed with particular knowledge or awareness of way back when, what matters now, is that you apply what you know. A learning curve might not have been without its share of frustration or tested your patience levels, but the experience gained puts you in a strong and advantageous position. Proceed with less caution and more optimism.


Might it be deflating to accept how, with great power, comes great responsibility? You could see evidence of how obligations are increasing and would probably like to know that your power or influence levels are increasing as well. The universe also appears to understand this need. Trust that, with an increase in however you're expected to support or assist others, your ability to get your way strengthens, too.


Some people have a fantastic ability to make us feel indebted to them. If they believe they're owed and we can play some part in satisfying them, then they'll stick to us like glue to a blanket. Of course, we have a choice surrounding how helpful we want to be, especially if we're not convinced we owe them in any way. Offer your help to someone in need of it, but don't allow yourself to become a scapegoat. You can set the limits to which you assist.


Puzzles are meant to be pleasurable. However, how many times have you decided that a puzzle, crossword, or whatever was too much hard work and walked away from it only to return to it because you refused to let it get the better of you? As you return to a particular difficulty or perplexing scenario, expect it to finally start making sense.


At the end of the second act of a story, the central character discovers how a plan that looked solid is unraveling, and they have to fight or boost their efforts significantly to achieve their goal. Recently, in an area of your world, the equivalent of a second act has occurred. You have also worked and maybe even fought harder than you expected to. Trust that this story looks set to have a happy ending.


We receive notifications in so many ways these days where 'reaching our limits' or 'exceeding our allocation' are concerned. Often, being notified takes us by surprise. We are sometimes too busy doing something else to notice. The cosmos is trying to make clear to you that you needn't go to lengths you believe you must to achieve the desired result in some way now. Consider it a gentle warning surrounding becoming close to exceeding your 'effort allocation'!


Plans can sometimes fall into place in ways easier than we often believe. That's because we grow used to delays and obstacles that are in the process of being removed. If you're not yet aware of how you've been pushed a particular direction, then that could become clear soon. You are perfectly placed to benefit from a kind, caring, helpful, and supportive cosmos. All you need to do is remove a particular fear and accept that you're capable of accomplishing what you need to make happen.


We sometimes have no option other than to pay close attention to detail. We're also told it's within the finer aspects of something that the Devil chooses to reside. There you go. There's proof if it were needed that you shouldn't pay intense attention to the minutiae of something, or not at this time anyway. If you focus on the smaller aspects of a plan, then you're at risk of convincing yourself it's more complicated than it is. It's by looking favorably at a bigger picture that you'll start to make strides, not steps.


If you sense something needs to be said to a particular person, then say it. If you feel something needs be asked, then ask 'that' question. Although you might be aware of all that needs to be said, you could feel unsure about how best to say or ask it. You're more 'in tune' with a situation than someone probably gives you credit for being. They might even refuse to accept a reality you see within it. It's by allowing the truth to emerge that an issue can be faced and resolved.


There's always something reassuring - and confidence-boosting - about getting a plan that has gone awry back on track. We feel as if we're in control of a situation that tried to develop a life of its own when we seize it and steer it in the right direction. That level of control is gradually becoming available to you now in some way. What may have felt rudderless recently is within your ability to influence in ways you may have struggled with.


It could be the way you interpret a particular situation unfolding in your world that determines how much of a positive influence it will have on you. If you want to focus on any negative aspects within it, then you'll not only find them, but you'll also do an excellent job of demotivating yourself. Don't allow this to happen and miss out on an opportunity on offer now. If you want to find a reason to feel inspired, motivated and enthused, then one is available, but the choice is yours.


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