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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 29 March


Although you might see only a glimmer of hope in a particular area, it should be enough to remind you that you've given something the right level of effort. Although you're probably wise to not expect instant results, that doesn't mean the tiny shoots of progress you are making aren't significant. Whatever it is you're doing, it's working. Keep calm, carry on.


You sense magic beyond the immediate realms of your world. Whether you feel an urge to take a keener interest in something spiritual or dabble in the occult, you could feel drawn toward making or strengthening a connection that's more ethereal than earthly. Do you also feel drawn toward assisting or supporting others in a particular way? It may be time to address that, too.


The more you open or broaden your mind in a particular way, the more you could intrigue others by doing so. They could be aware that you see beyond what's obvious and want you to share your observations. You'll probably be happy to do so, too. The more you see and learn, the more you might want one or two 'sounding boards' or to gain others' insights. This learning curve is bound to be more enjoyable when done with at least one other person.


You could feel a stronger urge to be selective about the company you keep. You want to share time and energy with people who 'get' you or are like-minded, rather than invest time or focus on people who don't share your beliefs or ambitions. Although it's understandable that you want to embark upon a personal journey accompanied by those who will be helpful, don't be quick to dismiss or reject others who could prove helpful later.


You could find yourself in another situation where you make your belief and passion known, but others could misinterpret this as aggressiveness. Try not to allow an avalanche-like release of fervent energy to push away anyone you need on your side. They'll respond much better to kindness than forcefulness.


A tense or uncertain scenario can go on indefinitely. But you can accelerate a healing process. For this to happen, you'll need to dig deep within your reserves of empathy and compassion. You might feel you've invested enough effort toward a certain cause and will struggle to find both. But a tiny bit more effort could free you from one situation or obligation you'll likely be glad to see the back of.


Change can appear intimidating, but what we often believe to be worthy of being fearful of can, upon closer examination, be harmless. The prospect of inviting change into your world brings with it a natural fear of upheaval and insecurity likely to go with it. Yet, the change you seem keen to bring probably doesn't have as many far-reaching implications or consequences as you believe it does. Don't be fearful of it.


Children are often told if they behave or act in a certain way, then a reward of some kind is on offer. With an alluring prize dangled, children will do what it takes if they believe the payoff is great enough. As we get older, such incentives become rarer. We need to create our own rewards that can require us to change our attitude or actions in some way. Doing either or both promises a bonus for you now.


When we fear a negative outcome, we sometimes focus so intently on it that we tend not to consider what might follow. We become transfixed with a result we're fearful of and tend not to ask the question: 'what happens afterward and where does that leave me?' Try not to apply too much attention to the 'smaller picture.' You'll have a reason to feel reassured by considering a bigger one.


Would you like to teach a particular person a lesson? Would you like to look back on a situation and believe you helped them to learn or understand something valuable? Maybe, there's something you can teach this person about the value of kindness, sensitivity, and compassion. That clever strategy will bring a result that suits both of you.


To be at your most attractive now, you need only be your most confident. You could be surprised at what falls into place if you succumb to the confidence boost on offer to you now. 'Attractive' needn't necessarily mean sexy or provocative. You could attract the right kind of attention in other ways. Enhanced self-assurance is your ticket to attaining it.


Your ability to encourage others to open up to you can be applied positively in more ways than one. But if you open lines of communication with one or two people, then it may be up to you to help them to reveal or discuss what inspires rather than deflates them. The trust you exude could make you a target for others' problems. If you're happy with this, then fine. But it is possible to take conversations down more pleasurable and optimistic avenues.


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