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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Monday 20 May


A cherished aspiration or possibly a dream could receive a burst of renewed energy and enthusiasm. It's also possible that you have more options to get you to your destination than you believed you had, so don't become frustrated if a carefully-plotted plan for success goes off on a tangent. Like all roads that led to Rome, the same can be said about the different routes you have available. Faith and persistence will ensure any option takes you to where you want to be.


You could set yourself a lofty ambition at this time and be convinced that you have all the faith and enthusiasm you need to achieve it. However, your fervent energy and efforts need to accept patience that will be required to get from A to B. You can minimize or possibly eliminate disappointments or frustrations by accepting the integral role patience plays in future success. Something this good really can't – and shouldn't be – rushed.


Success in a particular area could rely on impeccable timing on your part, and it's important to see impatience as your biggest hurdle to achieving or attaining it. It's also important to accept that there may not be such a thing as 'too much information' if you need others on board with your plan or plans. Spelling out clearly what you see or want to make happen ensures everyone knows the part they play. The benefits of delegating far outweigh shouldering something on your own.


A particular plan or project could capture your imagination and possibly cause you to revise your hectic schedule to fit in essential time to pursue it. You probably can't help but give the lion's share of attention and focus to what inspires you most, and you're also right to ensure that this isn't allowed to drift. It's too important - and potentially big - for that to happen!


You could be fired up and inspired wonderfully but discover your vision or thought processes leave others way behind. Gaining support where you're likely to need it requires conveying yourself one step at a time. Give others a chance to see the logic in stages with what you're embarking upon. Too much information too soon can cause them to become rabbits in headlights.


If the initiative needs to be taken with a collaborative or group effort, then it might need to be you who takes it first. Fortunately, you bring a sensible, structured approach to all tasks that reminds others of why you deserve to be in control, or at least now and again. What you're embarking upon or pursuing could be more familiar to you than it is others, which provides a solid, second reason regarding why you're the best person for a particular role!


You probably don't have to assess rigidly or scrutinize intensely what's changing in an area of your world. Your instincts can reassure you that your mind isn't playing tricks on you, even if certain signs or clues are so subtle they could easily go undetected. Gaining even a slight insight into where the winds of change are gaining strength helps you get certain preparations underway, even if they're only mental at this stage. The old motto about 'being prepared' is a wise one to stick to now.


Something reassuring can arrive from knowing you and someone are either on the same proverbial page or able to take a conversation or exchange into deeper or unfamiliar territory. This allows you to see possibilities where you saw only hurdles or restrictions until now – and you could feel relieved to discover that you and this person can get on with making something happen together rather than work around a limitation.


Someone clearly doesn't know you well if they believe they can lay down the law or impose a strict restriction and you'll simply nod and comply with it. Fortunately, you're more knowledgeable about how and why something must be done a certain way. What someone sees as a sensible or clever strategy will soon reveal itself to be less simple or straightforward. For now, keep calm, carry on, smile and nod. As always, the truth will emerge soon enough.


You have a choice regarding whether you become drawn into someone else's drama. Much would probably be simpler if this involved one person, but it could be the way you're asked to provide logical insights to all parties involved that make it difficult for you to remain impartial. If this isn't your fight to fight, then distancing yourself from it not only ensures you don't add to complications, it also ensures you don't prolong it.


You might believe your time is your own but could discover others believe it belongs to them. Fortunately, you're able to allocate enough to those who need it and help them to feel asking for it was worth doing. You could end up glad or relieved that someone asked for your advice before taking a step they were considering. If you feel relieved, then you can be certain they will too, once they take your suggestion on board.


A revelation helps you see an idea or a plan in a new light. As new information arrives, you could adopt a fresh tactic to see what result it brings. Your new strategy might require adjustment and possibly a learning curve of some kind, especially if you need to brush up on certain information but both put you in a stronger position to make progress. This subtle but powerful shift in attitude pushes you to be more optimistic about new possibilities. Once you embark upon this journey of discovery, you may never look back.


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