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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 3 March


Not only are you likely to 'shoot from the hip,' but you could part somebody's hair with more than one hurtful comment. Do you really have the energy to 'fight fire with fire'? You might feel better for having said your piece. But you'll have undoubtedly made something between you and someone unnecessarily tense or awkward. If you can't say something nice, say zilch.


We know there's truth in the old saying about gambling only what we can afford to lose. There could be benefits to you of drawing a line where spending is concerned now. Whether you're splashing out to indulge yourself or keen to spoil someone else, be strict with your coffers. Say the words 'enough is enough' if overspending is likely. A bit of restraint shown now can save regrets later.


Queen's Freddie Mercury sang about 'wanting it all' and 'wanting it now.' That may have had more to do with ambitiousness than greed. But how realistic are you about what you're keen to achieve? It's possible to set too many goals at this time. Try, if you can, to narrow down those that truly light a fire within you. You can 'have it all' but only with small and sensible steps taken gradually.


Very few Cancerians won't step in to assist somebody close who has been hurt or betrayed. Before you make it your mission to help someone along such lines, possibly a family member, be aware of the 'hornets' nest' you might take a stick to by doing so. You won't help tense or confusing energy by adding to it. For now, bide your time. Let someone deal with something their way.


It's worth being jealous with your time and the company you keep now. Even if umpteen restrictions abound, you could be aware of how your social life picks up pace. But you're not obliged to accept every invitation. Being strict with your time could mean associating with others who have something inspiring to offer, too. For now, put them at the top of your list.


It may be necessary to assess honestly if you intend to do only what's required of you or go above the call of duty. Your dilemma could surround the fact that, regardless of which you choose, you're likely to receive little recognition or appreciation from someone you'd like to receive more of both from. There could be benefits to doing the bare minimum - but to the best of your ability!


Whether you choose to put up a 'Do Not Disturb' sign somewhere or lock your cellphone in a kitchen cupboard, distancing yourself from the world could be extra-appealing. And why not? Do whatever will help you feel rejuvenated. Kick back and relax in whatever ways suit you. Your own company could be the best company right now.


Reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason could provide helpful and timely inspiration. What may have been confusing or upsetting recently could reveal itself to be a blessing in disguise. Try to see the benefits of how it has encouraged you to draw a line with the past or be true to yourself somehow. You're moving on - and can thank whatever or whoever has released you.


If a particular topic interests you that others in your world couldn't care less about, then that might be a perfect situation. Those around you could be willing to let you pursue and explore what fires your imagination. Will they be interested to hear about what you find or discover? Probably not. But sharing knowledge immediately isn't what this personal quest is all about.


You've probably been aware for some time that daily or evening routines can't carry on as they are. Whether you've been burning midnight oil or neglecting more than one need, you could receive the cosmic equivalent of a kick to your backside to create new and improved schedules and routines. You're right to believe that a happier and less lethargic or drained 'you' will emerge as a result, too.


Do whatever you can to ensure that at least one inspiring vision or thought isn't stored in a mental compartment and forgotten. Your mind could conjure more than one nifty idea that needs some faith-driven initiative from you. Even if you think you're daydreaming, you can believe it's daydreaming with a very motivational purpose!


The not-so-good news is, somebody could believe you were 'born yesterday' and use an underhand tactic to get you to do something. The good news is, they underestimate your ability to look beyond what's obvious and be two steps ahead of them. You could go along with someone's game briefly, purely for amusement. But the power to bring it to a halt at any time is yours.


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