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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 7 July


Our happiness and certain freedoms can rely upon others' cooperation or support. We need someone to agree to help with 'this.' Or we need someone else to play their part with 'that.' But it could become clear that you can – and perhaps should – be less reliant upon someone. The good news is, it's time to exert your independence in a necessary - and possibly - new way.


'Give and take' - those words have a comfortable vibe about them. But they are usually said because we want to see an imbalanced situation, balanced. As long as you're seen to be more receptive to giving in some way now, then you cannot fail to make delightful and tangible progress where you want and deserve it. Be integral to creating this balance.


Be aware - and reassured - that you hold more influence than you might believe you do in some way now. It's perhaps easy to look at what's occurring in the belief that trying to manage it will result only in you wishing you'd left it alone. It might appear unsteerable, but much depends on the outcome you expect. Summon some confidence. Aim high. See what happens.


There is truth in the saying about everything we do having at least two benefits. You could adopt an admittedly selfish attitude toward something you're faced with now, perhaps in the belief that the benefits to you it offers are negligible. But might someone else benefit from your efforts? That thought could be the motivation you need.


None of us asked to be residents on our planet. We arrived here from somewhere many believe we return to. As right as we might be to expect much with life's basic requirements, we also know that we should appreciate magic when we see it. Expect soon to feel a sense of gratitude that could override what you've grown used to or complacent toward. There's magic in there somewhere.


When someone offers help, we can feel they either cross a line, or we're delighted or relieved to receive it. Much depends on whether we want to be seen to need assistance. As skilled, talented, experienced, or resourceful as you undoubtedly are, you could use some help now and again. If you're willing to be receptive to receiving it now in a particular area, then it will arrive.


In many factories, systems are in place to separate what's suitable and what doesn't 'make the grade.' Wouldn't it be helpful if life worked similarly? Imagine not having to distinguish between what is assured success and what's a waste of time or destined to fail. Actually, assistance along such lines is on offer. A helpful and timely revelation will make clear where your effort is needed most.


Should you accept or remove yourself from a situation? Although you likely have to adjust to circumstances you wish were less stressful or less volatile, you do hold more power or control over how much tenser it becomes. You might wish a matter would vanish, but its influence is diminishing. Closure is on offer. All you need to do is be a tiny bit brave - and patient.


Many actions appear insignificant but can have a significant impact on others. These can range from holding a door open for someone through to one selfless act that results in a delighted and emotional response from them. If you're presented with a chance to touch someone's heart, then seize it. It will touch you as well. So play it safe. Ensure all your gestures are altruistic.


Tension isn't always troublesome or problematic. Storytellers and filmmakers believe it's essential. Think of how it spurs us on to take action where a lack of it would have brought a more relaxed or complacent attitude. If you sense tension making itself felt in an area of your world now, then welcome it. It could be the ideal catalyst to progress you've long wanted to make.


The words, 'enough is enough' aren't always said with frustration. There can be something exhilarating about the freedom that comes from deciding to distance ourselves or bring something to a halt. Situations often arise that push us to decide to do so but can also bring a wave of positive change. Expect to see this for yourself.


There are benefits to you watching and waiting where you might feel a need to push a process. You could sense one person says or promises one thing while someone else does the opposite. Although others might not appear to take a matter as seriously as you wish they would, trust that you've done and said all you need to do and say, for now. Pushing will be more draining than helpful.


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