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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Saturday 8 May


'And…relax.' When doing strenuous exercise, those words can be very welcome. Relaxing is something you're encouraged to do now. You might think it's crazy to take your foot off the pedal or a break when you know you've much to do. But if your efforts to keep momentum going are due to any worry or concern, you can believe you have little to be worried or concerned about presently.


We all know what it's like to struggle in silence. Chances are, we all do it in some way at any time, knowingly or unknowingly. But we can forget how extensive our support network is or can be. We can also forget how we sometimes need to make an effort to reach out to certain people to ask for what we need, too. Don't be too shy or proud to do that now.


When we come up with an answer to a problem, we often don't mind if it's temporary. We're grateful for how it reduces pressure or concern in a particular area. But there's always something exciting about how one reassuring idea leads to something more inspiring. It's in your best interests to try to keep a particular thought process free from as much disruption as possible now.


A molehill is probably best left as it is. Turning it into a mountain is a massive waste of time and effort. What would you do if you succeeded, anyway? You'd have a bigger problem on your hands; that much is true. That's why a minor matter needs to be seen in the right perspective. Making a bigger issue of it unnecessarily could be a bit too easy now.


Being one or two steps ahead of others works to your advantage. You could be blessed with an even stronger ability to anticipate events or developments not only before they arise but before others see them coming. Use your power to alleviate stress or tension keen to manifest. You can do more than prevent either or both from arising in your world. Assist others where you can.


Sometimes, there's nothing more annoying than a distraction. We manage to apply an intense focus to something important. Then, we find something or someone is as annoying as a mosquito in a room we're trying to sleep in. But there are times when distractions can be beneficial. They can actually offer something we need. Try to look beyond what's obvious with any you experience now.


It's always handy and helpful to have the correct key for the right door. But not every key performs its task effortlessly. We have to twist, turn, pull or push in the right way at the same time for some doors to open. You have all you need to make progress in a particular area now. A proverbial door can open, but it might take a bit more effort, patience – or jiggling - than you think!


There could be something reassuring about having guesswork removed in a particular area. Even if information puts your mind at ease, you could still sense there's more to a scenario than you are told or shown. That might make you a bit more cautious in the future where a matter, an arrangement, or a relationship is concerned. But, for now, allow necessary 'water' to pass under the 'bridge.'


It's probably not unfair to think some situations wouldn't arise if others listened to you more often. Unfortunately, there are always some people who need to learn or discover something for themselves, despite what they're told. Unfortunately as well, we must all, at times, wait until this happens before a shared objective can be progressed. You may need to bide your time similarly now.


You appear to feel passionate about an idea or a plan. You could probably pursue this successfully single-handedly. But there are benefits to collaborating with at least one other person. The thing is, someone else is equally passionate about whatever has you fired up. That means the occasional disagreement is likely. Don't see this as problematic. Shared passion can be harnessed brilliantly.


Decisions we make when viewing certain situations can be instantaneous. That's why we need to focus on whatever is positive as soon as possible! Once we convince ourselves that anything negative deserves more attention, it can be very difficult to shift that mindset. Something negative in your world could demand attention. But there's something equally positive waiting for you to spot it.


Sometimes, we can't help what we feel. But when we become frustrated with this, it's usually because we convince ourselves or are told by others that we should feel a particular way about a certain matter. But that's unnatural. It's also misleading and unhelpful. If you believe you should be adopting a different mindset somehow, you could be disregarding your true feelings about it. Try to listen to them.


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