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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 25 September 2020


You have a New Moon in your sign that provides a fresh start or clean slate in any area of your world you wish to experience either or both. Make your choice wisely - but your love life or a special connection can benefit from this lunar energy! It might also be necessary to keep any overly-determined, impatient, independent, and possibly aggressive qualities at bay, though. Your keenness for a romantic or relationship plan to go entirely your way could be what dilutes the passionate potential on offer.


Matters of the heart are likely to feel more light-hearted and manageable this week - and things get even better next week! But during the coming days, you could appreciate and connect wonderfully with a noticeable lack of tension or volatility in your emotional world. Love has a chance to form or flourish without the interference, white noise, and distractions it has been subjected to recently. But even if you do experience any drama, there could still be passionate dividends!


You may have thought your love life was your business and had something in your emotional world all mapped out. But you could be frustrated - or angered - to discover how 'on display' your personal world is. Even if you don't ask for opinions or advice about love, intimacy, a potential lover, or current partner, you could receive unwelcome input. You know others in your world mean well. But if they cross a personal boundary, then they need to know how and why it mustn't happen again.


Venus continues to bring a sweet boost to your confidence for a final week. If you felt unsure about whether you should make that call, write that letter or arrange that date, then plans you get underway this week could result in something heartwarmingly fantastic from next week and beyond. Taking a bold step underpinned with comfort and cushioning can bring a very pleasing outcome where you want one. But it won't happen by itself.


You have one week left to make the most of Venus's magic in your sign. That doesn't mean you can't continue to emit charm to attract someone if you're single. If you're attached, then there could be many benefits to showing the one you love how appreciative you are of the extra levels of attention, attentiveness, and care they've likely shown during recent weeks. They'll know that when you offer gratitude, it comes from the depths of your heart - and then some!


Since September 6th, Venus has been tucked away, working magic and healing in the background of your world. So, there could be many benefits to giving some level of preparation toward a romantic or relationship development. This week is your final call to get all your passionate 'ducks in a row' before Venus moves from the shadows into your sign. Whatever it is you're planning, your heart is very much 'in it.' From next week, it could be 'all systems go.'


Later in the week, you have a New Moon influencing partnerships and commitments. This could bring relief if you're attached, and tension has existed between you and the one you love. But regardless of your relationship status, the fresh start on can steer you in the right direction to balance the levels of 'give and take' in a special connection. If you're single and fed up with making an effort with a particular person, then you could decide someone else is more deserving of your attentiveness.


Venus could heighten romantic or relationship ambitions this week. From next week, the planet of love affects a very different area of your world. So, you have a chance to make the most of feeling bold or daring in the name of love until then. If you're single, then you could be keen to set passionate sights higher. If you're attached, then you could have an opportunity to show off the one you love publicly. But if getting out and about isn't practical at this time, then keep the flames surrounding a shared future ambition stoked and lively!


You have a bit of time left to strengthen or sweeten your emotional foundations and make the most of the sentimental vibe permeating your emotional world or a special connection. Even if matters of the heart have had to give way recently to attention or affection needed with those closest to you in other ways, the changes you've brought or progress you've made could be evident. Once Venus starts to influence a different area from next week, there's no reason why loving bonds strengthened outside of your emotional sphere can't continue to receive the necessary attention.


If you and a lover or potential sweetheart have had to deal with tricky, painful, or even one or two dark matters recently, then the end is in sight. There may still be one or two fears that need facing or vulnerable conversations required to continue to make progress. But any heavy, intense, or secretive vibe should start to show signs of diminishing this week. Trust that the sun is doing it's best to break through the clouds. If you've wanted matters of the heart to feel more adventurous, then buckle up!


Try to make the most of Venus's final week influencing partnerships and commitments. There's still plenty of sexy synergy on offer if you're willing to connect with the kindness, compassion, and affection on offer. If you're single, then use the coming days to 'sweeten the deal' where a possible connection is concerned. If you're attached, then a pleasing development waiting in the wings could manifest due to a new level of mutual understanding that exists between you and your partner.


If you start to take self-improvement and self-care more seriously, then you can be certain that won't go unnoticed by a lover or potential sweetheart. Whether you're single or attached, love can form or flourish by coming up with plans to feel better on the inside, glow on the outside and possibly look better naked. But it's particularly single Pisceans who may need to make a move or 'forever hold their peace' where a potential office-based romance is concerned. After this week, you could be reminded of the old saying 'snooze, and you lose.'


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