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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 15 November 2019


Confrontation waits to emerge around more than one corner this week, and not only might it be instigated by you, but it could also be a loved one who bears the brunt of that legendary temper of yours. It's also possible that developments outside your romantic or relationship sphere cause feelings of unrest and possibly powerlessness. If matters related to your home or career bring more than one sleepless night and make you extra tetchy or difficult to be with, then try to see how your emotional world offers the safety, warmth, and comfort you need. Do your best to redirect tension or angst productively. Being imaginative when it comes to doing so with physical activity is a good start!


Events this week could bring a wave of mixed emotions, and the effects could be both thrilling and unsettling. The biggest challenge you'll face with matters of the heart this week might surround communication or expressing thoughts and feelings with crystal clarity. It's also possible that an aspect of your romantic or relationship past that you felt confident you'd overcome or put behind you could re-emerge and demand that you face it – or them – once again. A decision might be needed about whether you look backward or forward. Just remember the saying about it being difficult 'to recreate a good thing.'


If you feel your emotional world or a special connection don't tick all the essential boxes this week, then don't take that as an automatic sign that there's trouble in paradise. Any disappointment or disenchantment surrounding your love life might be due to you setting romantic or relationship expectations too high or overlooking the valuable lesson on offer in your current circumstances. This might involve adopting a more laid-back, flexible attitude toward a particular person or matters of the heart generally. If you focus too much on shortfalls, then you'll be at risk of missing the wonderful opportunities on offer within the bigger picture. There is so much life left in what you might sense is lifeless.


If you've sensed an imbalance in a special connection and felt unsure about how to deal with it, then events this week could bring the clarity you need. On one level, you could feel taken advantage of or as if a relationship, budding or otherwise, seems to require more effort and attention than you receive. It's also possible that you have one or two things to learn about a lover or potential paramour, and what comes to light could cause you to reassess whether you wish to remain involved or cut your losses. Conflicting attitudes and contrasting beliefs could pose problems, and putting your needs first for a change isn't selfish. Doing so might be long overdue.


Rather than focus on what's less than ideal or possibly unreciprocated by a particular person, try instead to be honest with yourself about where you might need to curtail your passionate efforts. Might you be trying too hard to make romantic or relationship progress that can unfold or progress sweetly on its own? It could be your desire to control or steer love life developments that add to your frustration levels rather than decrease them. If a loved one is making an effort but not hitting the mark, then that encourages a necessary and helpful conversation to be had. However, if you're investing the lion's share of effort and receiving zilch in return, then a specific decision might be needed.


Once again, it's by embracing the spirit of collaboration in some way that enhances the connection between you and someone special. Sure, you might have a long list of things you enjoy doing together, but you're encouraged this week to put your heads together or combine talents in a new way. For some Virgos, an awakening is in store regarding an arrangement or commitment that might have appeared straightforward but could, as it progresses, reveal itself to be complex or far from ideal or suitable. Again, that presents a problem that you and your lover or potential paramour can resolve together – and in a way that you'll feel reassured about.


Assumptions or suspicions can be replaced with something much more tangible this week with matters of the heart. If you're single and sensed that someone has the hots for you, then you could receive a delightfully unsubtle clue to confirm this. If you're attached and aware that a loved one has had something on their mind and you've reached the end of your tether trying to fathom what it might be, then events this week could help them to spill the emotional beans. Regardless of your relationship status, it's important this week to separate facts from fiction – and possibly fantasy.


Do you accept that you can be obsessive sometimes? Whether you do or don't, it could be an enhanced level of 'passionate determination' that brings the most impressive result with matters of the heart this week. Of course, there is a difference between being obsessive and single-minded, but you could have an 'all or nothing' attitude or approach to matters romantic this week. You could also experience previously unexperienced sensual delights between you and someone special as a result!


To keep confusion at bay where matters of the heart are concerned this week, you'll need to trust one voice – your intuition. This is a time to avoid asking for advice or seeking others' opinions about what you should or shouldn't do in the name of love. There's no harm in sitting on the proverbial fence for a while longer if you're unable to see clearly what your next romantic or relationship move should be. As the week progresses, you're likely to receive a greater depth of enlightenment, but this could be delayed if you insist on involving others to provide it.


This week, watch confusion or uncertainty fly straight out the window where matters of the heart are concerned. A sweet and delightful development awaits, and it's time for something to shift, regardless of your relationship status. Things get even sweeter next week when Venus enters your sign, but a new level of stability and transformation is heading your way during he coming days in your emotional world. If you've waited to hear certain special words from someone close, then you could punch the air with delight!


You might wonder if your mind plays tricks on you, or you're interpreting the subtle signals from a particular person correctly. Is someone playing with your mind or heart – or might there be truth in or substance to what they convey or say? There could be romantic potential worth exploring, but you'll want to deal more with facts than confusing vibes. There could also be something thrilling about being led by your curiosity during the coming days but ensure it takes you somewhere grounded and realistic. Small steps taken this week will be the wisest to take.


You could feel it's necessary to balance career obligations and pursuits with your emotional world this week, but much is probably less imbalanced than you perceive it to be. If anything, coming events with matters of the heart could give you the passionate burst you need to apply that feel-good factor in ways that can help you to take professional strides. If you're single, then workplace collaboration could lead to connecting in a new or more profound way. Do you have the hots for a boss or manager? Play it cool, Pisces! If you're attached, then a loved one could come up with an inspired idea to make career-related progress. Either way, expect proof that your career certainly isn't overshadowing your love life!


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