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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 19 July 2019


This could be a week of assessment or possibly reassessment of your romantic or relationship ambitions and expectations. If you're single, then you could become clear about what you want and need from a love connection and how it differs from what you wanted or needed in the past. If you're attached, then you could become aware of ways in which you cling to what is comfortable or secure, rather than where certain boundaries can be pushed. A home, family, or career-related matter could start to take up less of your time, too. You could have no excuse to start applying a bit more energy towards matters of the heart this week.


Although it's possible that something in your emotional world or connected with a close relationship has felt treadmill-like recently, you may have drawn comfort from the predictable and steady pace that something has progressed or unfolded at. However, you might not be able to ignore the winds of change that intend to shake up a romantic relationship situation this week. The first area that this could improve between you and a special person involves your communication. Not only is it about to become more authentic, but one or two home truths could be delivered - on both sides


Your instincts probably won't fail you when they indicate how you could offer some level of assistance or support toward a lover or potential partner. You might believe you're overstepping the mark or crossing a line by doing so and choose instead to wait until they come to you to ask you to step in. However, waiting to be asked could only increase tension rather than help to dispel it. If you know there's something you can do to make a loved one's life more comfortable, securer or happier in any way, then you can be certain they'll appreciate you coming forward.


It could become apparent that there are limits to how much you can continue to gloss over or ignore a romantic relationship issue, especially if you're an attached Cancerian. You and a certain person could have engaged in a particular conversation so many times that it keeps coming back to the same place on each occasion. However, you know there is more to be experienced and enjoyed with matters of the heart than what your emotional world or a close connection offers currently. Allow the reality of your present circumstances to push you to take a necessary and timely step. You have probably sensed it was coming and that moment could arrive this week.


Although you may have been unconcerned about ways in which your emotional world or a special connection haven't ticked essential boxes, you could put greater importance on these this week. Of course, nothing in this world is perfect, and you're right to accept that achieving perfection in your romantic or relationship world is impractical. However, you could have your attention drawn to how and where you deserve to experience more than you are currently, and it could become clear that you want a new level of depth that from a love connection. If all is hunky-dory on the intellectual side, then it might be the physical side that you feel needs to be improved or vice versa. Either way, you look set to address your needs in a way that can only benefit your future happiness.


It's important this week that you don't jump to hasty conclusions or take impetuous actions where matters of the heart are concerned. An air of seriousness permeating your emotional world can easily encourage negative thoughts to shift your focus from all that is positive and worth appreciating in your love life to what you believe feels restrictive or inhibiting. You might not have as much freedom as you wish you had, but that's no reason to believe you've been short-changed romantically. However, it does mean that you might need to be more flexible and resourceful, and accepting the strong and possibly fortuitous situation you're in is an excellent place to start.


You probably don't mind taking the lead where organizing our bringing structure to a love relationship is concerned, but might have limits this week regarding how prepared you are to do both. If you're attached, then it could become clear that there is more that you could and should do to delegate or share particular responsibilities. If you're single, then it's possible you're trying too hard to interact with a potential partner. Either way, you could be enlightened about how and why your future happiness shouldn't require so much constant effort. Try stepping back and then see what happens from doing so.


You're about to prove how incorrect many dusty, old astrology textbooks are when they say that hot, passionate, and taboo sex is all you want from a love relationship. You understand and accept the need for a strong intellectual connection, and that's what appears to be on offer to you this week, regardless of how long you've known a particular person. It could be by putting your heads together to solve a shared problem that you]re brought closer. There could also be something very sexy about the logic you apply to problem-solving, and a loved one's support or input could undoubtedly make your life easier.


Some Archers could be more transparent than they thought they were where concealed thoughts and feelings are concerned. Celestial events this week that encourage open communication might not be as integral to other Sagittarians who will have no issue whatsoever with speaking up and making clear what needs to change. Although any dissatisfaction is unlikely to be coming from your love life and possibly more from your career or financial situation, your emotional world offers support and reassurance you need. A loved one could have an inspiring idea or know how to take your mind off any professional or monetary concerns. Allow your emotional world to be the haven it can be for you this week


Whether this week involves picking up the pieces of a romantic or relationship matter or accepting the need to return to Square One or start afresh in some way, a new and potentially thrilling chapter looks set to unfold. You might have emotional baggage that needs to be released, and it could take coming events to make clear how much this have held you back until now. If you need a proof of how stronger, wiser and possibly more emotionally receptive you are now than you have been recently, then proof is coming. Your attitude toward affairs of the heart is about to become more realistic, but you can be certain it will be far from dull or boring!


Regardless of your relationship status, the improvements you can bring to your love life or a special relationship require you to look inward rather than outward. If you've chosen to remain behind a self-protective or defensive barrier, then this could be a time when cracks finally start to appear. You could have applied so much focus recently on what you're not prepared to do or accept that you've become oblivious to opportunities on offer that can make you happier and more fulfilled. You could be surprised at what adopting a more open-minded and receptive attitude brings.


Whether it's a romantic or relationship plan that needs to be revised, or perhaps awareness on your part that a new attitude toward matters of the heart is needed, you could have a pas love life lesson to draw upon during the coming days. This could cause you to see the reality of a picture-perfect scenario you had created in your mind, but accepting a particular truth is essential with taking a significant step forward. You could be reminded that love refuses to work to any strict agenda, especially one we set for it, but there could be something magical within whatever doesn't go to plan. With just a tiny bit of effort, you'll spot this.


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