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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 27 March 2020


From this week until May 13th, Mars influences the social scene as well as your deepest and most profound hopes, dreams, and wishes. That's quite a lot for your ruling planet that governs energy and passion to work some magic with. But your passion will be enhanced toward forming new connections via the social scene if you're single and applying fervent energy toward what or who lights a fire within you. There Is bound to be something rejuvenating about being able to focus your effort in new areas and ways. Whether you're single or attached, the process that commences this week to do both will bring pleasing results.


There are probably some people who would say that lying on a bed of nails is comfortable. It's interesting how, sometimes, we manage to find a way to create comfort from discomfort. This week, it may become clear that a source of unpleasantness or pain in your emotional world in the past has healed in ways you were oblivious to. You needn't continue to nurture or apply self-protectiveness toward this. You have a chance during the coming days to accept that you have moved on from an unpleasant experience. This could be what's needed to form or strengthen one special connection now or shortly.


Singer/songwriter Billy Joel made a valid point about how unnecessary it was for the person he loved to change anything about themselves just to please him. He summed it up properly when he made clear that he loved someone just the way they were, or perhaps still are. It's unfair to expect anybody to change anything about themselves to please others, and that's particularly true and relevant in a love connection. This week, you may need to accept that you're not obliged to change or tailor-make anything about you to satisfy somebody's expectations or needs.


The coming week offers a chance to apply timely and necessary grounding to your emotional world or a special connection. There are benefits to casting your mind to the past and assessing your love life or relationship circumstances then compared to now. If you feel comfortable with how you feel, then that's probably a clear indication of progress having been made. If you're aware of what needs to change, then the steps you must take could be crystal clear. Your emotional world or a close bond is experiencing profound levels of change. Take advantage of a chance this week to make sure whatever is changing ticks all the essential boxes.


This week, and until mid-May, you benefit from the influence of Mars affecting partnerships, commitments, and arrangements. If anything in your emotional world has felt tense or intense recently, then there's no denying the fact that you'll feel more of either or both during the coming weeks. But you have a choice regarding whether you apply your enhanced energy and passion sporadically or constructively. Allow events this week to remind you that you're more in control of aspects of your love life or a special connection than you might believe yourself to be.


This week, where matters of the heart or a special relationship are concerned, it may be necessary to be honest with yourself in a particular way. This could surround whether you're reluctant to take a bold step due to a genuine fear or if it's convenient to draw comfort from your romantic or relationship circumstances as they are. Your heart is probably aware of what you'd like to see happen or bring. But your head could urge you to follow a path of least resistance. Try, as best you can this week to listen to what your heart is trying to tell you.


If there's particular progress you want to make in your emotional world or a special connection this week, ask yourself what advice you would offer anyone in your position. You probably grow weary from hearing astrologers go on about the ways you focus your passionate attention on meeting or satisfying others' needs to the detriment of your own. But that is something to be aware of this week. Ask yourself what you would tell somebody to do to achieve heartwarming, tangible, and delightful progress in their love life - and then take your own advice!


There are several terms and words that astrologers often use to describe Scorpios like your good self. Intense. Manipulative. Sex-mad. Obsessive. For now, let's focus on that last point, shall we? You and the one you love are aware of how, once you get the bit between your teeth, you will pursue something with relentless passion. That's admirable. But it could be your fervent desire to pursue a particular idea, plan, or project that creates one or two problems in your emotional world or a special connection. There could be benefits this week to shifting even a tiny bit of the passion you invest toward whatever-it-is back into your love life.


Some people enjoy intense and volatile relationships. Those of us who don't wonder why a love connection that is uncomfortable most of the time could be preferable to one that is. Generally, we want things to be copasetic and balanced in a relationship and tend not to encourage or tolerate what's imbalanced or disruptive. If you're aware of how a special connection has become unpredictable or even unmanageable, then you have a chance to address and rectify that this week. Something between you and another doesn't need to carry on as it has done. The improvement you bring could be permanent.


Hopefully, this week, you'll be aware of the absence of Saturn in your sign. It has resided there since the end of 2017 and has moved into Aquarius until July. Saturn is on a three and a bit year mission to bring new levels of security and stability to your world and prefers to bring more than one harsh lesson connected with matters of the heart. If, this week, you sense that much in your emotional world or a special connection has become stable, predictable, or manageable, then try not to see this as calmness preceding a storm. You have a chance to enjoy this respite. You've earned it. Enjoy the heartwarming developments on offer.


This week, where matters of the heart or a special relationship are concerned, resist an urge to 'say it as you see it.' Understandably, you may believe that speaking your mind openly to a particular person is necessary and essential in a relationship. But it's also possible that you could create complications by doing so. Try not to be instrumental in instigating a conversation or exchange that could easily head into sensitive, tense, or confrontational territory. That doesn't mean you should avoid a discussion. But it does mean a more productive result can happen by summoning as much sensitivity and patience as you can muster.


This week, it's helpful and advisable to connect with and focus productively the passion you have available to you. Please note the word 'productively.' It could be easy to apply your enhanced energy levels confrontationally, impatiently, and maybe even aggressively. But that's one of the interesting things about passion. It can either be harnessed positively and pleasurably or can cause us to go over the top in ways we sometimes regret. Where matters of the heart are concerned this week, by all means, be passionate and determined. But make a point of checking in with your heart frequently to ensure that plenty of sensitivity and compassion underpin all that you say or do.


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