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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 03 July 2020


Something in your emotional world or a special connection could shift from first to third gear quickly, courtesy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. But there could be something intriguing and inspiring about an enhanced desire on your part to make ambitious plans in your love life or with the one you love. You could also be aware that plenty of patience will be needed to get at least one ambitious romantic or relationship idea off the ground - and you're absolutely right!


This week, you could feel less interested in what's happening in the present with matters of the heart than you are what looms on the horizon. Coming events could encourage you to think bigger, bolder, or at least consider long-range goals you want to make happen in your love life. Fortunately, you'll probably also see the benefits of not rushing into any grand plans. But if your adventurous side demands to have a louder voice, then it is definitely worth listening to.


There may be certain cards you'd be wise to play close to your chest this week. If your instincts tell you that revealing too much, too soon to a loved one or potential paramour puts you in a precarious position, then it's important to heed them. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reminds you that releasing an emotional avalanche creates more complications than solutions. That doesn't mean you must clam up completely. But it does mean you should be discerning about what you release and choose to keep to yourself, for now.


Being honest and compassionate when discussing what's on your mind or in your heart is essential this week. You have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse lighting up commitments and relationships, bringing extra energy to apply to one passionate connection. But it will be necessary to channel it positively and patiently. If anything feels risky with matters of the heart or an existing bond, then the only real risk involves making yourself a bit more vulnerable than you're used to. But there are delightful rewards on offer by doing so.


Your ability to be persuasive could involve demonstrating to a loved one that your heart is aligned with your actions this week. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse influences habits and routines, encouraging you to adopt a patient approach to making any changes to a love connection. But patience is also your ticket to helping you feel emotionally confident to take a transformative step without inviting too much chaos or upheaval into your emotional world. If you can do your best to maintain the status quo in your love life this week, then relief and reassurance are on offer.


If you're willing to take the time to assess your emotions before sharing them, then there will be benefits to doing so. You have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse illuminating love, romance, and self-expression. Although you could be tempted to convey what you feel boldly, it's worth putting a lid on passionate emotions. Have faith in the fact that when your words do emerge, they will do so sensibly, practically, and with undeniable logic. It's by not making them too flowery that you'll be able to get straight to the point when the time comes.


With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shining on your emotional foundations, you're once again encouraged to consider matters of the heart as you assess the trajectory of your career. But what's on offer is a new and more balanced perspective. Your working world could have received a tremendous amount of attention recently. If your emotional world or love life have been sidelined as a result, then you're urged to put this right. Even if much seems to be blossoming within your career, that doesn't mean your love life won't do the same if you apply similar effort.


Your thoughts and the way you convey them to a loved one could have a noticeably more serious vibe. That could be a symptom of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, helping you to separate what's realistic from what's unrealistic with matters of the heart. But to truly understand the clarity coming your way, you'll need to be patient. Go easy on yourself as information comes to light gradually. You're dealing with intense energy that will require time for proverbial dust to settle. But trust that it will - and that the new love life trajectory that presents itself will urge you to seize it.


With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse illuminating earned income, values, and valuables, it could be especially important to be aware of your finances this week. You can also trust there will be a direct link between these and your emotional world or a special connection, too. But the good news is, you're about to be shown practical solutions to budgetary concerns. Don't rule out how keeping your money matters simple is one of the best solutions you can apply to maintain peace and harmony in a love partnership now.


Taking the high road with matters of the heart is not the same as turning a blind eye to a situation. You're encouraged to be supportive without conditions attached. You're particularly encouraged to accept how the one you love needs you to be there for them in ways you may feel exceed what you've offered or done already. But you can be certain that any support and loyalty won't go unnoticed or unappreciated. You've been there already for somebody. Be there for them in a way they need you now.


Saying or promising something to a loved one is one thing, but backing up your words or intentions with actions is another. This could be something you're reminded of, courtesy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. But there's no reason why you can't get your words and actions to work wonderfully in tandem if you're convinced that you say what you mean and mean what you say. If there are hints of doubt or uncertainty in your verbal declaration, then your message could be met with resistance or suspicion. But that's what heartfelt actions can soon change.


With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse highlighting groups and social networking, you're reminded of the value of teamwork, especially in your emotional world or one special connection. You could discover that being more committed to a partnership helps you to shoulder more responsibilities. That could make clear to the one you love that your heart is 'in it to win it' or you're at least 'in it' for the long haul. This may be a time when you must be more productive than playful with matters of the heart. But the rewards you sense on offer will be worth it.


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