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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 26 February 2021


Trust that any tense energy permeating your emotional world serves a helpful purpose. A Full Moon could make you extra-determined to break tedious routines connected with matters of the heart generally or a special connection. You also have love-planet Venus tucked away and bringing soothing, healing vibes to your world. Mentally and emotionally, you're about to be in a better place to see a romantic or relationship matter in a calmer and possibly more realistic light.


It might feel as if by magic you have a clearer idea about bringing more fun, frivolity, and lightheartedness to your world generally. But with a Full Moon influencing true love and deep, heartfelt expression, you can believe this lunar event intends to shine a bright light on what - or possibly who - you truly desire. A period of pondering could come to an end. It may be time for thinking to be replaced with decisive - and passionate - action.


Events this week could make you more open-minded and receptive toward an emotional matter you may have turned a blind eye to. This may have been due to fear on your part, perhaps not wanting to involve yourself or contribute to a romantic or relationship scenario that recently touched a sensitive nerve. But you're about to see how this new level of open-mindedness can strengthen your emotional foundations – and your relationship with someone in particular.


Events this week could pull you in one direction and push you in another. This may feel unsettling at times. But with Mars influencing what's concealed or behind-the-scenes, something connected with matters of the heart may need preparing or require secretive planning. With a Full Moon influencing communication, there may also be something you want the world to know that has been kept quiet recently. Just be aware of how quickly facts could become distorted or blurred!


Matters of the heart become underpinned with new levels of honesty and integrity from this week. A loved one or potential partner could be in no doubt about your feelings surrounding something connected with money, property, family, or assets, too. But with Venus influencing not only cash from sources separate from your earnings but also your deepest, darkest secrets, you could find opening up to a lover or potential sweetheart becomes so much easier.


A Full Moon in your sign will be illuminating. You could also become more self-aware or see yourself in a new light. But it can also highlight the direction your life is generally heading - and this includes your love life. What has been ignored or suppressed could be brought into the open and demand to be addressed. Also, from this week, Venus influences partnerships and relationships. Don't be surprised if your desire to commit or deepen a connection intensifies.


This week's Full Moon could draw your attention to what has been put on hold in your emotional world during the past year. You could feel pushed to take decisive action, too. But your or a loved one's efforts to keep something concealed may not be able to remain hidden for much longer. With Venus now influencing your routines and service to others, you could find that you create a new - and potentially revealing - checklist of what you want and need in the name of love.


A Full Moon could remove uncertainty regarding a close connection that you may need to bid farewell to. But your intuition probably indicated this was on the cards. With Venus influencing true love and deep, heartfelt expression, you're likely to feel more creative and artistic during the coming weeks. Whether you're single or attached, expect to feel more romantically-inspired. See how allowing your playful and light-hearted qualities to emerge brings delightful, sexy benefits!


With passionate Mars affecting relationships and partnerships, you're about to 'up the ante' regarding the depth of commitment with a particular person. But you're unlikely to be as hesitant toward making a relationship stronger - or more formal. Also, with Venus influencing your emotional foundations, your sentimental qualities could emerge. A lover or potential partner could make you feel safer, more secure, and protected from this week - and beyond.


With Venus influencing your thoughts and communication, you have superb cosmic support to instigate or involve yourself with conversations that can strengthen a bond wonderfully. Whether you're single or spoken-for, Mars brings a new, passionate wave of energy to apply to your physical health and well-being. If getting fitter and looking sexier turns you and someone on, then you're both about to turn each other on in the not too distant future with effort made in both ways!


From this week, Venus influences your values and valuables. A desire to feel more secure generally could intensify. But having passionate Mars affecting true love and heartfelt expression from this week, new levels of determination will affect matters of the heart noticeably. Whether you're single or attached, you'll say what you mean, mean what you say, and leave a lover or potential sweetheart in no doubt about the assertiveness you possess to form or strengthen a special connection.


This week, Venus enters your sign until March 21, boosting your attractiveness, charm, and desire for fun - noticeably. You've also got a Full Moon illuminating partnerships and commitments. This indicates a turning point in at least one special connection, whether it's love or business-related. But you're blessed with all the right levels of open-mindedness to know intuitively - and accurately - where a relationship goes from this week onward.


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