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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 24 May


You now have even more fervent energy available when it comes to love and intimacy! Mars, the planet of passion and lust, enters your sign until July 5. Yes, you may come across as more pushy than normal. But Mars also enhances libidos. So, if someone is on the receiving end of that, they're likely to have few complaints, apart from a bit of soreness or a couple of bruises.


Love gets dreamier and ventures into fantasy realms as Mars affects your mind's creations and subconscious. But your cosmic mission until July 5 involves avoiding running on empty, doing too much, or pushing yourself to ridiculous lengths. Rest, recovery and emotional healing are essential for you to be the lover you want to be for someone - or have the energy to find love.


Your network could help you form or strengthen love until July 5. Mars affects the social scene, long-term goals, and wishes, boosting your ability to meet, mingle and interact. Attached? Spending time with a partner and their/your friends could happen more frequently. Single? Being part of a group socially or on dating apps boosts your passionate prospects tenfold!


With Mars affecting responsibility, recognition and authority, you may want a lover or partner to accept how determined and ambitious you are – or the effort you invest in the name of love. Single? You have extra drive available to woo potential paramours. You might have a thing for someone successful and solvent, too. Attached? A partner needs to hear your aspirational plans, so keep them coming. (Your plans, I mean.)


Passionate Mars affects long-distance travel and mind-broadening adventures until July 5. So, sensual, amorous and intimate possibilities could appear limitless. Whether you're solo or spoken-for, 'exploring' and 'learning' receive a new, thrilling focus. Think bigger, bolder and don't set limits on libido-enhancing opportunities waiting for you to spot and seize them.


Your sensual brand of passion becomes unquenchable as Mars brings intense, fervent energy to intimacy and sexuality until July 5. Apart from being guided more by your libido, you could excel at instinctively detecting a lover's sexual needs. If you're a Virgo who likes their 'performance' rated, you're unlikely to ever dip below 8/10. But make sure a lover has that 'safe word' ready.


'Is it hot in here, or is it me?' Those words could be said frequently as Mars affects partnerships until July 5. So, expect to feel turned on more than usual with one-to-one connections or one in particular. Attached? If you've had the sex life of a tree recently, that could change. Single? Lust at first sight is fabulous. But it's interesting what the law considers 'public', even if you were certain nobody saw you and that person.


Passionate Mars affects health, service to others and well-being until early July. So, you could consider the 'health' of your love and sex lives along with ways to increase your physical desires and lust for life. Whether you're solo or attached, a new level of passion applies to what makes you feel good inside and on the outside. 'Working up a sweat' may have never been such fun.


Pleasure becomes a priority until July 5. Mars adds lust to love and romance, so accept your entitlement to what boosts your libido! Whether you're solo or spoken-for, your seductive abilities could go off the scale. You may be more assertive or confrontational at times, so be careful. But make-up sex could be something you and someone look forward to after any heated exchange.


Matters of the flesh heat up in thrilling new ways as Mars brings passionate, lustful energy to your emotional foundations and domestic setup until July. A bedroom or furniture could offer new, sensual delights. But there's no need to stampede to the boudoir. Instead, see what a candlelit home-cooked meal followed by sofa cuddling does first to ignite or reignite a spark or flame.


Passionate, lustful Mars affects communication, thoughts and texting until July 5. This can make you more zealous when conveying your romantic needs and sexual desires. So, prepare to declare more often what you want, when you want it, and where or how you want it! A lover or partner will probably appreciate this enhanced clarity and respond er, appropriately.


Standing up for yourself more frequently could significantly change a special relationship until early July. With Mars affecting your confidence and values, your sweetheart may sense you're more aggressive or confrontational. But that could be a case of your directness and honesty being misinterpreted. So, remind yourself that confidence is sexy, but being seen to pick fights won't be.


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