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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 19 September


This is a time to connect with your compassionate qualities because it's by applying the power of love that you can potentially transform your love life or a close relationship. Don't allow your heart's passionate energy to be in any way restricted because it's integral to sweetening a romantic or relationship connection now. Kindness and sensitivity will always win over defensiveness or aggression, and whether either or both continue to affect a close connection will be mainly down to you.


There could still be considerable emphasis on making progress outside your romantic or relationship sphere, and it's possible your career could continue to be at the top of this list. However, matters of the heart will also continue to tap you on the shoulder and demand attention at some point, and you owe it to yourself and possibly someone close to comply. You could be at risk of taking something in another area of your world too seriously now. Allow your emotional world or a special connection to be the comfortable and comforting haven it can and should be.


An unusual or unorthodox vibe could be felt in your emotional world or a special connection, but it's nothing to be suspicious of. Something that takes you one significant step closer to your passionate potential is unlikely to come in a traditional or expected way. The more willing you are to think outside the proverbial box, the easier it will be to gain fresh perspectives toward matters of the heart. A new chapter commencing might require you to be a bit more experimental in the name of love. Connect with what's fun and potentially thrilling about that.


Whether you're single or attached, you have powerful, transformational energy influencing your love life now. You could also be surprised at how quickly progress is made or, if you're single, the rate at which a new connection flourishes. A new level of passionate intensity looks set to affect matters of the heart as well, and whether you're in an established relationship or embarking upon a new one, if you think you've tried or experienced it all, then you're about to have your eyes opened wonderfully.


If you want to experience more balance in your love life or a close relationship, then it's far from impossible to achieve it. However, you'll need to be specific about what you want to change and why. Don't believe that romantic aspirations or dreams need to be put on the back burner until you make things copasetic in your love life. Allowing your future visions of love to guide your actions is the way to go now.


You may be your harshest critic where love life matters are concerned at this time. Fortunately, the universe seems keen to help you replace negative patterns with positive ones and replace criticism that could be aimed internally with more self-love and self-forgiveness. The sooner you feel better on the inside, the sooner you will radiate even more on the outside. Romantic or relationship transformation starts with you.


If anyone can bring balance, harmony, or fairness to a love connection, then you can. That could be your cosmic mission now, and it all starts with expressing authentically something that's on your mind or in your heart to someone close. Be prepared to release a secret or two because creating balance in a love connection could start with enhancing levels of trust between you and someone special. Discussing the topic of forgiveness on one or both sides might be necessary, too.


With less effort than you probably think will be needed, you can enhance the levels of security in your emotional world or a close connection. Although this might not require you to address what makes you feel insecure, it could involve feeling more reassured that what has felt unstable or volatile recently shows signs of becoming more manageable or predictable. Adopting a more open-minded attitude toward what you felt hesitant about or cautious toward could be the first step to making this happen.


Even if you're certain that you know what's best for you and someone special, you can still be integral to creating imbalance or tension unnecessarily by expressing views and opinions too forcefully. You can see a romantic relationship situation from your perspective, but it's equally important to put yourself in the shoes of someone close. You could score a significant brownie point with a loved one by being the listener they need. If a heart-to-heart conversation heads into tense or awkward territory briefly, then there could be benefits to that happening.


Matters of the heart could become complex if you find yourself juggling numerous responsibilities both inside and outside your emotional sphere. You possess an abundance of integrity and might need to dig deep to summon it in order to ensure a loved one or a love interest isn't let down or disappointed. This is the time to review romantic or relationship agreements or commitments. If there's any chance of you dropping the proverbial ball, then now is the time to speak up and nip any potential problems in the bud.


Sexy transformation in your emotional world could take the form of self-awareness and self-discovery at this time. The more you learn about yourself, the abler you will be to offer the compassionate qualities that a loved one or potential partner needs. The ante is indeed being 'upped' with matters of the heart and helping you to reassess certain attitudes and beliefs, but to take a significant step forward toward a very new level of passionate potential.


You could feel as if you have more reasons to retain or even strengthen an emotional barrier than you do to remove it at this time. However, a part of you might be convinced that your self-created barrier must continue to serve a purpose. Although your romantic or relationship history might contain more than one difficult or painful lesson in love, your passionate heart deserves to be granted the freedom it needs to connect with the potential on offer. Don't believe you must deprive yourself of this indefinitely.


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