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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 20 November


A delightful surprise could present itself, but you might not see it as welcome to begin with. This could be due to tension or uncertainty clouding your vision in some way initially, but it won't take long for you to see how certain fears or worries are unfounded. Reconnecting with someone you have been detached from and quietly missed could be a possibility, too.


Being seen to be unsupportive of a loved one's or close companion's plan in some way might be unwelcome by them but try to help them to understand the logic supporting your decision. You know your reasons for not rushing in where you're expected to or succumbing to pressure are sensible. With careful explanation on your part, a loved one will see this, too.


Your paramour's moods or actions might appear erratic, and it probably won't take you long to see what the cause of either or both is. Give someone close a chance to open up in their own way and time, and you'll make progress. Where you might sense you're not told something deliberately, then your instincts are probably correct, but that doesn't mean someone doesn't intend to open up or spill the beans shortly.


Various factors in your emotional world could involve you pulled in more than one direction or fulfilling obligations to others. However, try not to let this get you down. You play an integral part in more than one person's world, and commitments can clash from time to time. A loved one might need reassurance that any distractions are temporary. If your paramour tells you that you're taking on too much or your diligence is at risk of being taken advantage of, then they might have a point.


You can surprise a loved one or love interest, and this might involve you doing something for them that they usually do for you. The object of your affections could be touched by a gesture on your part that, even if done in fun, can bring a smile to their face and the two of you closer in some way. Blending your lightheartedness, passionate, and generous qualities are all that is needed now.


More than one delightfully sensual experience is on offer, so let them come to you rather than making an effort to find them or track them down. Allow yourself to relax - and simply be yourself. The more chilled you are in anyone's company, the more comfortable they'll be. If you're willing to invest a bit of faith in fate doing what it does best, then you don't look set to be disappointed, either!


You have an abundance of cosmic support to help you to 'set the scene' for romantic encounters. You could also find your timing regarding contacting someone you've delayed making contact or wanting to be closer with is perfect. A noticeable sense of warmth, cooperation, and even a willingness to put any tense aspects of the past behind you can all happen now. Make some effort to go beyond comfortable or traditional boundaries, and you'll likely be delighted you did.


Moodiness or aloofness could be felt in your emotional world at this time, and if either or both come from someone close, then you'll know what to do or say to lighten things. You might even find you can read your paramour's thoughts more easily than they think you can. Advice or helpful suggestions could come thick and fast once you show willingness to support someone close. Let them do the talking first before you take over and work your unique brand of magic!


An obvious solution or plan could stare you in the face, but you could focus too intently on a romantic dilemma or perceived issue connected with matters of the heart to see it. That's why stepping back and allowing yourself some 'you time' or 'quiet thinking time' could be helpful now. A loved one or love interest could be appreciative of your ability to see what they were unable to connect with in a situation. It's by detaching yourself briefly that you're able to see this.


Having the reality of a situation highlighted is bound to be preferable to not knowing where you stand. However, try to be welcoming toward what comes to light or is said to you by someone close. What is revealed probably won't come as much of a surprise, anyway. Accept that you have a choice about how supportive you choose to be toward a particular person. Choosing to step back into the shadows or withdrawing shouldn't be an option.


The 'feel-good factor' you could enjoy from helping someone close could be strong now, and you could have ideas to move a loved one's plans along in a wonderful way. Perhaps, you're more willing to show support to someone close because you're receiving more from them. It might be feeling more appreciated or wanted that spurs you on to go above the call of duty, but you can be certain you'll experience a warm glow by doing so.


A timely and open conversation or exchange between you and your sweetheart could be what's needed to bring you closer at this time. By bringing a matter into the open, you can start to see the reality of a particular situation. It's by connecting with the fresh start this offers that can ensure something commences on a firmer footing - and with more understanding involved on both sides than there may have been previously. This can kickstart something between you – wonderfully!


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