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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 19 January


You're bound to feel a sense of relief at knowing that your passionate dedication and actions are starting to pay off in some way with matters of the heart. However, there's no time to rest on laurels or believe you've done enough for the time being. It's essential to keep going with what you started, even if it requires you to do a bit of steering to keep momentum working in the helpful ways it is. Heartfelt and affectionate gestures are essential to your strategy, but authentic communication is your real ticket to bringing pleasing progress where you want it.


Being honest with yourself about where a line must be drawn or a change should be introduced in your emotional world is something worthy of focus now. It may have been easy to draw comfort from romantic or relationship routines, or accepting that the way something has always been done in a love relationship is the way it must continue. You can shake things up in a heartbeat if you feel it's necessary to do so. There could be more benefits to creating a bit of disruption if it means you can rebuild something in a way that suits you - and the one you love - more.


It could be easy to misinterpret a loved one's intentions if they feel it's necessary to instigate a particular conversation. This could have more to do with them wanting to ensure that you have all the essential facts than accusing you of sticking your head in the sand and ignoring what needs to be accepted or faced. If you've made it difficult for the one you love to raise a particular topic due to clamming up in the past, then adopting an open mind to what they have to say now benefits both of you.


What you might dismiss as random coincidences in your emotional world or a special connection could be something deeper or more profound than you're giving it credit for. This is sexy synchronicity at work, and whether you're single or attached, strengthening an intellectual connection can undoubtedly lead to something intimate in the future. You and a particular person are very much on the same page - and this needs to be nurtured, not ignored.


Making an effort to be more proactive than reactive in your emotional world or a special connection can be the catalyst to heartwarming progress now. That's why it's important to accept the difference between giving the one you love the space you believe they need and being at their side when they need you to be. Don't convince yourself that any support you offer is at risk of being smothering. The one you love is probably hoping they won't have to ask you to assist them.


Chances are, if you're aware of the serious vibe permeating your emotional world or a close connection, then the one you love or someone you want to be closer with is just as tuned in to this. It's also possible your sweetheart has one or two ideas that can bring a smile to your face or help clouds of moodiness to vanish. Allow them to bring out your light-hearted or playful sides. If you give them a chance, then someone special can be the ray of sunshine you need.


This could be a time when you're willing to take a risk in the name of love, but it's also possible that you want to do so unaccompanied. Perhaps, you want to test certain waters if you're single and see what your efforts bring with meeting people outside your usual social sphere. If you're attached, then there might be something you're keen to learn on your own rather than with the one you love, but that doesn't mean they can't accompany you on your journey of enlightenment in the future.


Finding particular answers to romantic or relationship questions that have been on your mind for some time will require you to ask bold and potentially awkward questions. However, doing so is essential to get the truth you want and need. This isn't done due to perceived dishonesty or deceit on someone's part, but to remove or eliminate assumptions you've made that could cause your love life to be seen in an unnecessarily complicated way. It really is a case of 'ask, and you will receive' now.


Even if you have umpteen reasons for wanting to control the direction that conversations head toward with a loved one, it could take only one reason to cause them to feel reluctant to open up to you by doing so. Unless you're prepared to accept that communication needs to be a two-way street and operate on a 'quid pro quo' basis, then you'll only succeed in making any exchange one-sided and discourage the one you love from opening up to you in a way they're probably very prepared to do.


Even if you don't understand or support a loved one's motivations, that doesn't mean you're not obliged to at least listen to why they're so keen to do what they do the way they intend to do it. Although you could offer one or two tidbits of advice they could find useful, the object of your affections would probably prefer you to allow them to forge ahead with a plan or strategy they have faith in. If they make a mistake, then what's the worst that can happen? Showing quiet support will prove to be much better than highlighting where you think they're going wrong.


Your innate need for freedom is probably something past lovers and a current love interest became aware of from the outset of your relationship. However, at this time, there are probably limits to how much freedom someone close is willing to grant you, especially if you swan off and become aloof at a time when they could use your support, input or assistance. Whatever personal plan inspires you now, there's no need to pursue it alone. In fact, you could be pleased with the new trajectory it goes off on by cooperating or collaborating.


A loved one or potential paramour could feel a need to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to you at this time. However, whether you interpret this as criticism depends largely on how willing you are to listen to what someone close tells you. It's possible you can't see the proverbial wood for trees in a romantic or relationship situation and the one you love has a more accurate or realistic grasp of what you're dealing with than you do. They're not merely offering suggestions; they're offering solutions. Try to see how that's not the same as highlighting only problems.


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