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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Friday 22 October


Concealed feelings or suppressed vulnerability may emerge. But even if this feels like a heavy or intense moment, try to see it as the helpful step forward it is. Whether it's you, a lover or both of you spilling the beans, where there is release, relief and a stronger bond of trust definitely aren't far behind!


Where something connected with matters of the heart is concerned, it is a case of better out than in. You would undoubtedly prefer to know the reality of a situation than be blissfully unaware of it. So, your reaction needs to be managed helpfully and sensitively. This is particularly true if somebody has had to summon courage to put you in the picture. Relax and listen.


Try not to take for granted the environment in which a conversation with a lover or potential sweetheart happens. Everything could appear fine and dandy, but expecting the unexpected will serve you well. One minor matter could become something major, or a tiny spark could become something more significant if care and caution aren't applied.


There could be a 'Little Boy Who Cried Wolf' scenario happening in your emotional world. In other words, your efforts to make a particular point to a lover could backfire if what you see in a serious light has been the source of a joke too many times in the past. If you have something to say that needs your paramour's undivided attention, then get it from the outset.


Leaving matters on the doorstep that don't belong in your emotional sphere may need to be a priority. Of course, the one you love wants to know what's occurring in your world generally. But making someone feel as special as they deserve to might appear further down your priority list. Be aware of what receives intense focus that might not deserve it so immediately.


Will there ever be an ideal time to raise a potentially awkward or uncomfortable matter? That's the thing about tomorrow - it's always coming but never arrives! Understandably, you might believe that discussing a postponed issue is the last thing you feel like doing. But think of how you feel once you bring it into the open and get it out of the way. There you go.


Something in your emotional world or a special connection might not be panning out as precisely as you believed it would. But that doesn't mean you've missed a trick or pursued something in the name of love wrongly or regrettably. Try to resist any hasty change of course or direction. Impatience and boredom are your enemies right now. So, keep both at bay.


Life will always get in the way of many plans. Yet, to what extent are you allowing circumstances outside your emotional sphere to hamper your passionate progress? You might even feel that you have a convenient excuse to shift your focus elsewhere now. But what does your heart have to say about this? Remind yourself that it's much more difficult to deceive!


Happiness and contentment are not as elusive as you might think they are. But you could complicate matters by setting romantic or relationship expectations a bit too high. If you feel you must up the ante with matters of the heart, that could be a clear indication that you overlook what you have in abundance. So, instead, try to shift your focus from what you wish you had to what you know you have!


The more your time and attention are pulled in numerous directions, the more unsettled you're likely to feel. Friendship or family obligations might clash with plans made with a loved one or potential sweetheart now. It might also take some serious Capricornian patience and discipline to keep various plates spinning or people happy. But keep smiling through this brief, disruptive phase.


Acknowledging improvements you'd like to bring to your emotional world or a special bond doesn't need to be a negative exercise. It could be by addressing what has become predictable or routine-like that you come up with more than one sexy spontaneous idea. If you can focus on doing something new to you, then it may be new to the one you love, too. That makes it extra worthy of pursuing!


Try to look beyond a lover's obvious actions or reactions. Trust your instincts if they tell you that the drama or intensity attached to what someone close does likely conceals something hidden or deeper. Somehow, fear, insecurity, or both could be at the root of what appears unusual. But serious passionate brownie points can be yours by being the listener they need.


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