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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 17 January


Certain recurring thoughts possibly related to a love life matter that haven't made sense could start to make sense now. The revelation that awaits you might be as simple as accepting that kindness and compassion are needed to keep things peaceful with one special connection. Allow resentment or frustration to dissipate as you make a concerted effort to take the high road with one troubling matter that can be resolved swiftly with the right attitude.


A lover could be very persuasive, but you're wise to take a step back and consider properly what you agree to. You're right to accept that a bold step needs to be taken in some way but are also right to accept that it needs to be taken on your terms and with your feelings considered more. A decision needs to suit you just as much as it suits you-know-who, so take whatever time you need to think it through thoroughly.


You might have grown used to seeing one romantic or relationship arrangement in a particular way, and it might be time to do a bit of 'out of the box' thinking. Keeping the peace or opting to leave something as it is might no longer be an option, either. Be honest about the extent to which your needs are considered in the way something is currently. You might see how a current scenario benefits someone else more than it benefits you.


You might feel inclined to reassess your reasons for clinging to an outdated belief where affairs of the heart are concerned. What might have worked or been appropriate in the past might no longer suit your emotional needs now. Your romantic world is evolving and demanding you evolve with it. Your needs and desires are updating themselves, and this is to be embraced and welcomed, not resented or feared.


Your keenness to bring calmness to your emotional world is understandable but somewhere within the chaos is a truth that needs to be faced and accepted. You'll need to be willing to rise to a challenge and not let fear keep you from moving a romantic connection forward in a way it needs to now. This is your chance to create the future your heart urges you to take a step toward. Seize this chance.


It's unfair to believe that embracing a new chapter in your love life means you'll have a copious amount of upheaval to deal with. You might believe it's better to keep the peace and leave something as it is rather than take a necessary step to ring the change you know, in your heart, is needed. Fortunately, you don't need to rush anything. Remember that all positive change is gradual and even one small step in the right direction puts you on the proper path to achieve your passionate potential.


You might feel all is manageable and controllable in your emotional world or within one special connection, but the cosmos could throw a curve ball that requires you to take unexpected action. A recent development that you might have seen as insignificant could rear its head and reveal itself to be more important or far-reaching than you thought. Fortunately, you're superbly placed to spot the opportunity this presents and set your love life trajectory back on course – but in a potentially new and intriguing way.


When tense emotions or even resentment start to filter into your love life, it's time to be honest about why you allow them to have the influence they do. If what you're experiencing is defensive or angry, then they make achieving the harmony you want much more difficult to find. Rise above what – or possibly who – is determined to bring you down. Patience and some well-deserved self-love are your tickets to bringing the peace you need.


An issue might arise surrounding sharing and dependency in a love connection at this time. One of you might be more dependent on the other, and it might be time to introduce a bit more balance in your relationship. This doesn't mean withdrawing support where it's genuinely needed but if complacency has set in with regard to one of you doing most of the 'giving,' then now's the time to put things right.


A loved one could stick a spanner in the works or create unnecessary tension where a plan of yours is concerned. You want to do what's right by them but could be caught in the middle of trying to keep them – and others - happy. You're not obliged to focus your attention solely on a loved one, as selfish as that sounds. Remind them that you're doing your best to accommodate them, but a bit more flexibility and support from them wouldn't go amiss.


It could be easy to ignore a certain transgression involving someone in your love life but saying nothing only sets a difficult precedent for the future. A gentle and diplomatic approach might help you to make the point, but this could be a time when brutal honesty is more effective. You owe it to yourself to not let this matter pass without making your thoughts and feelings clear.


If you don't consider all of the angles related to a complicated love life scenario, then you might only add to complications. It's by being honest with yourself in the first instance about your part in whatever transpires that you can take a step to improve it. The next step involves encouraging a loved one to accept what they could have done and can still do to improve matters, too. There's a lesson to be learned within this minor, temporary snafu.


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