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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Monday 20 May


It's possible that career matters could receive more attention than you'd prefer to give them, especially if you're aware of how your love life must take second place to professional priorities now. However, rather than resent job-related obligations, focus on what pleasurable experiences await you once affairs of the heart move higher up your priority list. Exciting plans can be made in the meantime, and the possibility of turning one passionate vision into something real could be extra-alluring now.


Your determination for something to be picture-perfect in your love life could be understandable, admirable and even sexy but if you become too determined to ensure nothing is left to chance, then you could hamper the magic you're so keen to bring to affairs of the heart. A loved one might also see you as more obsessed than determined. This could cause them to feel insecure or a need to distance themselves until they feel more of a partner than an integral part of a plan that they may sense inspires only you.


Affairs of the heart could have a noticeably more serious vibe or tone, and diminish any desire on your part to let your adventurous or spontaneous sides emerge. Although delightful opportunities exist in the present, it could be your longer-term future that you take more seriously or the direction one special connection is heading. The more realistic you are when it comes to love and what you want the future to bring, the easier it will be to take careful steps to get you there.


You could feel excited and daunted by a romantic risk you're considering now. The cosmos is keen to support you to restore focus, determination or enthusiasm that might have waned recently. This could involve looking at your emotional life generally – or possibly one special connection – in a new light. It's possible that the progress you want to bring needs you to take a risk you feel unsure about taking presently. One small step taken confidently could change that.


Something is waiting to be learned from a previous love life or relationship experience, and this will require you to shift your attention backward briefly. Before you feel confident to take a brave step or instigate some degree of transformation into your emotional world or a special connection, you may need to get to grips with what transpired previously. Until you fully understand this, you'd be wise to refrain from taking any bold steps into the unknown.


If you feel as if you're 'going through the motions' or your heart isn't supportive of what you want it to be supportive of, then a loved one or someone close will likely spot this without you making it clear verbally. You could see what's expected of you as an obligation and that's what might be clear to them. They would prefer you didn't put on an act to please or placate them. If you have doubts or are nurturing reservations in any way, then now's the time to 'fess up.


Adopting a calmer or more rational approach to love or romance might go against the grain of an inner desire for spontaneity, but it's possible that a bit of controlled impulsiveness could serve you well at this time. Something unfolding in your emotional or one special connection needs you to nudge it along, and this involves being less of an observer and more proactive. You can connect with what's realistic regarding a certain outcome while throwing a tiny bit of caution to the wind at the same time. If anyone can find a healthy, positive balance, then you can.


A desire to be more open-minded to a growing sense of adventure could bring a heartwarming result now, especially if you want to explore new or unfamiliar surroundings with a loved one or someone close. Travel could feature prominently within your romantic agenda and even if being whisked away or abandoning certain responsibilities isn't practical, then embarking upon a learning curve with someone special could be just as delightful!


Suppressing or retraining passionate energy could prove tricky at this time, and even a concerted effort to do so could result in a loved one or someone close struggling to keep up with you or your enhanced libido! You could focus so intently on ensuring physical and emotional needs are met in the present that you leave little to be anticipated in the future. Slow down and save some passionate magic for further down the road. It is possible to get too much of a good thing now.


Where you may have been inclined recently to keep the peace or refused to involve yourself with a romantic or relationship drama that you're convinced will become confrontational, you could be willing to turn tension into something sexy or spicy now. However, this passionate energy could also be applied to speaking your mind or standing up for yourself in some way. Try to be sensible when it comes to knowing when a point has been made, accepted and when it's time to move on to something more pleasurable.


You might want more spontaneity in your love life but could be keen to have more control over what's occurring. Finding this kind of balance could be tricky. It would be sensible to focus your efforts on what you can control and be unconcerned about whatever surprising or sudden developments arise. If you're an attached Aquarian who has struggled to come up with an ideal solution to get a close relationship back on track, then a solution could present itself now or shortly.


Something connected with your love life or a love relationship could require you to dig deep for plenty of self-discipline and patience so be prepared to summon both. Interestingly, you're also encouraged to summon creativity or imagination to bring some spark and lightheartedness to your emotional world or a special connection. You can find the necessary balance between realism and fantasy – and this could bring you delightfully closer to one special romantic goal.


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