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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 21 March


Your love life could be prone to many distractions at this time, making forming a deep connection with someone special difficult. However, before you manage to push aside all that's superfluous or annoying, take this opportunity to be clear or clearer about what makes you feel the passionate joy you deserve. Distractions can be helpful if they encourage you to step away and focus on your needs or see a love life scenario with a fresh pair of eyes.


Romanic plans could change with little or no notice at this time, but don't let that stop you from turning on your spontaneous side to enjoy something different with your sweetheart. This could also take conversations - or one in particular - down a very new avenue and make any distraction one you'll likely be grateful for!


Any insecurities you feel in your love life can help you face a fact or two that can lead you to new and exciting romantic or relationship territory. You don't need to stoically smile on the outside while you grapple with fears or uncertainties on the inside. By facing either or both honestly, you can find a new way to adapt to changing romantic circumstances – and feel stronger as a result.


Your attitudes toward love, romance, relationships and intimacy are changing – and you know it! However, there's something reassuring and maybe even thrilling about how certain needs you put high on your passionate priority list are being replaced with those that suit you better now. A new passionate purpose is emerging, and the great news is, you and it are evolving together.


Where you might see the proverbial glass as half empty in an area of your world, a loved one could see as half full and remind you of why you ought to feel more positive and upbeat about certain circumstances. If you take on board the point that someone close highlights, you can see how it holds potential to alter your perspective in a necessary way. Be receptive to a lover's insights, because they hold the key to rejuvenating you - or reviving your mojo!


You're finely tuned in to your needs and what's unique about them. Putting something connected with affairs of the heart on your terms will bring a new and refreshing perspective on current love life circumstances, too. You're not oblivious to anyone else's needs at this time but are likely to feel more motivated to do what feels right to you. You serve others well. Now, it's time to apply more self-care and self-love.


Your intuition could offer one message regarding a love life quandary or dilemma while your intellect points toward trusting only common sense. You know what you'd prefer to do but certain logical aspects of your plan might make doing so tricky. Keeping the balance between what your head and heart tell you might not be easy, but soon, logic will be replaced with passionate reason and taking a calculated risk could be a real possibility.


If something feels restrictive or painfully tedious in your love life, then you might need to turn up the gas to fuel your desire to bring a change. Some passionate proactivity on your part might be needed to transform what has become too routine-like or steeped deeply in tradition – and this could involve ceasing to cling to an outdated aspect of your love life past, too.


Whether single or attached, you have an opportunity to transform your approach to affairs of the heart or an important love connection, but this can't be done without plenty of thought applied. Before you take any steps, look inward for some answers. You're only on the brink of deciding the best plan of action to satisfy your passionate heart but whatever change you introduce could be far-reaching, so think it through thoroughly.


Although you might normally create a protective barrier around your cautious heart you could decide to see what being a bit more vulnerable brings you. This might feel daunting at first, but fear will soon be replaced with reassurance. It's by allowing someone to have access to what you usually choose to protect that can bring a pleasing or heartwarming result now or shortly.


Open sharing of your heart with a lover could leave you feeling more unappreciated than appreciated but don't be deterred. The object of your affections could be suffering in silence in some way and you might need to show some patience and compassion. For now, give without expecting anything immediate in return. That will come soon enough.


Your keenness to express what's in your heart or on your mind is genuine and deserves to be trusted, even if you think you could open up a new can of worms by doing so! It's important to also trust that the cosmos has your back when it comes to making yourself vulnerable. Love rarely comes with guarantees, but taking a calculated and timely risk is your ticket to inviting a wave of passion into your world now.


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