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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 7 July


You could think nothing of splashing cash and a loved one or someone close could be the recipient of your generosity. If you choose to buy something weird and wacky for your lover, then even better. Others might think you're daft. But you know you're living and loving as you see fit. If spending doesn't land you and your lover in hot water, then knock yourselves out.


Making a point of listening to a lover's needs should be a priority now. Your mind and heart are open, and you won't fail them. You're superbly placed to gain even more love and respect for your willingness to offer nothing but the truth. If you're single, then this shared openness could be the catalyst to making a deeper commitment.


Love requires you to adjust and adapt in some way now. o connect with the part of you that's willing to embrace a new passionate paradigm in your love life. You're prepared to be more flexible regarding the visions you have for your passionate future. Little effort is needed to accommodate what's unfolding with matters of the heart now. Just welcome it.


Love offers you a test to remind you of what you're made of. You can distinguish between what matters and what - or who - doesn't, too. This can ignite or revive your passionate drive, especially if love and intimacy have been in short supply recently. Embrace your passionate nature and release it on someone you know truly deserves to experience it.


Trust your creative visions of love because they're not as unrealistic as they may have appeared previously. If you're an attached Lion, then you could be keen to bring a new level of comfort or luxury to a connection. Decorating? New furniture, perhaps? If you're single, then you could have a clearer idea about the lover you need. They're not as distant as you might think, either.


If a lover is happy with your current circumstances, but you're not, then a new level of spontaneity can be injected in the sweetest of ways. But if your connection requires a proper shake or shakedown, then that might need to be the focus now. When it comes to matters of the heart, comfort zones kill magic on offer - and all that's needed is a good shake, sometimes!


Romantic or relationship values could be shifting, perhaps subtly. But this gradual change can be so positive. Anything you do to bring new levels of integrity to a love connection will bode well for your emotional world now. You're gaining a deeper understanding of what matters most to you now. And new levels of honesty and authenticity could be at the top of your list.


If a lover doesn't have the focus or energy in ways you require them to, then you may have to deal with this situation sooner than later - but extra sensitively. Whether you feel alone or unloved, making clear how you feel is an essential step in the right direction. Remove all assumptions from the equation and deal with honest facts only.


Closer examination of your current, passionate circumstances could reveal that they're not bad at all. You're blessed with more good luck and optimism than you can fathom. As soon as you connect with and embrace both, you'll see that love works with you, not against you. Love has a very clear plan in mind for you. Let it reveal it at a necessary pace.


You're encouraged to lighten up your attitude and be less defensive or romantic or intimate boundaries now. Being too cautious or strict results in you hampering your own passionate progress. So, seize and opportunity for romance that falls outside the solid realms you may be used to. Disregard your own rules. Try romancing outside the box and see what it brings you.


You're encouraged to bring a wave of unconventional change to your romantic world now. But putting your unique spin on love and intimacy helps you to enhance the passionate vibration in a special love connection. Conventionality doesn't interest you at the best of times, and you're about to rewrite at least one love life rule - radically!


This is a time to trust your intuitive wisdom to guide you helpfully toward achieving a romantic wish - or secret fantasy. Ignore the opinions of others about what your heart yearns to experience. You know what's best for - and inspires - you now. So, let your imagination roam in ways in wants and needs to.


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