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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 21 July


Romantic or relationship tension might be unignorable, but it should also be clearer how progress is being made, even if it's slowly but surely. Where lines of communication might have been disrupted, allow one particular line of discussion to continue. It might also be time to drop certain formalities or niceties and choose instead to speak openly and authentically. Use this time to prepare your message, whatever it might be.


It's the element of surprise that could work some magic in your emotional world at this time. The more willing you are to succumb to spontaneous suggestions or encourage your paramour to be receptive to an unplanned adventure, the greater the thrills could be. A serious matter that has hung over a relationship could also finally be waning. Seize a chance to inject some lightheartedness and frivolity where both are needed.


Where you might feel one rule too many exists in your personal world, or you're in a situation that feels noticeably more restrictive, it could be time to make clear what needs to change or improve. Any rules that feel enforced will be temporary and could be needed to help a loved one in some way. In any case, if you feel strongly about what you appear to have to accept, then speak your truth. Balance or common ground can be found.


Try to go with any volatile or changeable flows in your personal or emotional world now. Plans could be prone to change and rather than become disappointed or resentful, accept instead that the cosmic influences causing disruption will probably wane as quickly as they appeared. Fortunately, you can seize an unexpected romantic opportunity because of plans changing, so let your spontaneous side kick in and take over.


Adjustment may be needed on some level in your emotional world at this time. This may involve ways in which you and your paramour have been at odds recently. By allowing dust to settle and ensuring lines of communication are at least reopened, you can ensure any issue that hangs like a cloud has a short lifespan. If you're willing to get things back on track, then the object of your affections will likely share this desire, too.


Fun and excitement might feature high on your list of romantic or relationship priorities, but somber cosmic influences could put a dampener on plans. Being reminded of particular responsibilities you can't shirk could result in having to change or cancel an arrangement at short notice. Although a loved one could be very persuasive with encouraging you to let your hair down, you might need to put your foot down instead.


Where you may have felt keen to ignore an issue in your emotional world or avoided allowing it to form the basis of any conversation, you could show a willingness to bring this matter into the open now or shortly. You appear to need peace of mind in some way, and the only way to attain it is to face an issue, warts and all. A tiny bit of courage on your part could bring reassuring progress.


Allow what's intriguing or even mysterious in your emotional world to spur you on to explore or investigate something further. Whatever or whoever has captured your interest or imagination is likely to inspire you to find out more. What you discover could alter a routine, but the promise of spontaneity, fun, and adventure could be integral to you removing yourself from a comfort zone. Curiosity is to be followed, not resisted.


Plans underway in your emotional world might not be met with rapturous enthusiasm by the object of your affections, but that needn't deter or deflate you. You know what feels right and why a particular plan needs pursuing. Sure, you might also encounter opposition from well-meaning friends or loved ones but if it's advice you want or need, then it one trusted confidante could provide it.


The depth of someone's feelings for you could make your jaw drop and to possibly cause you to reassess certain plans in the light of this delightful revelation. You could also find that they're not as inflexible as you believed them to be in some way, either. Whatever hurdle has existed regarding the two of you meeting in the middle could vanish, and without the considerable effort you thought would be needed.


It could be difficult if not impossible to ignore change permeating your emotional world, and coming events could see you embracing what frees you from a restrictive romantic or relationship scenario. If you have felt a connection has been more problematic than pleasant, then a decision will need to be made about how willing you are to continue investing effort toward it. It's time to give your heart a louder voice.


If you're single and find yourself introduced to a newcomer in an area of your world, then push aside any shyness and be willing to make the first move to know them better. If you're willing to take the initiative, then you could surprise yourself with how easily you instigate an ice-breaking and potentially intriguing conversation. You can be certain that, the more you feel at ease, the more they will, too.


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