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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 3 March


If you're attached, then a partner is bound to have found your determination and forthrightness sexy. If you're solo, then it could be such qualities that somebody who has their eye on you finds very alluring. But passionate bubbles could burst either way if you come across as too demanding or bossy now. See what a little bit more mysteriousness does for you.


The fact that you're likely to know what's best for a lover is one thing. But getting them to understand this without you coming across as interfering might be another matter. Try to make clear that you've thought through, step-by-step, a strategy that the one you love should adopt to bring a necessary improvement. That's something they might appreciate more.


Chances are, a lover or potential sweetheart is aware of the tremendous influx of ideas you can generate - and how many disappear into the ether. So, be careful how many inspired ideas you release to an unsuspecting lover now. Yes, every one of your mind's creations could be fantastic. But the object of your affections might want to see more of a plan before supporting them.


Allow your deflective shell to assist with something bouncing off you that may have otherwise been hurtful. Where you might normally take something said to you by a lover or potential sweetheart to heart, this could be a time when it's best to turn the other cheek and refuse to rise to any bait. Stop tension in its tracks. Make a mental note of what's said or done and move on.


It might be only those who are close to you that receive insights into your big ideas or grand plans now. That's a sensible way to play it, too. As much as you might want to tell the world about what you're keen to achieve, running it past a lover or someone close could be wise. Select your most trusted confidante for what could be a helpful and revealing chat – on both sides.


Your ability to plan and structure would probably make Monica from 'Friends' green with envy. But it might take a lover or potential sweetheart to remind you of how you may go overboard with planning. Remember that magic always needs spontaneity to work within. Don't hamper your passionate progress by creating plans or agendas that offer no scope whatsoever for flexibility.


You could encourage others to come to you for advice or possibly to share problems but then resent those who do. You may need to be careful about whose feelings are at risk of being hurt by you distancing yourself. If you must enjoy some solitude, then make clear that this will be brief. This could give a lover or someone close a chance to resolve something themselves, too.


Your personal and emotional needs could come into focus now. Knowing what you want to achieve - and maybe who you want at your side to achieve it - can be inspiring and motivational. You appear to mean business where readdressing any neglected needs are concerned. Emotionally and physically, you're no longer pondering possibilities. Embrace this overdue clarity.


Your heart could send a strong and accurate signal about something that inspires it now. But there could be benefits to getting a few facts straight or allowing clarity to arrive before revealing or disclosing anything to the object of your affections. This is a time when indulging yourself with some well-deserved solitude doesn't benefit only you. Reflective time will be time well spent.


You could bring much structure and foresight to a romantic or relationship matter. In truth, you're probably bringing too much. So, step back, kick back and enjoy or indulge in something you deserve. This puts you in an ideal position to look at what has been neglected for too long where love and maybe intimacy are concerned, too. Less control and more open-mindedness are needed now.


Your imagination could add powerful fuel to aspirations or ambitions. But don't believe your emotional world or a special connection won't benefit from the creative focus you can offer it. It's important to have a clear image of what you want your love life to look like. The success you achieve in another area could be just as likely with matters of the heart now. So, move love priorities from the back to the front burner!


You could be aware of how a lover or someone close goes to unnecessary lengths to gain your support or get you on board with a particular plan. If they came straight out and asked you, your answer would probably be 'yes.' So, reassure them that they don't need to cover as many bases as they think they do before asking. This could also cut what could be a lengthy conversation in half!


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