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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Saturday 26 September


A bit more open-mindedness or receptiveness toward a romantic or relationship development you were convinced was way off in the distance could bring a pleasing result. But sticking with what's tried and tested makes it difficult to reinvent yourself - and that's what needs to happen now. No grand or dramatic steps are needed. But being willing to test new 'passionate waters' can take you into potentially thrilling territory.


Whatever might cause confusion or a frustrating dilemma in your emotional world is unlikely to be as unique to you as you believe it to be. If you're struggling to overcome a love life hurdle or a recurring issue, then this is the time to challenge it. Something that may have caused you to be doubtful about taking a passionate step in the past could be less problematic now. So, summon the confidence to face it and push it aside.


We all experience the truth in the old saying about how the path to true love is far from straight. If a passionate plan isn't unfolding as you thought it would or your emotional world seems to experience more setbacks or hurdles now, then try to see developments as an essential part of the process. You may experience twists, turns, or turbulence on your journey. But if your heart tells you to focus only on the destination, then that's the voice to listen to.


Whether you're single or attached, what unfolds in your emotional world now can be guided by what is best for you. The way to connect with your personal best interests is to accept that self-love is far more important than self-criticism. Regardless of the extent of your love life history, you have lessons to draw upon that can undoubtedly help you now. But a loved one or potential paramour might need to understand and accept why something must be on your terms.


Any adjustments that need to be made to accommodate changes in your emotional world or a special connection need to be seen as positive steps forward. Whether you're single or spoken for, you may need to be the voice of optimism in a special connection. Your unique blend of wisdom and support can be the perfect ingredients to form or strengthen a love bond now.


There's a powerful cosmic lesson attached to letting go of what's old and embracing what's new with matters of the heart. Allow yourself to feel the sense of weightlessness or liberation that comes from discarding heavy emotional baggage. A new era commences in your love life now. Accepting that your needs and desires have evolved along with you is the first essential step to embracing it.


There could be benefits to assessing what you believe to be priorities outside of your love life and the amount of time they require from you. The more you cross off your list, the more time you create to do or be with whatever or whoever gladdens your heart. This is a time to align yourself with a renewed, passionate purpose. Your life deserves more balance, and the power to create the freedom to enjoy more passionate joy is entirely yours now.


Adopting a 'hang the consequences' attitude toward matters of the heart now could bring at least one delightful benefit. You could also adopt a no-nonsense attitude toward 'upping the ante' in your romantic world, and if you're single, then this is the time to ask for what you want. But whether you're solo or spoken-for, allow the act of making your desires crystal clear to be the 'new normal' for you!


You could probably keep several people happy if you took on board every comment or suggestion they make about your love life or choice of partner. But it's important to remind yourself that you're not obliged to do so. Your needs, desires, and passionate aspirations are unique to you. There are ways of politely rejecting any criticisms and doing your own thing in your own time.


You may need to be discerning or strict about what brings positivity to your emotional world and why anything negative should be ignored - or banished. The more positive you feel within yourself now, the better your love - and intimate - experiences will be. Stress reduction with the one you love can be fun. Find ways to make it a daily occurrence!


Even if you're clear about what you must do to feel better within yourself or bring rays of sunshine to a love connection, taking time to get your romantic or relationship 'ducks in a row' wouldn't hurt. You could be at risk of releasing or revealing your vision of the future prematurely. Taking time to ensure that your visions are practical and positive could avoid confusion and frustration later.


Even if you're absolutely certain that you know what's best for a lover or someone you want to be closer to, being supportive instead of pushy is essential. You could have strong reservations about what does 'tick boxes' with the one you love. But being negative or discouraging could bring problems. So, do the right and wise thing. Be kind, observe, and 'go with the flow' for now.


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