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Daily General Horoscopes - Monday 19 August


You have to set some time aside to admire yourself in the mirror, but the truth is hard to avoid. You need to be more than just a pretty face in this world, and people aren't going to necessarily cut you any slack for your attractiveness and charm. Don't lay it on too thick.


You have your own interesting ideas right now, and are eager to share them with a wider audience. You have all kinds of energy, but you may not be seeing the complete picture. You may want to write the next great novel but will you be able to see it through to the end?


Your home decoration project just got weirder. You want to put in a fiber-optic mural or set up a plasma-screen collage. It's pricey, impractical and high-tech, and you'll get sick of the fad you've bought into in no time. Second thoughts come to your rescue.


Listen to your intuition where it comes to your health, wellness or daily schedule right now. If you push yourself too hard on your chores you may find you are a tad clumsy or accident-prone because you want to push through things too quickly.


A child in your family may be acting out for any number of reasons. Likely though the problem is a desire for attention. Get everyone on board on focusing on positive behaviour, rather than simply punishment for undesirable actions.


Be careful when speaking to family members right now. You are likely to be hyper-understood. That means that you want to fudge the truth but no matter how tactful you try to be, they will clearly see anything critical you are thinking if you try to put it to words.


You may find yourself in one of those "family moments" right now that you normally dread. Relatives are likely to be erratic, confused and cranky. Avoid pushing anyone's hot buttons right now. If you want to lead, don't suggest solutions, be quiet and patient instead. Listen carefully right now.


A little bit of give and take is good in a relationship, but you need to know when to put your foot down. Just be sure to pick your battles carefully. You know your partner, and yourself. Is it worth it to hang on to an old hurt or disappointment?


You may be thinking about rearranging your home or living space. You may want to invest in or move around your entertainment devices or electronics. Take a little time to plan things out, because changes may not go exactly as you expected.


You may be doing a lot of writing or studying soon. If you are active online, you may be getting a lot of extra emails and social media messages. Some exciting development in the news has got tongues wagging. Your opinion may be valuable to an online friend.


You are strangely happy to be back to work. You have some intriguing challenges ahead of you. You may be hearing about an opportunity to take a class that could dramatically and positively impact your career. Just remember, it will be a lot of extra work.


You may feel like you got thrown into the spotlight in a three-ring circus right now. While you are happy to be needed, or are more popular with your friends or loved ones, you are getting a bit of information overload. Take frequent breaks to clear your head.


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