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Daily General Horoscopes - Tuesday 7 July


You may be considering learning another language. You may have a pen-pal or online friend who can open up new opportunities for you in another country or by sharing ideas and culture that is new to your experience.


Unexpected financial gains may pave the way for you to finally take that dream vacation off your bucket list. Even if you are not able to get away right away, you may find that there are opportunities to plan for a future trip. new form of music, art, or literature may broaden your mental horizons. You may be invited to an outing at an art show, theater presentation, workshop, lecture, or seminar. This could be a good place to meet new people.


Your mind is racing like a Nascar driver right now. You can't quite see what is coming around the bend but you don't care, you can't wait to get there. You have interesting and innovative ideas right now. One of those ideas could put you in the career spotlight.


A new spiritual or metaphysical interest could prove to be both relaxing and rewarding. Yoga and meditation both fit the bill. An alternative medical treatment may also prove helpful. Look off the beaten path for ideas and techniques that can help lower stress.


You may be feeling somewhat lonely or estranged from your love partner right now - if you are single, you may find it hard to connect with new partners. If you are with someone you may find them to be curiously uncommunicative. Either way, you will find that pushing others to open up won't work right now.


A business proposition could come to you from a member of your family, or a coworker, most likely of the opposite sex. It is possible business and romance could mix right now, but pursue that carefully, it's always dangerous, even when the aspects are this good.


You may have to make an important decision about your relationship with a relative or loved one. You have very different ideas about what is "right and wrong", about politics, and you may not share many ideas or interests in common, yet you may find yourself responsible for their well being.


The focus moves to your work, career, ambitions and the relationships and partnerships that relate to those goals. You'll have mixed feelings, and your temper is short. Be aware of that as you go through the day, so that you don't inadvertently stir up a hornet's nest.


Your love life is confusing and frustrating, and while you struggle to make sense of your friends and companions, it seems like they are doing their level best to be inscrutable. A financial or business partnership is more promising and less frustrating right now.


Looks like you are seriously considering moving. All very well and good if your bills are paid and you have a continuing income, but you may be overly optimistic right now, and despite recent gains, this is not the time to take big risks.


Romance and friendship bring both challenges and opportunities right now. You may get a long-held wish, but discover that you do have to make a great many adjustments in order to make things work. Remember to be patient and understanding - especially with yourself.


Your job situation may be about to change for the better, and while this should be very welcome, there may be unexpected stress or challenges you do not anticipate. Remember to get all the sleep and recreation time you will be needing to stay on track.


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