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Daily General Horoscopes - Sunday 29 March


Art, drama, music and literature are very important to our development, and not just for children. You need some creative recreation time. Time spent sharing a favorite stand-up comedian or a funny movie could break the ice with a loved one who has hit something of a bad-luck streak.


If you get into a strange and disturbing online argument, do not let yourself get too concerned about the outcome, but it would be wise to avoid any topics you would not want shared at your workplace. At the office it is a good idea to stick to discussing the weather right now.


You are absolutely gorgeous, did you know that? If you didn't before right now, you will now. People are definitely noticing you. Just watch out that all the extra attention you are getting does not go to your head. Remember, innocence is more charming than arrogance.


Family concerns about a child or pet may be in your mind and could be distracting you from financial goals or the daily grind. A home remedy or alternative treatment may be available that could help you solve things faster.


You will not be at your most grounded and practical right now. You may find that it is incredibly hard to stay focused, because all sorts of worries are floating around inside your head. Don't take on a friend's "stuff" - let them sort it out for themselves.


If you are thinking about getting a gift for a loved one, the bookstore is the best place to browse for ideas. If you don't automatically know what kind of book they would most like to read right now, then that's a chance to open the door to greater intimacy - ask them!


You can make a beautiful change in your home right now by taking a course at the local hardware shop or college. New painting techniques, colours and styles will appeal to you. You may decide to start a new renovation project, but it could be delayed.


Your energies are a bit erratic, especially where it comes to dealing with friends and family. Things can go from awful to amusing at the drop of a hat, so don't despair if they are all acting just a little wacko. Go with the flow of the mood swings, you might even enjoy most of it.


You'll be focused on finances right now, and have a lot of interesting, creative ideas. Whether you are active financially or are just looking for a bargain, trust your instincts. That sudden change of plans could lead you to information or resources that you need.


Even though your intuition may not be completely up to top shape, you may still find that you are able to use your gut feel to advantage. You could connect with someone who makes a creative and effective partner or supporter in your drive to climb the ladder of success.


Find some recreational activity, sport or entertainment event that involves your whole family and you will also solve a "problem child" situation. The truth is that the little one is acting out because they want attention. So give it to them! They deserve it, after all.


You may disagree about how to plan for a child's future, and you may have differences about the amount of budget set aside for your own play time. Expect another annoying request for money from a child or loved one who seems to think you are an endless source of funds.


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