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Daily General Horoscopes - Sunday 28 February


You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role in your family, but the challenge will be to arrange it so that no feelings get hurt. Your relatives are likely to be a bit hypersensitive right now. The upside is they will at least be more willing to listen to your ideas.


Alternative healthcare options could bring help and healing into your life. You may particularly find comfort by letting go of the "musts" and "shoulds" you have been beating yourself up with lately. Acupuncture, homeopathy, or an intuitive consultation could help.


Don't let a friend or companion push you around. You could get a phone call from a friend who is not just offering an opportunity, they are insisting you take it. But if you are not sure and you need more information, you are entitled to a little time to make up your mind.


It is a good idea to involve yourself in a charity, non-profit or community effort if you are feeling the need to get out more. You may find that there is an opportunity for travel, education or some kind of valuable social connection that improves your career or romantic prospects.


If you are having a hard time making a challenging career decision, reach out to your spiritual Source for support. Prayer or meditation may be extremely helpful. Be wary of advice from an elder in your community or family though, they may have a hidden agenda.


You have an opportunity to dicker or bargain for a better deal right now, and the best money-saving opportunities come with art objects, clothing, and decorations for your self or your home. Your intuition is a little off though and you are not altogether sure of yourself right now.


One thing you have to watch out for with all the good money and work-related news you have heard lately is the spectre of "unrealistic expectations". You may have a jealous friend or coworker who hopes to see you knocked down a peg - so keep your eyes open this afternoon.


You may find friends, companions and associates are utterly unreliable right now. They are way off in a world of their own, and absolutely nothing you do seems to bring them back down to earth. Why bother? Relax and enjoy the antics. They'll at least be entertaining.


Subconscious messages, dreams, and sudden insights, will bring messages for you right now. They are telling you that you have a strong need to reach out and touch someone - a relative or parent who is feeling lonely. You could dramatically brighten someone's day with a simple phone call.


Watch your driving right now. You are distracted, this time by some flattering attention. You may be asked to go on a trip, to speak, teach or lecture, and the implied compliments are indeed seductive. You just have to concentrate a little more than normal is all.


Fifty thousand channels and nothing on. You may feeling a bit bored or disappointed with your current entertainment choices. There are other uses for your time! Like getting out into nature or taking a ride in the country. A change in your daily routine is as good as a rest.


Arguments, disagreements and challenges to your authority are all part of the hazards and obstacles you face right now. Someone is testing you - trying to find out what your hot buttons are and how long they can push them before you explode - which could well happen right now.


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