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Daily General Horoscopes - Sunday 8 December


Home improvement projects may be on the agenda right now, but there might be interruptions from your work or career that separate you from some much-needed time with your family. Try to get back some time to yourself at another date if you are asked to put in a lot of overtime.


You may be facing some sudden challenges in the workplace because of technological glitches that are beyond your control. While everything is shooting off sparks and everyone else is going crazy, you will be finding other ways to be productive.


It's not a good idea to get into arguments or discussions about money and finances right now. People will be confrontational and demanding. If you are working out a disagreement about a bill or invoice, try to put it off if you can - you can get a better deal later on.


It may be time for you to take a chance on a creative project that you have been considering taking on. You may find that there is a wider range of resources available than you originally thought. A crowd sourced or volunteer effort could be key to your plans.


Relationships may be challenging right now. You and your significant other need to talk about career changes or social responsibility, but right now it may be hard to see eye to eye. If you are still single, you may be attracted to someone whose politics turn out to be totally opposite to your own.


Your career, business and financial intuition is still on target, even if one or two arrows missed the mark. Overall, you have an increasingly positive track record, but you are finding it hard to believe in yourself. Trust you will be led to solution.


You may be the center of attention right now, which works well if you are presenting something at work, especially where paperwork is involved. It does not work so well among family members and loved ones. Stay focused on your personal priorities right now.


You will get help from a family member right now, perhaps in the form of unsolicited advice. Just because you did not ask their opinion does not mean they might not be right. Give them a hearing. You may find there is wisdom in their advice, even though it's hard to swallow at first.


A disagreement among friends could come down to cultural or educational differences - don't take it personally. An inspiration, intuition or lucky guess could lead you to hidden opportunities. The arrival of people looking for money for a dubious charity will put you on your guard right now.


It is not a good idea to start up a new business or career partnership right now. Existing alliances could be tested, as you are likely to be impatient and a little demanding right now. You want to move up and ahead and it may take longer than you would like.


Everyone in your extended family may seem grouchy and unreasonable right now, but there is no reason why you have to follow their lead. You have things to feel happy and grateful for, wallow in your good fortune a little - that mood may be catching.


Family members and loved ones are a little twitchy this afternoon, because they are being forced to cope with some stress or pressure. They have to come to some kind of compromise and if you are patient and understanding, you'll be able to help them sort it out.


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