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Daily General Horoscopes - Saturday 8 May


If you are single, a new person could drop into your life right now. Just be aware that this dramatic, somewhat eccentric character may not stick around for long. If you are not single, you could have some interesting and unexpected challenges from your partner right now.


Your partner is about to pull a one-two punch on your spending plans. He or she is going to question the sanity, never mind the wisdom of the expenses you wanted to make - and may be right in the assessment of the situation. Ask for help from an advisor or banker in setting up a prudent budget plan.


Religious differences could come between you and a family member right now. You both need to get perspective and stop trying to prove who is "right". It's all about core values you still share. A friend may ask to borrow money. Don't expect to ever get it back.


You have an opportunity to talk about a frustration or feeling of betrayal that you have experienced recently. Some coworker you counted on for support was really after your position or perks and now you need advice as to the best way to respond.


You may feel that you have stepped into an alternative realty populated by cranky people who take everything you say the wrong way, especially in online discussions. Take care to choose your words with care right now.


Your intuition or a sudden insight could be healing or helpful to someone you love in a way you could never have imagined. You may have wild an unusual ideas and inspiration right now. Keep an open mind, and don't be afraid to share information about healing alternatives right now.


You have an ability to really reach people right now. Put it to good use! People in the workplace will be intrigued by your creative ideas. Potential partners are wowed by your insights. And children are just enthralled by your storytelling abilities.


Friends and associations remain challenging right now, but the potential for personal growth is spectacular. You may be given access to a secret or to hidden knowledge that you can use to build intimacy and closeness with the people most care about.


There is some teacher, lecturer, or "expert" headed for your workplace, and your boss or an important client is treating this character like the proverbial guru at the mountain top. If you avoid meeting them you may miss an important opportunity to show off your own know-how.


You have an opportunity to take a leadership position in the workplace, but there is one holdout who is threatening to tarnish your good fortune. You will have to be extremely patient and understanding, because this person seems to be way out in left field.


A friend or companion who has been acting strangely will suddenly turn around right now. They will be eager to explain themselves. Sit back and listen. They may tell a wild but entertaining tale, and there are opportunities for you both to find joy together.


Someone you care for may be hiding a health issue from you, or they may be in denial about their state of health. Dragging them to the doctor may not help. They will need to decide to change a lifestyle or dietary issue that they are not quite ready to address.


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