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Daily General Horoscopes - Monday 20 May


If you are still single, you may have an opportunity to meet someone new and special in a bookstore or health food store. You could be looking for a special vitamin or supplement right now when you ask for help, and end up making a new friend.


You may be experiencing some buyer's remorse. The old credit card bills are floating before your eyes, and while things are not as bad as your anxieties may make them out to be, you do have to make some adjustments to your spending habits to get caught up.


Your mind is still on career and financial issues. You have an opportunity for a raise or a promotion, but there could be some strings attached. You may have to spend extra time in a stuffy suit entertaining some equally stuffy people at a big party soon.


You may want to avoid the news right now. It is not that the news is bad, it is just that the talking heads may get under your skin more easily than normal. Some meditation time might be a better way to unwind.


It is a lucky day in the history of your love life. Unexpected changes to friendships and sudden encounters with new people leave a smile on your face and a spring in your step. There may be some jealousy on the part of a coworker or social companion who is not as lucky.


If you are thinking about getting a gift for a loved one, the bookstore is the best place to browse for ideas. If you don't automatically know what kind of book they would most like to read right now, then that's a chance to open the door to greater intimacy - ask them!


A financial opportunity may come your way through a friend or coworker. A small investment could pay back many times both socially and financially. You may find any risk is balanced by other, unexpected rewards or benefits.


Relatives and loved ones are in the middle of a power struggle, and you want to do your very best to make sure you are not stuck in the middle of the hullabaloo. Avoid confronting parents and in-laws right now, they will most likely be ... well, "unreasonable" right now.


You may discover right now that your memories of childhood have been somewhat distorted. It is like going back to your old grade school - everything looks smaller than you remember for some reason, and the old foods you used to love seem "icky" now.


Small animals can make a hug blessing in your life right now. If you are not able to maintain your own menagerie, you may find you can volunteer at a local rescue shelter, or foster an animal temporarily. A friend may even ask you to be their pet sitter.


You are going throug dramatic and positive personal changes, likely as a result of something you learned recently. You may have attended a self-improvement class or seminar. The problem is that not everyone in your family is supportive of the new you.


If you are a parent you'll be looking at the kind of religious upbringing you want to pass along in your family. If you are not a parent, it's likely that you will be asking yourself what you want to continue to believe yourself. Your religious heritage is confusing to you at the moment.


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