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Daily General Horoscopes - Tuesday 24 May


The reason that cliches are cliches is that they reflect some kind of universal truth, at least at their core. Right now you may find yourself up to your ears in annoying platitudes, but remember, at the heart this may be the best way someone knows to offer comfort or support.


You will find yourself drawn to some interesting teaching or reading material right now. You are looking for something outside your normal realm of experience, yet what you find seems oddly familiar. It may be that you rediscover a book you enjoyed in your childhood.


You may be tempted to approach a wealthy friend for help with financial setbacks or an investment plan. That might not be the optimal solution it appears to be. Give things a little more time. There are hidden factors that make the idea less appealing over time.


There are strange energies in the air right now. You may feel confused or distracted, yet you know there is great potential for change, especially where it comes to your friends, family life, children, hobbies and romances. Go with the flow of life, it could take you unusual places.


The creative juices are flowing overtime and the biggest challenge is you may not have enough time to manifest every awesome idea that comes to mind right now. Take notes, prioritize. Later on you may find these notes very helpful if you hit a dry patch.


It is time to put yourself first. You may face some choices soon, and you cannot make others happy if you are always the one to sacrifice. It is great to be altruistic from a sense of joy and open giving, it is another to be a martyr to the whims of others, even the ones we love.


You must keep your eyes open right now if you are out shopping. Someone in one of those little mall kiosks could be selling the latest health-food thing or vitamin that could be just what you need to pick up your energy and put you on the track to better health.


Your family has flip-flopped yet again, confusing you further. Yesterday everything was up in the air, right now you can do no wrong, and they are all coming to your rescue just when you needed a good word. Don't interrupt. Let them tell you how wonderful you are!


Family members should not be sought out for support or assistance right now, they will have concerns of their own, and you may interpret their busyness as rejection. You will have other sources of support and there are stellar opportunities out there for a creative project you are chasing.


This is not the best day to take a friend aside and confide your concerns, especially when those concerns involve their love life or their children. You may be tempted to offer unsolicited advice, and that is likely to backfire if you are not careful.


If you are single, you may find you are suddenly attracted to a friend, or friend of a friend. While this may be unexpected, it could have great potential. If you are in a relationship, you may find yourself reconnecting with shared interests that drew you together.


You'll get a big self-esteem boost right now. If you are a writer you may be celebrating an acceptance letter from one of your publishers or agents. You could hear news that makes it possible for you to travel, take a course, or get in touch with loved ones far away.


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