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Daily General Horoscopes - Thursday 24 September


You may feel like you got thrown into the spotlight in a three-ring circus right now. While you are happy to be needed, or are more popular with your friends or loved ones, you are getting a bit of information overload. Take frequent breaks to clear your head.


You will find deep and abiding changes are happening in the workplace. Don't fear or resist them as they are absolutely vital to sweeping you to a much more prosperous and happy position in the long term. Don't let yourself be bullied or guilted into taking on work you are not paid for.


Your family seems to have developed split personalities and a mood-swing problem right now. Everyone seems confused and out of sorts, even though there is some very good news flying around. The older members of your family may need some breathing room.


You need to find a lake, some trees, a fold-out armchair, and a good book. Your mind is screaming out for stimulation but your body wants to relax. A good adventure novel and a comfortable chair fits the bill perfectly. You may find the extra time you need just magically becomes available.


You may be looking at a promotion or a job offer that will significantly improve your social status and overall happiness. You will want to spend a lot of money to celebrate your good fortune but it is a good idea to put some aside for your future first.


Play, have some fun, get out into the world. Forget about your worries, cares and the minor responsibilities. Take care of the big responsibilities first so you can enjoy yourself without worries. You are likely going to be invited to a sporting or recreational event.


A friend of yours seems to have suddenly and unexpectedly devolved into childhood for reasons you can't fathom. Their unpredictable behaviour may be entertaining or upsetting to you, but it is not in their best interests to continue on this way.


You have many social opportunities right now but your subconscious mind is interfering with your ability to follow through on connections. This affirmation could work for you ... keep saying "I am one hot, sexy bundle of love," until you begin to believe it.


You have some wonderful financial aspects right now, but in order to take advantage of them, you are going to need to learn to trust yourself. Your instincts are right, there is money to be made. You do have the wherewithal to get the job done.


Financial opportunities abound right now, but you can blow the energy if you spend too much time playfully spending the money on rather frivolous entertainment. You may find that the so-called "bargains" you are after have some hidden price tags or user fees.


You may be tempted to celebrate some recent wins in the game of life with some wild and expensive celebrations. Be extra careful. Self-indulgence could come back to haunt you. A simpler, more creative but frugal celebration could actually be a lot more fun.


If you have some floating aches and pains, headache or stomach ache right now, that is your body's way of saying "Hey! I need a break here!" Stress-related ailments and over-work are indicated in your chart. You need some extra rest and recreation time - cut yourself a break, you deserve it.


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