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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - January 2019


With Uranus, the planet of change and upheaval moving forward once again on January 6 in your sign, a noticeable shift – or awakening - will likely be felt in your emotional world or within one special connection. You've probably sensed a change has been needed, or some kind of shift has been underway and, this month, you're in the driving seat to make it happen. With Venus influencing distant horizons and 'big thinking,' you're also about to set yourself more ambitious goals connected with affairs of the heart. It gets better - with a Lunar Eclipse influencing true love, a romantic slate is about to be wiped clean, marking the start of an exciting new beginning in your love life!


The cosmos appears keen to bring far-reaching and reassuring developments connected with love and money this month. With Venus influencing finances and intimacy from January 7 until early February and joining lucky Jupiter in the same sector, you have a fantastic level of comfort and support coming your way. Whether single or attached, one special connection can be transformed and if you're attached and money matters have created a dark cloud over your connection, then a boost to your finances will soon banish it. With your passionate mojo revived and your bank balance looking healthier, the year is off to one superb start!


The cosmos is determined to bring a delightful wave of comfort and reassurance to your love life or one special connection as 2019 gets underway. Lucky Jupiter is already working its magic where partnerships are concerned. With Venus about to bring an extra level of magic to the same area until early February, coming weeks are bound to be memorable and heartwarming. Romance and commitments are blessed by this cosmic collaboration and if you want proof of what Jupiter and Venus can do when they work together harmoniously, then see what transpires on or around January 22. This really is the stuff dreams are made of.


This could be a month when you decide to remove all that's superfluous in your emotional world or one special connection and focus solely on what's real, tangible and likely to make your heart feel more fulfilled. You might sense you've nurtured one or two romantic or relationship dreams for long enough and want to get to the nitty-gritty of where your love life is heading or where you truly stand with someone. The Solar Eclipse on January 5 reinforces this attitude or approach as it targets commitments and urges you to put something in place that has 'long-term' and 'stable' written all over it. Somehow, somewhere, a deeper level of commitment is on offer. With Mercury about to join the party, communication between you and someone can deepen, become more meaningful or result in a long-term commitment of some kind, too.


If you've wanted to feel more loved, appreciated or even lusted after, then the cosmos appears keen to assist. You'll have loved-up Venus and lucky Jupiter influencing true love from January 7 until early February, and January 22 is a magical date if ever there was one! If you're a single Leo, a very special relationship could commence around that time. If you're spoken for, then you could be delightfully aware of how a loved one makes you feel more adored, appreciated or cherished. A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on January 21 won't go unnoticed and marks the start of a new beginning in any area of your world where you want to experience one. If your wish is loved-related, then be careful what you wish for!


You're in an amazing position this month where affairs of the heart are concerned to benefit from magic the cosmos is determined to work on your behalf. Whether single or attached, it's as if the universe wants to transform your love life or help with forming or strengthening one special connection. Single Virgos could meet their soul mate – if defensive barriers are dropped to make it possible. Attached Virgos could find a relationship deepens in a surprising, unexpected way. The Solar Eclipse influencing true love on January 5 is the catalyst for this cosmic change. With Saturn involved as well, what unfolds during the coming weeks is undeniably powerful - and far-reaching.


Yes, your emotional world could get shaken and stirred this month as Uranus, the planet of change and upheaval awakens from a six-month slumber and influences partnerships and commitments on January 6. This is bound to create uncertainty and possibly bring its share of drama, but also brings an awakening or epiphany regarding where you stand with a loved one. There's bound to be something liberating about this and from January 6 until March 6, it's as if Uranus is like a huge cosmic hand, knocking one obstacle after another out of the way to help you feel more stable and fulfilled. You might become aware of how deep one relationship comfort zone had become, and the change coming your way is bound to be one you'll be grateful for.


A theme surrounding love and money will be prevalent in your emotional world or within one, special connection this month. Much would be simple and straightforward if your judgment surrounding both wasn't slightly skewed. This can make your goodwill or generosity prone to being taken advantage of, or you believing promises made by someone who tells you what you want to hear while having a different agenda. It will be up to you to keep a close and realistic eye on the levels of giving and taking in your emotional world. If you're attached, then, of course, you want to support the object of your affections but might need to be prepared to put your foot down if money starts to become an issue between you. If you're single and dating, then this is a month to avoid setting a precedent regarding forking out for every treat and pleasure.


With Venus moving into your sign on January 7 until early February, your powers of attraction are boosted significantly. However, with Venus joining lucky Jupiter in your sign, your love life is about to receive one tremendous, lucky boost! If you want to see for yourself how two of the luckiest planets work together harmoniously, then see what transpires on or around January 22. If your love life has felt stagnant or dormant during recent months, then Uranus moving direct and influencing true love from January 6 will liven things up. From January 6 until March 6, affairs of the heart will be subjected to far-reaching change and a new level of realization that can make current love life circumstances unrecognizable!


This month, where affairs of the heart are concerned, much of the most potent cosmic activity is happening behind the scenes. This could encourage you to step back into the shadows, away from prying eyes or, if attached, shut yourself away with the object of your affections. Privacy could become more important to you, or you might not feel ready to share any recent love life developments with the world. A powerful Solar Eclipse in your sign on January 5 involves your ruler, Saturn. You could take on a new level of commitment with a certain person, and this will bring a new level of responsibility – but one you're likely to welcome. Uncertainty is about to be removed - and replaced with something that has longevity attached to it.


This month's biggest development where affairs of the heart are concerned involves the Lunar Eclipse influencing partnerships and commitments on January 22. To say this will bring a significant shift in your love life or one special relationship is an understatement. If you're happy and loved-up with a special person, then things can intensify and move up a level, even if you felt change wasn't likely in your connection. If you're a single Water Bearer, then the Eclipse is the equivalent of a green light to either find that special someone by making yourself available to do so or for something platonic to become passionate. Either way, take one last look at your current love life circumstances because the cosmos intends to transform them during the coming weeks.


With a Solar Eclipse occurring on January 5, your love life won't escape its influence, even if the main focus will be on hopes, friends, and wishes. With serious Saturn involved as well, you might need to readjust, redefine or update one cherished love life aspiration and bring it in line - in a more realistic way - with your current circumstances. What – or who - might have made you swoon dreamily in the past might no longer be relevant or appropriate, and that realization is something to be grateful for. It might also become clear that your efforts to achieve a long-held romantic or relationship dream are only boosting your frustration levels. Again, you have a chance this month to decide if something – or someone – is worth the effort.


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