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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - May 2019


You could sense your security levels are boosted in more ways than one this month. Whether single or attached, a love connection can form or flourish with someone who makes you feel more secure, enhances your self-esteem, and shares your values. From the 15th, you could find your focus shifts to domestic tasks, and you and a lover might make home-related plans. Your protective instincts could be enhanced toward loved ones or your paramour. However, any action you take is likely ruled by your heart more than your head, so be prepared to be noticeably more sensitive and less rational at times!


From the 15th, you emit a sexy, youthful - and irresistible – vibe! Just being your wonderful self could be all that's needed to turn heads and your charm and attractiveness levels receive a tremendous boost. Your home could also provide the perfect setting for passionate encounters! Partnership matters are highlighted on the 18th. Whether you're single or attached, it could become clear that a relationship must be about more than fun and intimacy – it should also help you learn and grow as an individual. If you're attached and issues surrounding control or obsessiveness have become problematic, then these could finally be addressed, too.


Much of what you feel or experience with matters of the heart could be secretive or far from others' prying eyes – and love could also have a karmic feel to it. If you're single, then you could be attracted to someone who needs your help. If you're attached, then a deeper spiritual connection could form with your paramour. However, your self-esteem and values receive a passionate boost from the 15th, and it could become obvious that romantic or relationship tension or issues won't vanish because you've sidestepped them. They could simmer until confrontation brings them into the open, especially if you're determined to stand your ground with a loved one. With patience, flexibility, and sensitivity, this needn't become a major issue.


This month, you're helped to embrace your individuality - and love could become more unorthodox or unconventional. If you're single, then it might be someone who stands out unusually from the crowd who catches your eye. It's also possible that a friend could be an excellent matchmaker and introduce you to someone who shares your interests, belongs to the same groups, or fights for the same causes. From the 15th, you could feel extra energetic and passionate – but make sure you have physical outlets for your abundant energy! Finally, developments around the 18th could bring closure to a love life matter and encourage you to express concealed passion. However, try not to get dragged down by any heavy emotional energy coming from you or your paramour. You'll feel more reassured that a dark cloud of seriousness that has hung over your love life or one special connection recently has finally lifted.


From the 15th, you're encouraged to detach yourself from the world and might feel as if your mojo or libido have nosedived. You could prefer to retreat, reflect and find others to be a drain on your energy. Your imagination and creativity could surge – so pay close attention to what your intuition and dreams tell you where affairs of the heart are concerned. It will be important to remain grounded around the 18th, especially if you're dealing with a loved one's emotional volatility. You may believe your sweetheart is unreasonable, but with effort and an abundance of sensitivity on your part, you can understand what your paramour truly wants - and needs - from you.


Your zest for adventure is boosted dramatically this month! A lover who expands your mind, helps you see life from a new perspective and makes you feel more receptive to new ways of thinking will make your heart flutter. Love could also have a foreign feel or be found in an instructional or educational setting. From the 15th, you're encouraged to focus on the future, what you'd love to see happen – and who you want it to happen with! You could feel more passionate about your romantic or relationship dreams - and will have more energy and drive to accomplish them. Around the 18th, communication could become intense. A concerted effort might be needed to ensure a romantic or relationship discussion doesn't go around in circles. Try to get to the point rather than dance around any issue.


If you're single, then you could feel attracted to intense people, or the more mysterious they are, the sexier they'll probably appear. However, whether single or attached, romantic progress requires you to dig deep into the mind of a lover, and you'll have no time for superficiality. You're encouraged to form or strengthen a love connection that touches you deeply and helps you to heal or transform yourself. From the 15th, you're encouraged to ensure ambitions are pursued passionately and with a clear purpose. However, this no-nonsense approach needs to be applied sensitively. It can also manifest as blind ambition - the kind that makes us unconcerned about who we step on as we climb the ladder of success. Compassion in a love connection is essential at any time, but especially this month.


The month commences with a fresh start or clean slate regarding commitments and partnerships, and from the 15th, your emotional world could become noticeably sweeter. Whether single or attached, your desire to form or strengthen partnerships could become a priority and anyone who's commitment-shy won't interest you. Also from the 15th, you could adopt a more open mind toward different belief systems or philosophies. If you have a partner willing to accompany you on any mental or physical journey, then the experience could be even more sublime! Events around the 18th could encourage you to change how you convey and express yourself. Romantic or relationship progress could benefit wonderfully from you being more courageous and daring - but go easy on a loved one who could find your boldness to be too much to handle!


You're encouraged to adopt a stricter, no-nonsense approach to love this month. If you're single, then you could assess a potential partner intently, ensuring they meet all essential criteria. If they do, then you'll proceed, but if they don't, then you could move on without thinking twice. Love could also be found in a work environment, and an office romance isn't out of the question this month for some Archers. From the 15th, you could feel less fearful of exploring the darker, more vulnerable side of life – and encourage a loved one to do the same. However, indulging in deep, psychological self-examination could result in you expressing yourself aggressively, causing or prolonging conflicts in a love relationship. You have a choice about how you apply this fervent energy, so try to focus your passion positively – or pleasurably!


You have a superb chance this month to enhance the love in your world, and the coming weeks could be exceptional where forming or strengthening a special connection is concerned. Your romantic side could emerge, and you'll want to experience the heart-thumping thrill of dramatic romance like you see in films or read in novels! Single Sea Goats could find that attracting new love is easier and be chased for a change rather than do the chasing. Passionate focus shifts to partnerships and commitments from the 15th, reminding you that suppressing feelings to avoid arguments won't help to move a relationship forward. Be willing to discuss any awkward or difficult subjects gracefully and lovingly. It's by addressing any issues in a love partnership rather than ignoring them that new and lasting solutions can be found.


You have fantastic cosmic support this month to help you find or strengthen love and take steps toward new and lasting commitment. Your sentimental side could emerge, and you want love to feel safe, protective and loyal. However, from the 15th, you could be more critical of a lover or express yourself more aggressively. You could also set unrealistic expectations of a partner - and yourself – and cause tension to rise. By applying more patience and cutting a lover - and yourself - some slack, you can avoid conflict. Instead of shifting your focus on what your sweetheart does wrong, focus instead on making plans for the future, or embarking upon a plan or project that inspires or excites both of you.


You're supported this month to connect intellectually with a lover or potential partner. Conversations you might normally regard as run-of-the-mill could take on new levels of passion and intimacy. However, passionate focus shifts to true love from the 15th, and if you want to be loved, admired and respected by a partner, then it's essential you make clear how much you love, admire and respect them. Increasing your level of giving - and listening - in a relationship can also ensure you receive the right levels of love and adoration in return. Your enthusiasm could be contagious, but you could crave attention, and if you don't receive it, will feel slighted or offended. The urge to make clear how you feel could also lead to explosive situations with your paramour if you demand too much attention or praise. Where affairs of the heart are concerned this month, the keyword is “balance.” The more of it you encourage, the more pleasurable the coming weeks will be.


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