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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - March 2019


Whether you're single or attached, friends or one in particular can help strengthen you if you feel confused or vulnerable emotionally this month. It might feel awkward to allow someone in on your personal issues or romantic dilemmas but vulnerability on your part builds trust and intimacy. A Full Moon on the 20th influences relationships, commitments and companions. It's time to strike a balance with a loved one or partner. A relationship could feel tested at this time, but you and the object of your affections could get through the other side feeling more deeply connected as a result.


Your attractiveness is connected with your status from the 1st until the 26th, bringing admirers from afar but love could also be connected with your career. It might be your charming but strangely distant vibe that captivates someone you work with – and this person could hold a position of authority, too. A New Moon illuminates social networking on the 6th. If you're a single Taurean, then harness this energy by mingling, meeting and making yourself available socially. If you're attached, then you and your paramour could be inspired to take steps together to make one cherished dream become real.


Venus encourages you to be open-minded and generous when it comes to love from the 1st to the 26th. If you're a single Gemini, then a love interest may be someone whom you previously wouldn't consider attractive, or whose cultural background differs from yours. However, it's the Full Moon that influences true love on the 20th that encourages the need to have fun and accept that life's mundane demands may have distracted you from matters of the heart recently. You could feel an overwhelming need to reveal deep feelings for a loved one or potential partner and the way forward with a romantic connection could become crystal clear.


Venus influences deep sharing from the 1st to the 26th, and one connection could reach a new and - potentially thrilling - level of intimacy. Venus also brings emotional healing in a special connection, helping you to resolve differences surrounding the sharing of power or control, sex, finances, or any other emotionally-charged or sensitive matter. A Full Moon on the 20th could lead you to believe someone close is unreasonable. However, bringing suppressed thoughts and feelings into the open helps you to understand what the object of your affections wants and needs – and puts them in the picture about where you see your relationship heading.


You're about to offer more love and affection to one special person during coming weeks. Whether you're single or attached, flattery could get you everywhere if you apply it sparingly! Venus shifts your focus to relationships, commitments and companions, and helps to smooth over any ripples that have gone unaddressed in a love connection recently. If you're single, then you could feel more willing to enter into a committed relationship. If you're attached, then a loved one's bound to notice your increased affection and willingness to maintain harmony in your connection. This is reinforced further by a New Moon on the 6th that can help you to create a healthier balance between your and a partner's romantic and intimate needs.


There probably isn't much that you rush into in any area of your world, and where affairs of the heart are concerned this month, you could feel extra-determined to ensure a process unfolds gradually. Whether single or attached, love can form or strengthen by embracing the spirit of cooperation, collaboration or working as a team with the object of your affections. For some Virgos, a romantic development could occur in the workplace. A New Moon on the 6th provides the perfect climate to begin a new relationship or re-define an existing one. Issues surrounding commitment can be discussed, resolved or progressed. It's also by finding ways to work as team in this respect that you and someone special can strengthen or move your relationship forward this month – and beyond.


When Venus, the planet of love, is happy with its place in the universe, the benefits to you don't go unnoticed! That's the case from the 1st until the 26th, and not only can you turn on the charm effortlessly during coming weeks but could also find your powers of attraction heightened. Whether you're single or attached, you can afford to dial back your romantic efforts slightly and allow love to find you, rather than pursue it. Sure, Venus's influence with true love will bring its share of drama, and emotions could intensify around the Full Moon in your sign on the 20th. However, you're about to feel more confident and relaxed toward affairs of the heart, and that alone boosts your sexiness factor and a feeling of harmony in a special or budding connection.


Love intensifies within your home and family during coming weeks but this can help you to feel more receptive and relaxed romantically, and maybe a bit more sentimental or nostalgic, too. If you're a single Scorpio, then love could form or blossom perhaps with the help of a family member who plays Cupid, or maybe with someone who lives nearby. Whether single or attached, with Venus influencing your emotional foundations and domestic set-up, your home could provide a perfect setting for love to flourish within. A New Moon on the 6th could make it tricky to let go of emotional discomfort and be more playful or spontaneous in a love relationship. However, if you're willing to take a risk with your heart, then a new passionate chapter can commence.


Everything your heart wants to reveal could emerge with sweet, creative expression while Venus influences thoughts and communication from the 1st until the 26th. You can trust that romantic words will flow in a way that could make any romance novelist jealous. You might also feel inclined to bend or break a romantic rule or two in the name of love. Whether single or attached, your attitude toward affairs of the heart can take you into new, unexplored territory. This is a time to connect with what's tantalizing about what appears non-traditional or unconventional – and believe that your uniquely amorous way with words could truly sweep someone off their feet!


Venus casts a warm glow over your self-worth and values from the 1st until the 26th. Money matters could receive more focus during coming weeks, especially if you share a budget with a romantic partner. However, Venus is determined to create more organization, understanding, cooperation and harmony regarding any way or ways that cash flows in and out of your connection. If you're single, then Venus can help you to recognize who makes you feel comfortable or secure. You could be drawn to someone with whom familiarity exists or you've known platonically for some time, rather than seek a new partner that requires time to get to know better.


You're encouraged to embrace the wave of love, affection and comfort permeating your world from the 1st until the 26th, thanks to Venus gracing your sign. This is a time to drop your guard or any emotional barriers preventing you from achieving your passionate potential. Whether you're single or attached, Venus is superbly placed to assist with changing your physical appearance, mannerisms, and boosting your attractiveness significantly. If you are attached, then you'll spot ways to strengthen a romantic connection and this might involve letting go of aspects of your love life that no longer serve you. You have fantastic cosmic support to ensure you're on the right path to achieve your passionate purpose – and, this month, it's unfolding right in front of your eyes!


With Venus influencing detachment, invisibility and secrets, there could be something connected to your emotional world or one special relationship that you're keeping to yourself this month. Whatever this love-related situation is, you might feel you're not ready to discuss it with anyone except the object of your affections. If you're single, then you could have a crush that you don't want anyone to be aware of, for reasons known only to you. A Full Moon also influences deep sharing and intimacy on the 20th. If you, a partner or potential partner feel love has become too one-sided or something between you has become imbalanced romantically or intimately, then you have a chance to address and correct the issue.


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