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for Bill Gates born October, 28th 1955 in United States of America

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Your career prospects, including the type of work you're likely to be involved with and the financial rewards you can expect. Highlighting your ambitions and professional path, directing you towards the career that suits you and the training you may need.

1. Career - Aspirations, ambition, where you succeed.
2. Work - Your type of job and attitude towards work.
3. Money - How you make money and spend what you earn.

1 - Career

Major Influences on Career

The circumstances in your life that ultimately influence and determine your career ambition. However, your ambitions need time to develop and mature, therefore you may not understand or manifest them until your late twenties. You can help the process by gradually guiding yourself into the areas of life that are detailed in your Work and Money report.

Saturn in Scorpio

Ultimate control and authority dominate

Bill Gates, you have intense and powerful ambition to be the power behind the throne or in charge yourself. Occupations that attract you are those that give you the power over others. You love the power plays and intensity that this brings. You need to learn to use your power wisely. A career in undertaking, accounting, tax, banking and high finance, insurance or stock broking is attractive to you.

You are good at finding out what people want and helping them achieve that. This makes consultancy work a viable career option. Professionally sex, people's passionate feelings interest you, this makes you an ideal psychotherapist. Being a surgeon or involved in nuclear medicine may also be options.

Career Talents and Obstacles

The talents that help you to achieve professionally and socially and the obstacles that you encounter are outlined here. The complex ways these support or contradict one another demonstrate how you experience your attempts at accomplishing your ambitions.

Saturn Conjunction Venus

Obstacle – you undervalue yourself4 stars

You need to learn how to value your people skills and creativity you possess and as a result do not feel appreciated enough for what you do. This causes frustration in your career. You can easily develop an attitude towards work and others, which often results in you isolating yourself from the very people who could help you achieve your ambition.

Learn to mix and develop contacts that are useful. You can choose the wrong people as professional associates, and without the appropriate consideration easily be seen as a social climber who lacks sincerity.

Saturn Square Jupiter

Important – Over-confidence creates obstacles2 stars

Your decision making process is poor and requires adjustment when it comes to making business decisions and social connections. In life you have a big lesson to learn - you aim too high and then fall flat on your face. You are either too confident or are negative about your abilities. Your self-assurance socially and professionally suffers. Then faith in your ability to succeed becomes a problem. You are so sure that you can do the job but don't have the adequate skills or time to complete it.

You are in danger of growing up and being judged as an incompetent. You simply don't know your limitations and need to understand what they are. Learn to be realistic and develop the business, management and planning skills you need to succeed. Once you know these and work within them, confidence grow. Then you can carry out your potential as a manager. You are very ambitious.

Saturn Square Pluto

Important – A desire for power and control2 stars

You can sometimes be domineering, which makes it more difficult to be accepted socially and in certain circumstances undermines your ambitions. You have to be careful not to destroy your career prospects and reputation by being over ambitious and taking inappropriate risks to achieve your aims. Professionally you may take short-cuts because of your obsession with success. You are forceful when trying to achieve your ambitions.

2 - Work

Major Influence on Work

The circumstances of daily life that shape and influence how you work and your future employment.

Mercury in Libra

Self-control - you love to agree

Your work must provide an environment where you can exercise your good taste and style as well as people skills. Therefore, as a worker you are good with the public and take satisfaction from working with them.

Bill Gates, you consult with others using your natural taste and style to help them look good. You may be suited to employment as an interior designer, beautician or hairdresser. Also your people skills make you, a natural human relations counsellor – a psychologist.

Work Talents and Obstacles

What assists you in finding employment and what hinder you is shown below. Remember that there are contradictions! So keep in mind that all these qualities work together or separately at any time. This is the complexity that you have when it comes to employment and daily routine.

Mercury Conjunction Mars

Important – Energetic commitment to work2 stars

You find that work may not always run as smoothly as it might. You are energetic at first but may run out of the stamina necessary to complete the task, because you do not pace yourself well. You are often rash and over-enthusiastic at the beginning and then run out of energy at the end.

Your task is to learn to pace yourself when applying yourself to a job or activity. You are either an energetic worker who is highly motivated - or a troublesome worker who quarrels with your boss and co-workers. Good for investigative work, working with investments and banking, as an engineer or mechanic.

Mercury Semisquare Pluto

Obstacle –Dislike of boring jobs1 stars

Generally you loath the idea of menial work and probably do everything you can to avoid repetitive tasks. This leads to power struggles with people. You need to learn that everybody must work together to make life as a whole function otherwise you be continually involved in battles with your employers and co-workers.

The result is that you are let go or quit quite often. This sort of attitude may make it very difficult for anyone to want to employ you. Jobs never seem to be right for you. You are suited to working in the military, the police, recycling or in banking or any emotively charged occupation.

3 - Money

Major Financial Influences

These are the day to day experiences that shape and control your attitude towards earning and spending money. They indicate your values and priorities as well as the talents that you have for making a living.

Venus in Scorpio

Money represents power

Your priorities are for intense and powerful relationships, this is where you spend your income. Money is taken very seriously by you Bill Gates. You are very keen to possess it and attach yourself to anyone who has it.

You can occasionally be selfish with money, you need to learn to share it. You accumulate as much money as you can or get a partner to do it for you. You are good with other people's money and can earn a living through investment broking, banking, insurances, etc. Wealth is important for you.

Financial Talents and Obstacles to Making Money

The natural talent you possess for making a living and the obstacles you face handling money. These talents and obstacles either aid what has been said or make life more difficult financially.

Venus Square Jupiter

Obstacle – Overly extravagant1 stars

You have no problem earning money, but seem to waste it when you get it, or you overspend. You are overgenerous and as a result sometimes do not have enough money to satisfy your life style. You tempt people into helping you out. But if you do not learn some restraint you'll always be asking people to loan you money, and end up in debt.

Venus Conjunction Saturn

Important - Learn to budget and manage funds4 stars

You are either frugal with your income or do not manage it very well. You have the potential to develop a poverty mentality. You never seem to have quite enough financial wherewithal; if feeling deprived like this you can be unresponsive and more self-centered in your attitude. Learn to lighten up financially.

It is possible to waste what is given to you because you believe in some way that you should be provided for by outside sources. You need to learn to make your own financial arrangements and better manage what you earn. It's your early understanding of the value of money that has shaped your attitude and affects the way you actually behave.

Venus Square Pluto

Important – You need help to meet your financial goals1 stars

You see money as power and use it as a way to control others. You do this by over-spending and forcing others to come to your rescue; or by saving your money and buying things that make people jealous.

Therefore, money and the use of it is a problem for you. You become obsessed with being wealthy and compulsively spend more than you earn or hold on to it greedily. You push yourself to the limit financially and are threatened with loss.

Your obsession with money can be so intense at times that you may take what is not yours or resort to unlawful conduct to get what you want. You need help in sorting out your priorities and in meeting your financial obligations and goals through good planning and a realistic savings regime.

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