Star Lovers

for Brad born December, 18th 1963 in United States of America
and Angelina born June, 4th 1975 in United States of America

Birth planet positions for Brad at Noon on his birthday
Sagittarius 26°03'
Capricorn 25°08'
Capricorn 16°18'
Capricorn 23°42'
Capricorn 10°10'
Aries 9°51'
Aquarius 19°10'
Virgo 10°04'
Scorpio 16°49'
Virgo 14°14'
Birth planet positions for Angelina at Noon on her birthday
Gemini 13°25'
Aries 13°01'
Gemini 22°20'
Cancer 28°09'
Aries 10°42'
Aries 17°25'
Cancer 17°23'
Libra 28°48'
Sagittarius 10°20'
Libra 6°31'

Your Star Lovers report shows how Brad perceives and experiences Angelina, examining the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship, pinpointing potential hot spots and relationship characteristics are outlined. Included is the bond between you, mutual understanding and sexual attraction, together with other connections that impact on your relationship. Even the most unlikely love relationship can work if both parties are prepared to make adjustments and compromises.

Bond between you

Your will–power, the main areas within the relationship you focus on and your ability to compromise and co-operate with one another.

Brad's Sun Opposition Angelina's Mercury

Clash4 stars

Brad and Angelina can have difficulty understanding each other's perspective. While there is an initial mental attraction and mutual stimulation between them, it will be their differences that form the base of the initial attraction.

However, it won't be long before differences of opinion lead to conflict. At times Angelina will feel misunderstood, while Brad's tendency to suit himself could be a source of conflict - especially if Brad ignores what Angelina has to say.

Brad's Sun Sextile Angelina's Uranus

Extraordinary2 stars

Definitely an unusual and original relationship that stimulates each other's ideas, creativity and desire for change. Brad and Angelina make a magnetic, romantic (if a little peculiar) pair. They felt a strange, mutually magnetic attraction from the start.

Angelina gives Brad a wake-up call, activating and encouraging his latent talents. When they get together their relationship can become one long rebellious, anti-social and unconventional (but unforgettable) adventure.

There is something unique about the chemistry between Brad and Angelina. Angelina is often unpredictable, while Brad is never quite sure how Angelina will behave, but this just adds to the excitement. Spiritual harmony and a never ending exchange of ideas keeps Brad and Angelina on their toes. Love and romance is lively, unpredictable and stimulating.

Mutual understanding

Your ability to communicate and reach mutual understanding is one of the key aspects necessary to maintain a happy long-term relationship.

Brad's Mercury Square Angelina's Mars

Misunderstandings1 stars

When it comes to their discussions and debates, both Brad and Angelina may find it difficult to get a word in edgeways. While their conversations are usually very energetic and enthusiastic, Angelina may feel Brad talks too fast and too much or vice-versa. Brad's tendency to reason and think things through can irritate Angelina who is more impatient, desiring immediate action and gratification.

Therefore, unless they both exercise greater patience and self-control, the relationship will suffer from much tension and annoyance. Angelina may be too headstrong and impulsive for Brad, while to Angelina, Brad appears too concerned with talk and not enough with action.

Conflict is never far from the surface since Angelina's aggressive spirit is at odds with Brad's reasoning and thoughtful approach. Misunderstandings, quarrels and friction will make close co-operation difficult for any length of time, especially since Brad can become increasingly tactless when faced with Angelina's confrontational outbursts.

Brad's Mercury Square Angelina's Jupiter

Unrealistic expectations5 stars

Brad and Angelina can learn a lot from each other. While Brad and Angelina are likely to strike up a good rapport, they may soon find that their relationship needs to come down to earth, otherwise, unrealistic expectations about what each has to offer may cause disappointment, disillusionment and general misgivings.

Brad is likely to gain most from the relationship and may even be tempted to take advantage of Angelina's good nature. Differences of opinion are likely to centre on moral, ethical or intellectual matters. Angelina may be condescending to Brad, thinking of him as too superficial or small-minded.

Brad may even consider Angelina too pompous and unrealistic. Spiritual and intellect interests are unlikely to coincide and may become a source of conflict. In time Brad and Angelina may find that, while they have a genuine liking for each other's company, deep down they probably have little in common.

Brad's Mercury Opposition Angelina's Saturn

Foundation5 stars

This characteristic of Brad and Angelina's can provide one of the foundations of a serious and committed union. Angelina can have a steadying and calming influence on Brad if she makes sure she tries to offer practical suggestions rather than criticisms of Brad's many plans and schemes. Otherwise Angelina may become too critical or restrictive of Brad, finding him too superficial or fickle.

If Angelina becomes too exacting or discouraging, belittling Brad's ideas and opinions, he may become increasingly inhibited and even depressed in Angelina's presence. Angelina can worry or limit Brad, adversely affecting his self-confidence and self-esteem.

In time, communication and co-operation will become increasingly fraught. Angelina may resent Brad's spontaneity and may put undue burdens and responsibilities on his shoulders.

Feelings of affection

How you enjoy each other's company; fondness and affection for one another, the key ingredients of a happy and successful long-term relationship.

Brad's Venus Opposition Angelina's Venus

Discordant3 stars

Regardless of whether they have what it takes to sustain a long-term relationship, Brad and Angelina feel a strong and lasting attraction towards one another. However, over time, minor discords between them are probable, although it is more likely to lead to minor differences of taste, temperament or social activities than to serious conflict.

Brad and Angelina may have a tendency to do things to excess. The biggest difficulty they may have is that they both express love and affection differently, thereby leaving each other wanting more from the association than the other is able to give. Finances could also be a source of disagreement.

Brad's Venus Opposition Angelina's Saturn

Hard work2 stars

Although they may have taken their time getting to know each other, early on Brad and Angelina will have become aware that their relationship had the kind of glue that keeps people together for a long time. However, whether Angelina is aware of it or not she can be too critical of Brad, too intense, demanding and serious. Brad could eventually grow to feel limited, restricted and depressed by Angelina's presence. Brad may tend to suffer at the hands of Angelina, who may prove mean, resentful and critical of him.

In time Brad may find it increasingly difficult to express affection towards Angelina without becoming fearful or anxious. Angelina brings sorrow and worry into his life and she tends to impose too much responsibility on Brad. The association may well be plagued by financial problems. This relationship will take a lot of hard work if it is to succeed and prosper.

Brad's Venus Square Angelina's Uranus

Fickle1 stars

Brad and Angelina share a strong and intense attraction for one another. There is a magnetic fascination between them that probably emerged suddenly and intensely, and may well have been love at first sight.

Brad and Angelina's love life will be full of surprises and excitement but it might be difficult to get much of a feeling of security from the relationship. While this relationship will be electric and the chemistry between them considerable, it may prove just too unstable and unpredictable to last for long unless they can discover a way to maintain their closeness and yet lead independent lives.

Angelina is the more disruptive, unreliable and unstable of the two. Though there is much initial promise and excitement, the relationship may not prove very lucky for either party. The romance may be short-lived and fickle with many changes of heart and separations. Nevertheless, it won't be dull.

Brad's Venus Semisquare Angelina's Neptune

Problematic1 stars

This relationship can bring out the best, and the worst, in Brad and Angelina. Unfortunately there is unlikely to be a straightforward middle way. Physical, sensual and financial activity may go to extremes. While there is a certain sympathy and devotion between them, they are unlikely to be able to see each other clearly.

Confusion, misunderstandings and deception could well creep into the relationship. Brad may need to make sure Angelina can deliver what she promises as she may be apt to deceive or confuse Brad. This may be a source of problems; especially where financial issues are concerned.

In time Brad may consider Angelina unreliable, untrustworthy, and even ineffectual. Brad is likely to suffer more than Angelina in the relationship. Angelina can mislead, entice, enchant but also delude and confuse Brad, who may need to be careful that he does not lose out financially from the association. Self-indulgence, excess and a mutual desire to avoid worldly responsibilities may lead to degenerating and bewildering tendencies between Brad and Angelina being exacerbated.

Sexual attraction

How well you stimulate and encourage each other, the level of physical co-operation and contentment you can achieve together.

Brad's Mars Square Angelina's Mars

Formidable5 stars

The sparks really fly when Brad and Angelina get together. They make a very dynamic combination but their relationship could soon degenerate into a battle of wills, (open or subtle), as impatience, irritation and rivalry begin to surface. Since both Brad and Angelina will want to take the initiative, putting their own needs and demands first, it will be difficult for them to avoid interfering with or obstructing each other.

Quarrels are inevitable when personal differences are not accommodated, increasing the friction and hostility between Brad and Angelina which could spill over into the bedroom leading to sexual problems as they both attempt to assert their needs and desires but in different, and even conflicting ways.

This relationship could bring out the worst in Brad and Angelina, unless they can exercise a considerable amount of self-control and foresight. If they could join forces rather than competing with each other they could make a formidable pair. However, working closely together for long on anything could prove difficult (if not impossible) since tension is never far from the surface and the one who plays second fiddle may find it difficult to contain their resentment and frustration.

Brad's Mars Opposition Angelina's Saturn

Struggle1 stars

Brad may grow to feel his ability to act is restricted or frustrated by Angelina, sapping his energies. Angelina's caution can stifle Brad and make him feel oppressed. Brad's energy, initiative and ambition may feel thwarted or frustrated, making him increasingly likely to become rebellious and defiant towards Angelina. Brad's energy, activity and desire to explore and be daring can disturb Angelina's natural desire for caution, safety and emotional and financial stability.

Angelina frustrates Brad, making him impatient, angry and irritable. Angelina is often very critical of Brad's ambitions and enterprises. Although Angelina may restrain some of Brad's worst excesses, he won't appreciate her interference. Unless they can develop considerable mutual understanding and respect, the relationship can become a discordant and disruptive experience as Brad and Angelina struggle to impose their own agendas on each other.

Brad's Mars Semisextile Angelina's Neptune

Insatiable5 stars

There is a potent chemistry between Brad and Angelina - their relationship has an air of mystery, magic and romantic idealism about it. Together they can reach the heights (and depths) of sensual and sexual excess, stirring up deep insatiable desires within each other. Angelina's influence on Brad is likely to be subtle and emotional rather than obvious or objective.

Brad's initiative and Angelina's idealistic, self-sacrificing temperament can work very well together; especially when engaged in creative and artistic projects. Angelina has a soothing influence on Brad who, in turn, is grateful for Angelina's companionship and understanding. Brad helps to animate Angelina and make her dreams and ideals a reality. Brad excites Angelina's emotional nature while she can inspire Brad. Although Brad tends to be the one who initiates things, over time Angelina will be able to exert a strong, if indirect, influence over him.

Brad's Mars Square Angelina's Pluto

Explosive2 stars

There is a powerful, almost primitive force that seems to draw Brad and Angelina together. Their relationship can be very volatile and it may be difficult for them to work together for long without there being serious risks of conflict and power struggles. As suppressed tensions begin to surface a conflict of wills may make progress impossible and neither will want to be seen to give way or lose face.

Whoever does have to stand aside is likely to suffer from resentment, which may surface in an explosive manner. Any show of authority or bossiness on the part of one is likely to be met with swift and uncompromising resistance on the part of the other. Sex, which may be a roller coaster of an adventure at first, may turn into a battlefield. Sexual perverseness on the part of Angelina may even be disconcerting to Brad.

Mutual encouragement

Your ability to encourage one another, to provide mutual help and support, the way you share your beliefs, interests and aspirations.

Brad's Jupiter Trine Angelina's Neptune

Spiritual5 stars

In many ways Brad and Angelina are likely to have a very idealistic relationship. Spiritual and religious interest are encouraged in both, with Brad coming from a more established viewpoint and cultural perspective while Angelina brings a certain 'otherworldly' or even mystical quality.

There may be evidence of a strong, almost telepathic or psychic link between Brad and Angelina, with the relationship tending to prove fortunate for both. This is a highly spiritual combination with a strong probability that you will share a belief in something beyond the here and now.

Brad's Jupiter Opposition Angelina's Pluto

Power struggles3 stars

Although Brad and Angelina have the ability to create grand plans together (and the potential power to make them a reality), nevertheless, they will eventually have to do something about their very deep differences in order to achieve their aims. Angelina may eventually appear to try to thwart or frustrate Brad's attempts to progress. Power struggles are likely over ethical, financial or even metaphysical matters.

Brad may find Angelina's approach too manipulative or too secretive, while Angelina may consider Brad's optimism and happy-go-lucky approach to life lacking in depth and sincerity. Angelina can become too obsessive, possessive and domineering while Brad may resent having his wings clipped and ideals undermined.

Shared responsibilities

Your ability to build strong bonds, mutual understanding and willingness to co-operate with one another to overcome problems.

Brad's Saturn Quincunx Angelina's Saturn

Instability1 stars

There is a strong bond between Brad and Angelina but they can have a habit of getting in each other's way. Unless they can find some way of working together despite their differences then they may just exacerbate each other's fears and anxieties and undermine one another's self-confidence.

At its worst their relationship could degenerate into mutual distrust and stubborn conflict. Brad and Angelina have different views about handling responsibility as well as financial and security matters. They can discourage and frustrate each other and generally have a negative effect on one another.

Distrust can cause serious problems of adjustment with too many responsibilities and burdens undermining their chances of mutual success as well as financial stability and security.


Your ability to understand and encourage one another's ideas and eccentricity as well as the way you support and inspire each other.

Brad's Uranus Square Angelina's Neptune

Minor detail5 stars

Differences in social, cultural and political views between Brad and Angelina may magnify any other difference within their relationship although this characteristic is unlikely to be more than a minor irritation, accentuating the generational differences between Brad and Angelina.

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