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Venus 'the planet of love' is what Star Love Life is all about.- Love Expression, describes the kind of lover you are and how you express yourself when you are in love, your way of being, speaking and creating chances. Also revealed is how you act, wonder and behave when in love. Time for Romance, lets you know the times to pick for those intimate moments and the best time to date, plus some days to avoid.

Love Expression

Your way of being, speaking and creating chances

Sun in Capricorn

Romance - how you act

Success is so important to you that serious, steady effort is vital. You choose your ground and go your way carefully, persistently taking yourself exactly to where you know you have to go. This cautious determination can make life hard for yourself and those around you. Your polite manner attracts support for the task in hand. Pleasure on the way is often denied for the sake of sure success at the end. Beware of creating burdens by your need for achievement and the security it brings. Your sense of responsibility is your shining armour. Let it also bring you joy.

Mercury in Capricorn

What you think and say about love

You guard your words carefully. What is said has to be useful, or it is not worth saying. When you do make a point, you push it with firm persistence. It is difficult to listen to others and accept you might be wrong. Conversations and "too much mental activity" can seem an irritating distraction. The crucial thing is to set out systems and techniques and carry them through, quietly and effectively. Your words carry authority and conviction. You are not a person to be denied.

Jupiter in Aries

How you create opportunities for romance

You create opportunities by plunging expansively into new situations. You constantly need to be bursting into fresh adventures and projects. You are fun to be with, always willing to "have a go" at anything exciting. Be aware you may be creating more expectation than you can accomplish. To experience more than the exhilaration of making a start is not so easy. Be realistic. Know what you want and persist.

How you act, wonder and behave

Venus in Scorpio

When you are in love

Your appetite for love and sensual experience is insatiable. You are fascinated by physical contact and drawn towards dangerously deep sensations that just cannot be denied. Conventional morality is less import-ant than the truth of contact in the moment, but you fear being overwhelmed, or lost in the experience. Your appetite both excites and threatens your lovers. With you they know what they dare not lose, but fear they cannot keep. Yet those you love can be yours completely. When fidelity is confirmed by truth of contact, love will last and heal. To know another in total intimacy is your dream. It liberates and so makes you secure.

Mars in Gemini

Romantic approach

Your style is immediately brilliant and exciting. Your quick, cutting wit leaves lovers breathless, but can also hurt. The joy of talking and contradicting is innocent play to you, but be aware you may be ruining everything, by saying the wrong thing. You will tend to attract to yourself lovers who challenge and disturb your mind - often by accusing you of doing just this to them! Experiment with pausing and thinking a little before you talk. Be in control of conversations, not their relentless victim. Look for someone, who loves everything about you, but has the vision and strength to make you comfortable.

Neptune in Sagittarius

What fascinates you about love most of all

You are of the generation that seeks wonder and meaning in far away places and ideas. You need the freedom to explore widely, both inside and outside yourself, to know and be with everyone and everything. You can move other people on to exciting new opportunities and values. Beware of trying everything, but missing the need for a plan. Life offers you so much. Develop the wisdom to go all the way.

Time for Romance

Forecast for 16th February to 15th March 2015


Saturday 14th

Transiting Sun Square your natal Venus from 14th to 17th February 2015. Exact 16th February

Be as positive as you can

Lacking energy, today you will be less active than usual and feel more inclined to laze around doing as little as you can. Postpone major decisions or tasks until your energy level increases and your frame of mind is more positive. Personal relationships could also feel the strain, especially if you have recently been choosing to ignore or neglect pressing problems.


Also on Saturday

Transiting Mars Trine your natal Venus from 14th to 18th February 2015. Exact 16th February


Full of energy and raring to go, nothing will be able to stop you or get in your way during this time. You constantly strive to achieve your desires. Passionate emotions will be difficult to control so your love life should become more sensual and romantic. New love affairs will be intense, but short-lived.


Also on Saturday

Transiting Venus Sextile your natal Mercury from 14th to 17th February 2015. Exact 17th February

Being social

Feeling sociable and easy-going, this would be a great day for a lazy get-together with good friends, loved ones and family. You will talk about times gone by and dream together of the future. Problems with lovers can be talked through. Once the air is cleared you will be able to look to the future. Business deals should run smoothly.


Tuesday 17th

Transiting Venus Trine your natal Venus from 17th to 19th February 2015. Exact 18th February

Lady luck

Lady Luck could be calling during this time, so make sure that you leave your door wide open! Feeling relaxed, easy going and sociable, many opportunities will seemingly just land in your lap, but they are actually the accumulation of previous hard graft. Spend as much time as you can with your lover - this could be a tremendously romantic period.


Friday 20th

Transiting Venus Trine your natal Saturn from 20th to 22nd February 2015. Exact 21st February


Now is the time to sort out problems in personal relationships. If you are unattached you could now be drawn to a new relationship with the promise of a stable, secure and lasting love. One of you is likely to be more mature than the other, either in age or experience. A connection with the past could also stir old memories.


Wednesday 25th

Transiting Venus Square your natal Sun from 25th to 28th February 2015. Exact 27th February

Take a break

Lacking energy, you will be more inclined to sit around and do as little as you can during this time. It would be just as well to postpone major tasks or decisions until your energy increases and you are in a more positive frame of mind. Personal relationships could also feel the strain, especially if you have been choosing to hide or ignore pressing problems.


Saturday 28th

Transiting Venus Opposition your natal Pluto from 28th February 2015 to 2nd March 2015. Exact 2nd March

Intense emotions

The temptation to succumb to a secret love affair may prove irresistible. In any case, powerful intense emotions could lead to confrontations with lovers, jealousy causing uncontrollable anger. Problems may arise over finances, either business or personal.


Sunday 1st

Transiting Venus Trine your natal Neptune from 1st to 3rd March 2015. Exact 2nd March

Made in heaven

Any new love affair or romance started during this period will seem like a match made in heaven, almost as if, as well as a wonderful physical union, there will also be a tremendous spiritual union between the both of you. Present relationships should also become closer and more emotionally stable and secure. This is not so much a time to make dreams come true, but to create dreams which could come true in the future.


Tuesday 3rd

Transiting Venus Conjunction your natal Jupiter from 3rd to 6th March 2015. Exact 5th March


Problems within personal relationships should be resolved during these few days. You may also be called upon to give emotional or financial support to a close friend, lover or member of the family. Social life should improve, but beware over-indulgence. The temptation to spend on beautiful objects, clothes or jewels will be hard to resist.


Thursday 5th

Transiting Venus Sextile your natal Mars from 5th to 7th March 2015. Exact 7th March

Fun-loving mood

Boosted by relentless vitality and energy, you are likely to be in a positive and fun-loving mood. This is a great time for parties and any type of social gathering; a time for attracting new friends and new lovers. Business and financial negotiations could prove extremely lucrative, particularly if setting up new and original deals.


Tuesday 10th

Transiting Mercury Square your natal Venus from 10th to 12th March 2015. Exact 11th March

Hard to cope

Avoid anything that could upset you or disturb your routine or equilibrium during the next few days. Unable to properly defend yourself, you may find it difficult to cope with any disputes or strife. You may become the victim instead of the victor. Problems in both your love life and social life are likely, so perhaps it is best to keep your head down and out of the firing line.


Thursday 12th

Transiting Venus Square your natal Mercury from 12th to 14th March 2015. Exact 13th March

Feeling low

Avoid anything that could upset you or disturb your equilibrium during this time, as you may find it difficult to cope with any disputes or strife. Unable to properly defend yourself, you could become the victim instead of the victor. Problems in both your love life and social life are likely, so perhaps it is best to keep your head down and out of the firing line.

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