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Your Star Predictor interprets the planets day-to-day movement showing how they affect you as an individual, and explains how they influence your relationships, your work, your moods, and every aspect of your life. It will also provide guidance as to how you can make the most of opportunities when they arise, as well as helping you to maximize your strengths, and minimize your weaknesses.

Your Month Star Predictor for 16th February to 15th March 2015


Friday 13th

Transiting Mercury Trine your natal Venus from 13th to 18th February 2015. Exact 16th February

Loving Words - Artistic Expression - The Art of Diplomacy

You know what pleases now - be it for yourself or someone else. At the same time, you know what doesn't please! All this gives you a good sense of what appeals or sells, so this is an excellent time for putting together anything that you want to go down well. Art, public relations, discussion, performing, charm and amusement - these are some of the things the positive expression, or experience, of which are at your fingertips right now. If you wish to make known what's on your mind in an appreciable or agreeable way - do it now.


Saturday 14th

Transiting Sun Sextile your natal Jupiter from 14th to 18th February 2015. Exact 17th February

Positive Thinking - Knowing The Plan - Goodwill - Luck

You are in a good frame of mind now as you're in touch with the better sides of your life and personality. It's as if you can see how you fit in with the greater whole; you feel that everything is for the best, and you have some sense of how things will pan out alright. So, with anything that is particularly oiled by having Lady Luck on your side, now is a good time to go for it - notwithstanding other influences to the contrary. You are also quite likely to encounter positive and encouraging people at this time.


Wednesday 18th

Transiting Sun Conjunction your natal Saturn from 18th to 21st February 2015. Exact 20th February

Highlighting Status and Responsibilities, Caution and Doubts

This period doesn't exactly find you in a party mood, but it does put you in a sober frame of mind that should enable you to get down to identifying what is (and what is not) required of you, and what is blocking your progress or view. The main trouble is that the pressure will be upon you to do just this. It is attempting to duck your responsibilities that would give you a hard time. Equally though, the thanklessness of tasks done out of a blind sense of duty, or born of fear, also shows up now. Even though this period lasts only a few days, time passes slowly, so use it to reflect coolly and carefully upon your position in life, without feeling panicky or depressed about it. Notwithstanding what else is indicated at present, the time to act comes later, after having made your purpose and obligation clearer.


Thursday 19th

Transiting Sun Square your natal Venus from 19th to 22nd February 2015. Exact 21st February

Highlighting Love Life, Pleasure, Material and Social Values

What shows now is the 'state of the art'. In other words, whatever you are doing, or not doing, with regard to filling your own and others' lives with some love and beauty is brought to your attention. So such areas as relationships, arts and crafts, social activities, buying and spending, or things that add a sweetness to life are presently to the fore. Positively, this can take the form of generosity, a love encounter, a party, a general sense of happiness, or anything that helps to make life attractive and more worth living. Negatively, finding yourself being mean, lonely, indulgent, excessive, vain or superficial would point to the fact that a genuine sense of worth, and the ability to give or receive love, is somewhat lacking in your life.


Also on Thursday

Transiting Mercury Square your natal Mercury from 19th to 22nd February 2015. Exact 21st February

Disagreement - Nervous Energy - The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands

Irritation, a lack of relevance, bad communication, work setbacks, inappropriate thinking - these are some of the things that could dog you at present. To avoid such frustrations, or simply feeling at a loose end, find an optimum environment for getting down to what has to be done. This could well mean working on your own somewhere, or keeping intrusions down to a minimum in some other way.

All forms of communication could become a nuisance, or be unreliable, with the proverbial wires getting crossed. Again, seek to lessen difficulties by avoiding having to make important decisions dependent upon making a specific contact or travel connection. Look for a more suitable time for such activities.


Friday 20th

Transiting Mercury Sextile your natal Mars from 20th to 23rd February 2015. Exact 21st February

Healthy Self-Assertion - Getting a Lot Done

Your mind is now in gear with your body, so, anything that needs such an advantage, plan for now if you can. Sports, debate, selling, effective communication, getting your foot in the door - these are just some of the pursuits that you are presently more likely to excel in than you would normally. Any job that has been daunting you, and you have been putting off, set to work on it now.


Saturday 21st

Transiting Venus Sextile your natal Venus from 21st to 23rd February 2015. Exact 22nd February

Pleasure Plus - Love Life Enhanced - Spending Sprees - Generosity

Pleasure and harmony are the hallmarks of this time, but so too is indulgence, so watch your pocket and appetite! Be that as it may, Venus says that at times you just must enjoy yourself and not count the cost. The value of having a good time is priceless, and this influence has that very potential. Your love life can also receive a boost now, be it the start of something big, a rekindled romance, or simply an enjoyable evening or two with one (or ones) that are important to you.


Also on Saturday

Transiting Mars Sextile your natal Venus from 21st to 24th February 2015. Exact 23rd February

Loving Sex - Ease of Expression - Party Time

This is a wonderful time for physically enjoying yourself. Your senses are more than usually responsive to stimulation, and others are also more responsive to your actions. You can now discover (or improve) your ability to 'hit the spot' - either in an intimate situation or in company. You are more attuned to striking a balance between getting and giving, and to the fact that mutual pleasure is pleasure indeed. Artistic pursuits are also highlighted during this period.


Monday 23th

Transiting Sun Sextile your natal Mercury from 23rd to 26th February 2015. Exact 25th February

Working Well - Being On The Case - Making Contacts and Connections

You work and communicate well now, and are generally on the ball with respect to any matters that relate to the daily business of living. You also have a better sense of the pros and cons of how you normally go about such things, giving you the opportunity to correct poor attitudes or methods, and to make the most of, or improve upon, the good ones.


Also on Monday

Transiting Sun Opposition your natal Uranus from 23rd to 26th February 2015. Exact 25th February

Highlighting Uniqueness and Individuality - Expect the Unexpected

How you experience this influence has everything to do with how in touch you are with what is special about life in general and yourself in particular. If you have allowed your life to become too routine and predictable, then something (or someone) could appear on the scene to give you a shock or a jolt, or at least remind you that the world is a wild and extraordinary place. Alternatively, you could be the one to shock others by revealing what is rebellious or highly original about you. Why not make this a date with the unexpected by doing something you'd never normally do? Then, with the element of surprise on your side, there's no telling what new ideas or vistas could open up in front of you!


Tuesday 24th

Transiting Venus Conjunction your natal Mars from 24th to 26th February 2015. Exact 26th February

Romantic Opportunity - Attracting and/or Attracted

You are very much in the mood for sexual and/or romantic experience, or simply to feel socially alive. Depending upon your temperament and availability, such an experience, or at least the opportunity for it, could arise right now, or, it would be a good time to plan for such an occasion, or, failing all of these, it could be a time of frustration if these matters have been put on the backburner.

Then again from out of the blue could come an experience that kind of pleasurably highlights the current state of affairs in your love/sex/social life - even precipitating you into an affair or relationship. All in all though, this has the potential for an enjoyable and exciting time. Attractive, artistic or simply likeable people appear on the scene to sweeten your life - or you could be the one being this for someone else.


Thursday 26th

Transiting Mars Conjunction your natal Mars from 26th February 2015 to 1st March 2015. Exact 28th February

Stimulating Assertiveness - Provoking Aggression - High Energy

You should be raring to go now, so it's important that you have some constructive outlet for such energies, or otherwise you'll feel wound up and easily agitated. Basically, you should do anything that makes you feel happy to be active and mobile. If for any reason this is not possible, try to identify inside of you what exactly it is that you want or wish to do. Generally, you now get a good idea of how decisive and forthright you currently are. In fact, any course of action that initiates, regenerates or merely continues any project is recommended at this point. However, be warned that working at something resentfully, or repressing and being totally unaware of any urge to act at all, would be asking for a backlash in the form an accident or aggression from someone else - or simply feeling drained.


Sunday 1st

Transiting Sun Opposition your natal Pluto from 1st to 3rd March 2015. Exact 2nd March

Experiencing Power: Degeneration or Regeneration

The underlying fact of life that everything is born, evolves, decays, dies and is born again, now enters your consciousness - in some way, great or small. The opportunity to tune into this cycle of birth and rebirth is well worth taking up, because it gives you a glimpse of the fact that you are a vital part of this cycle. As such, you may sense what is profound and powerful in you and your life, or what is wasteful and degenerate - but you will probably have to peer or delve some way beneath surface appearances in order to do so. You may also encounter manipulators of this power - be they benign or malignant. It could well become necessary for you to let go of decadent elements, and strive towards regenerative ones.


Monday 2nd

Transiting Mercury Sextile your natal Sun from 2nd to 4th March 2015. Exact 3rd March

Easy Communication - Getting Work Done

You feel 'wired in' to what's most important to you now, so it's a good time for seeing to jobs in hand, saying what has to be said, and generally setting to work on affairs. You are more able to co-ordinate your efforts and deliberations with those of other people at this time, so coming to agreements, and getting good work done on a co-operative basis, are strongly highlighted. Travel arrangements and making connections are far more likely to go smoothly too.


Also on Monday

Transiting Mercury Square your natal Neptune from 2nd to 4th March 2015. Exact 3rd March

The Confused Mind - Deceptions or Misunderstandings

Unless you're doing something of a creative, therapeutic, or entertaining nature at this time, you are possibly asking to attract absent-mindedness or strange, even paranoid, ideas. Crossed lines could also dog any form of communication. So, this is not a time to make any crucial decisions or broach delicate matters - either it just wouldn't come out right, or, what another says or does could be taken in the wrong way. Also, when you're out and about you may get lost in some way or other. Sitting back and watching the world go by, or taking in a film you know you're going to like, are a few ways of safely, even enjoyably, getting through this one.


Thursday 5th

Transiting Venus Conjunction your natal Sun from 5th to 7th March 2015. Exact 6th March

Pleasant Living - Creative Awareness - Happy Day - Love Life Issues

You can now have the classic Venusian experience of, or opportunity for love, romance, beauty, value or anything else that makes life worth living. It is also a good time to go out or get down to finding such things. On the other hand, what happens is that the level and quality of romantic or social involvement in your life is now apparent and intensified.

The effect can therefore be anything from having a really good time to feeling in need of having a good time, from looking good to feeling how uphill it is trying to look good, from experiencing love and life as sweet and fulfilling to feeling that everything is superficial and of little value.

A purchase can be just what you wanted or turn out later to be an indulgent waste of money. In the end, Venus is about finding love, beauty and value in whatever circumstances you are in, and not fretting after something that is missing or wanting. Stop wanting and start having; stop craving and start giving. And beauty is only skin deep if that is only as far as you look!


Friday 6th

Transiting Sun Trine your natal Neptune from 6th to 8th March 2015. Exact 7th March

Going With The Flow - Attuned To Spirit - Creativity and Entertainment

This is a fine, subtle influence, which you could miss unless you are alive to the unseen, mystical or imaginative elements of life and your personality. Any kind of creative or spiritual pursuit - either active or passive - is propitious under this planetary effect. You are more attuned to subtle and emotional vibrations than usual, and possibly sense that struggling with issues only prolongs or complicates them. An enjoyable time listening to, or playing music, communing with Nature, or any activity involving the sea, are some of the possibilities right now.


Tuesday 10th

Transiting Mercury Sextile your natal Jupiter from 10th to 12th March 2015. Exact 12th March

Seeing the Whole - Getting a Plan - Philosophical Thinking

Preparation and furtherance are the allies available to you at present. Having all the facts at your fingertips, seeing how the general fits in with the particular, linking the local to the global, the everyday to the profound - perceptions like these now come more easily to you, allowing you to put forward, create or resolve whatever issues are in front of you. Whether it is finding the meaning of things, or translating one thing into another, your deductive mind and intuitive mind are now working in concert. Now is the time when you can accurately get the picture; or be put in it.


Thursday 12th

Transiting Mercury Conjunction your natal Saturn from 12th to 14th March 2015. Exact 13th March

Getting Down To It - Ordered Thinking and Speaking - Officialdom

This is when you can (or have to) get down to some serious thinking or work. Failure to do what needs doing can give rise to depression, or pressure from someone or something that has authority over you. Basically, your mind now turns to whatever is your responsibility. Whether or not you are alive to what that is and knuckle down to it, makes the difference between this being a heavy, or efficient time. It is definitely not a time for woolly thinking and escapism, because you could put yourself in line for some kind of bad reaction or payback, either now or later on. This is not supposed to be a 'fun' time, so don't frustrate or exhaust yourself trying to make out that it is. It's a time for work and effort, so you will feel far better (and lighter) as a result of simply doing what has to be done - or what you have been putting off.


Also on Thursday

Transiting Mars Conjunction your natal Sun from 12th to 15th March 2015. Exact 14th March

Stimulating or Challenging Your Ego - High Energy - Anger or Drive

Finding a suitable and effective outlet for your energies is the main issue at present. This probably means expressing yourself physically as well as mentally. So, if there is something you have to do that needs a definite degree of forcefulness, then now is the time to go for it. But this is also a time when you can arouse or be aroused to anger or arrogance. This could be just right for clearing the air or making a breakthrough, but watch out for over-reactions, because they could lead to damage. This is a 'hot' period, and can set things off easily. It is up to you whether it is for good or ill.


Friday 13th

Transiting Mercury Square your natal Venus from 13th to 15th March 2015. Exact 14th March

Not Saying or Seeing It Right - The Need for Diplomacy

This is a time when logical thought is at odds with the emotional, or aesthetic, side of life. Not seeing eye-to-eye with a member of the opposite sex is highly likely, because one of you wants to make sense of things, while the other wants to feel right about something. One of you might want to talk, while the other wants to experience affection or sensual pleasure. None of this poses a big problem - unless you let it - because this is just a passing phase, a time when you are out of 'sync' with whoever is close to you.

It's also a time when work issues can get in the way of personal ones, or vice versa, so avoid mixing business with pleasure. If you already have been doing so, then this could prove an awkward time for you. Sorting out love problems is quite likely, and desirable too. But be wary of the above described inclination to speak in different 'languages' to one another. Try to meet each other half way - it's the only way at present.

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