for Brad born December, 18th 1963 in United States of America
and Angelina born June, 4th 1975 in United States of America

Birth planet positions for Brad at Noon on his birthday
Sagittarius 26°03'
Capricorn 25°08'
Capricorn 16°18'
Capricorn 23°42'
Capricorn 10°10'
Aries 9°51'
Aquarius 19°10'
Virgo 10°04'
Scorpio 16°49'
Virgo 14°14'
Birth planet positions for Angelina at Noon on her birthday
Gemini 13°25'
Aries 13°01'
Gemini 22°20'
Cancer 28°09'
Aries 10°42'
Aries 17°25'
Cancer 17°23'
Libra 28°48'
Sagittarius 10°20'
Libra 6°31'

An explicit and honest look at the sensuality Brad and Angelina share and the capacity each of you has to play out your sexual fantasies. Helping you understand the way you behave towards each other and what you find most exciting and important about making love and exactly what you need from your sexual partner, with details of the best way for you to arouse them.

What making love means to Brad and Angelina

The individual way Brad and Angelina express their lovemaking style.

Sun in Sagittarius

Warm hearted

Brad is full of warm feelings towards his partner. He is an ardent lover and for him, romance is when he is filled with enthusiasm and desire to make love in the open air, at sea, in the woods or just under the starlit sky.

His lovemaking can be wild and full of energetic thrusting, which sometimes can label him as a sexual athlete.

Companionship is of great importance to him because he loves to share his fantasies, endlessly exploring the bounds of his sexual imagination. However, he can sometimes be totally lost during sex, indulging in a private fantasy all of his own.

Sun in Gemini


Angelina can easily become bored so therefore she needs (and likes) lots of variety, including actively trying out new techniques - both oral and manual. Sex is not to be taken too seriously; it's a fun way to communicate and should be just as mentally stimulating as it is physically pleasurable.

Delicate flights of fancy are preferable to hot and heavy passionate scenes. Real love comes through friendship not just sex. She is not happy with the heavy demands of partners and should avoid jealous lovers. She yearns to be free and is very easy going.

The way you 'perform' when you make love

Brad and Angelina's immediate reactions, the emotion and compassion they display.

Moon in Capricorn

Seeks reassurance

Brad can be a serious and shy lover who is very uncomfortable in those lovemaking situations where spontaneous sex and exuberant reactions seem called for.

He needs, therefore, to be reassured by his lover, because although he can be a little slow at first, he can often excel and let himself go when he gets plenty of love and encouragement.

Alternative Moon?

Depending on the time he was born Brad's Moon may be in the next sign:

Moon in Aquarius


Brad is emotionally self-controlled and looks for this quality in his lover. He may become stubborn and unmanageable when others try to appeal to his emotions. For him lovemaking can sometimes be just an experimental exercise - 'sex with the lights on'.

He needs a long time before he can develop true intimacy with his partner and makes an excellent long-term lover as well as best friend.

Moon in Aries

At the double

When it comes to sex Angelina is quick to react, being able to orgasm and shortly afterwards be ready for more. Once aroused, she is difficult to slow down. Such intensity burns out quickly and she may orgasm too fast for her partner.

She needs constant new stimulation to keep sex exciting and alive. Without being aware of it, she can get over emotionally involved with a partner who is not as eager as she is.

Self-expression when making love

The way Brad and Angelina think and interact with each other.

Mercury in Capricorn


Brad likes secure surroundings and to know exactly where he is going with his sexual exploits. Once he knows the exact extent of what he is 'in for', he can perform with distinction. With the right coaxing from his partner he is potentially a great and thoughtful lover, if a little reticent at first.

Mercury in Gemini


Angelina is a lover who likes to talk about their sexual needs and desires. She is not likely to dwell on any one aspect of lovemaking too long. Talk during sex helps to guide and clarify what is going on and avoids wasted time on sex that she does not find exciting. Her mouth and mind are extra instruments of her sexual pleasure.

The pleasure you get from making love

How Brad and Angelina express their desires and what they enjoy most.

Venus in Capricorn


Brad takes sex seriously. He wants a lover with experience, who is able to turn him on. He is not satisfied unless he gets what he wants and when making love he relentlessly pursues his desires to the end. Brad does not indulge in experimentation in sex unless the rules of play are well within defined limits.

Venus in Cancer


Angelina's passions are not easily or quickly fulfilled; she must have just the right setting for her to dissolve into the arms of her lover. She craves devotion and enveloping love that is all consuming, otherwise, those aching desires and her desperate need for love is not satisfied.

Explicit sexuality

Brad and Angelina's sex drive and stamina, the way they assert themselves.

Mars in Capricorn


Brad is careful and very determined in the way he expresses his needs for making love. When he has had enough experience he can be a great lover. Sexual education for him is important so as to expand the variety of his sexual techniques.

He should obtain some early experience before the pattern of his sexuality is set as he is likely to erect certain boundaries early on that he could be stuck with forever.

Mars in Aries


Angelina is a lover who is good at making speedy and decisive moves. She has a highly intense energy level, which can spurt rather hot and quickly, but she can fade as fast as she climaxes. However, she is very easily aroused and can be just as easily satisfied again.

She needs to practice slowing down so as to give her partner the full measure of lingering satisfaction that is hers to give them. If she cannot do it the first time, she should have some in reserve for next time she makes love to them - and make it soon!

Capacity and desire for lovemaking

Brad and Angelina incorporate all that they believe in together as they both share the same Jupiter sign.

Jupiter in Aries


You are full of original ideas about lovemaking that swell up to the surface from within you quickly and spontaneously. These bursting urges require your lover's immediate attention and furtive fulfilment. You are not likely to wait for your lover's approval, or want to discuss details, but are more likely to dive in directly, plunging into the thick of things to get fluids flowing before moving on to your next manoeuvre.

Hang ups and reservations

Brad and Angelina's sense of responsibility and lessons they have to learn.

Saturn in Aquarius


It is important for Brad to be objective in his love life, for him to bring the ideals that he holds, from the realm of the mind, into practical reality. He shouldn't ever let his lover accuse him of being cold. When he is in a stable relationship he has the ability to meet all sorts of difficulties with a minimum of fuss.

Saturn in Cancer


Angelina may find it difficult to express her feelings openly. Her lover may find her to be somewhat reserved and lacking real emotion, but this is rarely the case. Her feelings run deeper than most, but she does not reveal them until she is sure that she is not likely to be rejected or ridiculed.

Inventiveness and spontaneity

Brad and Angelina's imagination, initiative and ingenuity.

Uranus in Virgo


Brad is capable of learning much about his detailed expression of love and developing ways and mannerisms, which pleases his lover and heightens the intensity of his relationship.

Uranus in Libra

Point of view

Understanding others is important for Angelina because her relationships have resulted in her experiencing some turbulent times. Knowing how others perceive her would also be beneficial.

Dreams, fantasies and imagination

Brad and Angelina's inner ideals, expectations and creativity.

Neptune in Scorpio

Sex fantasy

Brad's generation places a great deal of emphasis on sexuality and the intensity of his love relationships are constantly under scrutiny. Much of what he feels is missing may, in fact, be imagined, a fantasy - so he should think carefully before ruining the love he has.

Neptune in Sagittarius


Angelina's opinions about what is an ideal relationship may be clouded. She imagines it should be straightforward and uncomplicated. Rather than expect others to automatically fit her norm, she should seek those who actually do.

Unconscious depths and intensity

What motivates Brad and Angelina.

Pluto in Virgo


Brad is particular about his relationships and finds them difficult for him to sustain, but by attending to the detail, he ensures that his own needs as well as those of his partners are satisfied.

Pluto in Libra


Angelina is part of a generation unable to accept things as they are. Intent on improving the equality between the sexes, she is not content until changes are brought about - regardless of the upheaval that this entails.

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