Star Destiny

for Angelina Jolie born June, 4th 1975 in United States of America

Your birth planet positions at Noon on your birthday
Gemini 13°25'
Aries 13°01'
Gemini 22°20'
Cancer 28°09'
Aries 10°42'
Aries 17°25'
Cancer 17°23'
Libra 28°48'
Sagittarius 10°20'
Libra 6°31'

Your Star Destiny provides a snap shot of your character development and represents a set of potentials that reveal important facets of your personal destiny, focusing on your Willpower, Habitual Feelings, Mind-set as well as Love and Money.


The Sun represents your essential self, the focus of your being, indicating what you are striving to become as an individual.

Sun in Gemini


You're usually on the go and have a natural ability to do two or more things at once. You're forever being accused of being two-faced and having a split personality. Nonsense! It's just that you're faster and more versatile than most and other people resent this.

However, there is a tendency to change your tack in mid-course; then back again, then back. You'll therefore need to develop the willpower to see a particular course of action through to its conclusion.

There's a restless need for a variety of different contacts and relationships. You also have a need for constant intellectual stimulation and welcome the opportunity to express your opinions, which you can do very well on a number of different subjects.

Sun Semisquare Venus

Attractive5 stars

You are physically very attractive. Usually this is a blessing, but at times it causes you problems, when you would rather not be noticed, but this seems to be impossible. This may cause you to feel uncomfortable and angry and insecure, and you will find it difficult to articulate your feelings because you are shy and soft-spoken by nature. Be aware that this will be a continuing problem. Learn to use it to your best advantage whenever possible and try to develop strategies so that you can maintain your privacy and peace of mind.

Sun Sextile Mars

Compromise2 stars

You have tremendous energy and are eager to get ahead in life. You have the courage of your convictions and will not rest until you achieve your goals.

You can be forceful and direct in expressing your ideas. If you feel you're winning an argument you'll hammer the point home, but you're also willing to admit that you're not always right. Indeed, if you can see that you're wrong, you'll admit defeat gracefully.

Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus

Will-power5 stars

You are a very strong willed and independent. When younger, you'll probably have been very rebellious and, even now, others may regard you as an individualist with little or no regard for rules or authority. In fact at times you may deliberately set out to shock others just to prove that you won't be bound by any rules or restrictions.

You value your personal freedom very highly and may even deliberately disrupt a stable situation if you feel it has become too restricting or confining. Your interests and goals may change suddenly several times throughout your life.

This represents a challenge to be met and conveyed into positive directions. Always ready to help those in need, you often put your energetic nature to work for others, rather than yourself, and fight for the freedom and the needs of others who can't fight for themselves.

Sun Opposition Neptune

Dreamer4 stars

At times you may have some difficulty separating fact from fiction. You're a dreamer with high ideals but you may tend to look to others to make your dreams a reality, and if they fail to do so, you may to feel confused and let down.

Rather than looking to other people to deal with life for you, you need to find your own sense of purpose and direction. Your biggest enemy is your own self-doubt, which causes you to underestimate your own abilities, and perhaps turn down opportunities for growth that would have been of great benefit to you.

Sun Trine Pluto

Ambitious1 stars

You'll have a strong desire to make something of yourself and the determination to succeed in whatever task you set yourself. You would like to bring order out of chaos and to encourage and teach others to achieve their full potential. Others will admire you for your courage and determination in fighting for what you believe to be right. They'll appreciate that your arguments are based on a deep insight and a genuine desire to put things right.

You'll also be aware that people's lives are, at times, guided by some higher purpose or power and that even difficult or painful experiences often lead to greater opportunities and personal accomplishment. As a result, you're generally able to weather your own personal crises with the knowledge that it will lead to greater self-understanding and bigger and better success.

Habitual Feelings

The Moon represents the emotional and compassionate side of your nature and your immediate emotional reaction to life's pleasures and problems, indicating the attitudes that were instilled in early childhood.

Moon in Aries


You're naturally persuasive and can easily attract others to you. You react very quickly to circumstances around you, but remember to look before you leap!

You're potentially volatile and overpowering, but sincere and loving as well. You have an enthusiasm for life, and a naturally direct approach, but you may occasionally need to develop patience. You may be patient and understanding, but if you're caught unexpectedly, or your feelings are hurt, you can surprise yourself and others with the strength of your anger and aggression.


Mercury represents your communication skills and the way you think and receive information from others.

Mercury in Gemini


Your mind is both lively and enquiring! You're able to learn a variety of different subjects and prefer short-term projects which don't demand too much of your precious time.

You'll also have a great need to communicate your insights and knowledge to others. As your interests are so varied, different ideas and possibilities are always crowding your mind and therefore you may occasionally find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for too long. This can make your thinking rather scattered and difficult for you to make up your mind on anything, probably only to change your mind when you do!

The problem is trying to work out which particular interests you really want to pursue. Still, just because you flit back and forth between projects doesn't mean that you can't succeed. If anything, success will be more wide-ranging, over a number of different fields.

Mercury Trine Uranus

Inventive1 stars

Your mind works so fast that you may consider other people's thinking to be slow by comparison. You can identify problems quickly and make logical leaps that others may ponder over for a long time. When you reach a conclusion it seems as if the answer just came intuitively, when it was in fact the result of extremely fast analysis. You have an original and inventive mind, open to new ideas and new ways of thinking and you seek new knowledge avidly.

Love and Money

Venus represents much of what makes life worth living, how you express your emotions within love, marriage and other personal relationships, indicating what you attract, your attitude towards money, possessions and your aesthetic values.

Venus in Cancer

Capacity for love

You are a sensitive, loving and emotional individual who needs to find a deep sense of emotional sharing with another person. However, the fear of being hurt could cause you to hide behind a barrier until you feel secure enough to express your true feelings. When you do, however, you're sensitive and caring but may occasionally overdo it.

Your approach to love is deeply linked to your need for a home and security. Security is a prerequisite for love. That's not to say that this is all that you're looking for, it's just that you'll find it difficult to relate emotionally to another person unless these needs are satisfied. For you a house is not a house, but a home, somewhere where you can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Venus Square Uranus

Unconventional relationship5 stars

At times you may experience some difficulty and sudden changes or breaks in your relationships. If people try to get too close too quickly you'll rapidly back off.

You also probably have little regard for traditional forms of marriage since this would considerably reduce your freedom to do what you want, a freedom you don't easily relinquish. Any form of jealousy and possessiveness particularly horrifies you.

Even if you are involved in a serious relationship, or married, you'll still demand a great deal of freedom and independence for yourself. You may try to suppress these needs for a while out of respect for the other person's feelings or wishes, but if you do so for too long, the tensions will build up until your need for freedom erupts to the surface.

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