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for Uma Thurman born April, 29th 1970 in United States of America

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How good you are at meeting potential partners and letting them know you like them and want to date them. What keeps you tongue tied and how well you deal with situations you are confronted with. You may not be fully aware of some of the conduct mentioned below but your friends are.

1. Relationships - what Uma Thurman looks for in a lover.
2. Intimacy - Uma Thurman's meaningful relationships.
3. Sexual interactions - Uma Thurman's responsiveness.
4. Casual acquaintances and friends - Uma Thurman's sociability.

1 - Relationships

What Uma Thurman wants from a relationship

The type of person you fall in love with, who also enjoys the things you like. The events of daily life that have the most important impact on your choice of lover and companion. The characteristics you possess that influence your relationships.

Venus in Gemini

You want a witty and intelligent partner

You love people who are jovial and friendly. You are quite clever and charming and this is what attracts lovers to you. Because you love words and books you need a partner who is interested in these. You are attracted to a person's wit and intelligence and are uncomfortable with partners who aren't clever. Uma Thurman, you are a real flirt with potential partners, flitting from one to another. Needing variety in your social life and relationships you personally find it acceptable to have more than one lover. Others may not appreciate your approach to relationships and if and when lovers do get close to you they may find you superficial, lacking any depth.

Forming relationships

The intensity of your attraction for a person, the excitement, emotional struggle and possible uneasiness you experience, originate from powerful sexual and sensuous feelings. The acceptance or rejection of these feelings determines your success in a long term relationship.

Eventually you mature and accept these feelings by accommodating and expressing them constructively, or otherwise you keep them secret. Friends help you unravel some of the mystery of love and relationships just by being there and listening.

Venus Conjunction Mercury

Important – You need to appreciate lovers more1 stars

Love and romance are always on your mind. You are attracted to clever, witty and talkative people and may have had many partners from early on in life. Teasing and charming people is great sport to you - you just love it.

Lovers do not seem to last long, you become bored easily and are off looking for someone new. In relationships you are a lightweight with not much staying power. You need to develop depth and consistency in your relationships if you are to maintain a long-term one.

Venus Conjunction Mars

Important – You have a balanced approach to love3 stars

With partners you can be as equally antagonistic as you can be receptive. Your natural lusty exuberance is soothed by your desire to charm and please potential partners. You know just how far to push them or when to pull back. You do not go overboard with people. Much of your energy is directed into a relationship and you probably get the lover or partner you want. You like people with get up and go and they like that in you.

Venus Quincunx Jupiter

Obstacle – Little or no enthusiasm2 stars

You are rather indulgent and lazy in your search for a lover. You expect to be liked and appreciated. Therefore, you make no effort at forming a relationship, so potential partners may assume you are not interested and pass you up. You then end up disappointed.

Venus Trine Uranus

Talent - Inspiring4 stars

Socially, life is exhilarating for you. People like you, they enjoy your company and think of you as an interesting and stimulating person. You are sort after as a friend and have many opportunities to take a lover. The type of friends and lovers you attract are unusual and inventive and you seek these attributes in your long term partner.

Venus Opposition Neptune

Obstacle – You can be unrealistic about love4 stars

Confusion shapes your relationships. You can be rather shy or sensitive and lack assertion, preferring that potential partners are somehow just mysteriously attracted to you. The result is that you are sometimes overlooked or attract very unsuitable partners. Often, you are self-sacrificing in relationships, and are attracted to underdogs or emotional challenged lovers who take advantage of you. On the other hand you are so idealistic waiting for the perfect long term lover to arrive, you miss out altogether. Learn to be realistic and not make a martyr of yourself in love. Though, you may not see it this way.

Venus Trine Pluto

Talent - Discerning2 stars

You eventually choose the right partner for yourself. You know exactly what you want and eventually succeed in finding love. Maturing with subsequent relationships you find each new partner to be an improvement on the last one. You are in control emotionally and not afraid of sharing or being intimate. This makes you intensely attractive.

2 - intimacy

Uma Thurman's intimacy skills

The way you use your positive sexual energy to attract people and find a lover or long term partner. Looking at the depths of how you relate sexually is a sensitive and guarded area you keep secret, uncertain about revealing or letting anyone know. It may also be something you wish to deny or ignore for your comfort and wellbeing.

Mars in Gemini

You attract a lover by being stimulating

When it comes to being intimate in a relationship you are an emotional lightweight. You would rather chatter and tease than get too involved. Where feelings are concerned you are out of your depth with partners - it could mean a commitment. You need to learn to talk about your feelings rather than just endlessly chattering on and arguing. Lovers become bored with that.

You like variety and spice in your love life. You are rather fickle, often preferring to date two lovers at any one time. This can get you into trouble. You attract partners who are interesting and exciting. Comedy and wit are turn-ons for you and telling a sexy joke always amuses you.

Uma Thurman's desire to make love

You may either be delightfully surprised or shocked by what follows. In the heart of humans are very powerful feelings that mask the pure desire to love and be loved. This mask is a thin veneer of sophistication and what lies under your veneer and where you exercise control and power over your sexuality is partially revealed here.

Sun Semisextile Mars

Talent – Lively companion3 stars

You are sexually confident and sure of yourself in the way you relate to a lover, most of your relationships go well. You are attractive to others and appeal to them in a naturally radiant and cheerful way. You act responsibly with them, are dependable and as a result fun loving types are attracted to you.

Venus Conjunction Mars

Important – Attentive and self-assured3 stars

Your forcefulness and natural rawness is countered by your charm and thoughtful nature. This makes you appealing to potential partners. With lovers you're both equally forceful and receptive. You can take the lead when you have to and play the host when necessary. A faultless combination, you should have plenty of willing partners. Your energy is focused on a sexual relationship in which you're always able to behave in an appropriate way. People who are beautiful, with spirit are attracted to you.

Mars Trine Uranus

Talent – Exciting and stimulating5 stars

Your inventiveness and originality are a turn on. They know that they never be bored with you. With dating you experiment and take risks, these pay off. Mostly you take the lead within your relationships and are well liked and respected. You give partners the right amount of space to be themselves.

Mars Opposition Neptune

Obstacle – Fearful of being rejected2 stars

Exceedingly sensitive, you're shy and passive with partners. You do not assert yourself because you are often so intensely afraid of being cast aside, therefore you may have few dates. You find the intensity of your sexual feelings confusing and disconcerting.

You imagine intimacy as something fantastic and romantic and can easily seduce a potential lover. You're shocked when you discover relationships involve touching, fighting and the need to cooperate. The intensity of this scares you and you avoid involvement altogether. If you have a partner, you usually sabotage the relationship or slowly undermine the relationship until you and your partner have nothing left in common.

You may become so dependent on your partner that you cannot live without them. All this is very confusing for both you and your partner. You look up to partners and can attach yourself to real losers and make a martyr of yourself. You need to learn how to relate and be in a relationship - they are not about self-sacrifice - otherwise you may become disillusioned about love because you're such a romantic.

3 - Sexual interactions

Uma Thurman's intimate relations

The generational and cultural influences of the time you were born that affect your sexual attitudes towards others and dating. How you experience sexuality and your attempts to control partners.

Read carefully – depending on your sensibility you might find explicit details about your social and sexual life hard to accept – it's possible you may not exhibit all of them; some which you have been unaware of may yet be triggered by unforeseen events but if not, never thought about or experienced at all – so avoid any needless over reaction.

Pluto in Virgo

The "swinging sixties"

In full swing, around the time you were born, the music of that time speaks for you. Thus your generation faces dramatic changes in society's attitudes to work, health practices and diet.

Establishing intimacy

Establishing a successful intimate relationship and what can hinder your attempts at making an emotional connection with your lover. When someone reaches out to establish an intimate relationship, they are attempting to recreate the experience of the same feelings of intimacy and love they had with their maternal figure in infancy.

The powerful feelings that were alive then are awakened when you establish an emotional and sexual bond with a lover. These feelings first emerge in adolescence as you become sexually curious and interested in potential partners.

Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto

Important – Love is about caring and respect4 stars

Intimacy can be demanding and awkward for you. You are highly sexed and if you feel unfulfilled have difficulty appropriately expressing your feelings. Love is a matter of conquest for you. Your life revolves around establishing an intense intimate relationship with your partner. But the intensity of your feelings may be too much for you, especially when the attraction to somebody is so strong.

You either, overreact and are inappropriate or hold back and act like a fool. Neither are likely to work, you remain alone and sexually dissatisfied, annoyed with yourself and the person you want. You can frighten partners away with your intensity. You may choose to be with somebody for companionship and the relief from any anguish this provides. Learn to be considerate and sensitive, and understand that love is caring and respecting another.

Mercury Trine Pluto

Talent - Good listener4 stars

You find it easy to talk with your lover and get to the point quickly, making them aware of what you want. They respond positively because of your persuasive way with words; you are convincing. Communicating about feelings and emotion is easy for you. You know exactly what to say and what not to say in an intimate situation - you say the right thing and listen to your lover too! Therefore, you are appreciated and loved.

Venus Trine Pluto

Talent – Accepting your feelings2 stars

Since you were young you have been skilled in the art of relationships and intimacy. Always making close friends who you keep, because, you know how to share and cooperate - you are not embarrassed by what you feel. As a young person, this became a magnetic sexual attraction to potential partners and they adored you. You act appropriately and should have rewarding and rich relationships with lovers – you are never without one.

Saturn Sesquiquadrate Pluto

Important – Be more open about yourself3 stars

Being young was a tough time, you either became inhibited or rebelled. You probably refrain from experimenting sexually until you are married or alternatively, when you were young your repressed emotional-sexual energy broke out. Then you went through a wild period desperately trying to experiment, probably with little success and became embarrassed by your attempts and repressed your desires again. This may still be going on.

The result is that you fear intimacy and may avoid partners and dating until you are much older. Alternatively you are cruel and controlling with your lover - you have a masochistic quality. You need to learn to be open with partners and not take your frustration out on them in a mean way. Much of this depends on how instructive or inhibited your parents were about relationships and love.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Talent – You take sex seriously1 stars

You have a greater ability to relate to others about feeling than previous generations ever could. You can get close to potential partners and cut through fear barriers.

4 - Casual acquaintances and friends

Uma Thurman's sociability

The friends you have and people you are likely to associate with - especially in your mid to late twenties. The pressure you are subjected to and how you respond to cultural influences of the generation you were born into that helps determine and affect your choice of friends and social life.

Uranus in Libra


Trial relationships and open marriages. Your generation therefore, has a free, unstable and unique attitude to relationships and social commitments. You like unusual and different relationships that shock and upset the status quo. Also your generation has a revolutionary influence on the arts, preferring the bizarre, shocking and unusual in art and aesthetics.

Uma Thurman's talent for making or loosing friends

The skills you have for making friends and mixing with others, as well as how you come to lose them. Also the major generational influences that you are born into and how they affect you.

Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus

Obstacles – Giving up on friends quickly and often2 stars

Socially inconsistent - you change your mind a lot about friends so you're always with someone new. You give up on friends quickly and often. You become bored with your gang or friends quickly and look for new exciting ones. You're attracted to naughty people the ones who break the rules and are rebellious. To you they seem more exciting than some of your conservative ones. Therefore, you can hang around with a bad lot. You're unreliable and superficial as a friend. Learn the value of being consistent with them.

Venus Trine Uranus

Talent – Interesting and refreshing4 stars

You're well liked and sort after socially, you're an exciting friend to have, people love you. You have a wide and interesting group of acquaintances. They find you exciting, stimulating and energizing. You love a party or social gathering - you're always being invited to them. Probably you're the most liked in your group or year. Your friends tend to be pleasant and polite people. You're a good friend to have, you're loyal and considerate.

Mars Trine Uranus

Talent - An inspiring and exciting friend5 stars

Socially active, you seek the companionship of people who like adventure, playing sport and letting off steam through some good old healthy competition. You're pure sports club material and that is the best place for you. You're very loyal to your club and team. As a friend you're motivating and stimulating to be around. You're probably the leader of your gang and often initiate the fun they have. You're well liked and followed because you're positive and direct.

Uranus Sextile Neptune

Talent - Individualistic1 stars

You're part of a generation that experimented and expressed themselves in unique and unusual ways. As you grew up, those around you were caught up in an exciting and new world that had endless possibilities. There were many new found freedoms that nobody had experienced before. Technology made many things possible. You're challenged to build on this. Social commitment is in harmony with your right to be an individual; hence you find it easy to be yourself, in society and political life. Spiritually you have deep insight and are gifted in these realms. You grew up at a time when society was harmonious.

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