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English Weeky Money Horoscopes - 23 May 2022


Money transactions you carried out earlier are now bearing fruit, and you may profit without making a huge effort. You´re simply lucky with finances, so use the time to put your money in the right places for even more profits. Friends you lent money may pay it back, or your boss might praise you.


The stars are well aligned for your finances. Perhaps you will meet the right people for new projects or get useful tips for investments. You could receive interesting advice if you´re planning to invest big amounts. Now is the time to fulfil a long-held desire. Be careful not to get out of your depth where money is concerned.


This week will be critical for your finances. It´s best to refrain from making large investments and taking out loans. Postpone plans like these till later and try to be patient. In the long run it will pay off and you´ll save quite a bit if you don´t act hastily now.


Expect some cosmic support coming your way if you´re thinking about how best to invest your money. It’s a good time for financial transactions. You can treat yourself to something a little special, perhaps a holiday or a new wardrobe? But don't overplay your hand. Frugality and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive. Ideally, they should complement each other.


Even if your finances aren´t looking that healthy, remain patient. You shouldn´t be acting hastily where money is concerned. This week is not a good time for investments, loans and big purchases. Be careful, otherwise decisions made on the spur of the moment might turn out to be mistaken.


Don´t be too hasty when it comes to financial transactions. You risk being exploited or even swindled if you are too impulsive. Those rushing into financial deals that seem attractive on the face of it could very much regret it later on. It´s far wiser to get all the facts beforehand and put any major decisions on hold for the time being. Get yourself a budget planner if it helps keep your finances under control.


If you´re offered a lucrative deal, check it thoroughly first and take sufficient time to consider. Otherwise you may be taken advantage of. However tempting the offer sounds, acting impulsively where money is concerned would be counter-productive. Keep a cool head and don´t be taken for a fool.


Now is not the best time to be making larger purchases. Try and take a step back and get all the information you can before making a decision. Otherwise, you might end up with something that´s less valuable than you thought. You should be more rational and patient with your finances than usual, even if a bargain seems just too good to turn down. Don't let temptation get the better of you.


As tempting as it might be to spend money, it´s better to wait a little and consider what you really need now. Impulse purchases might otherwise turn out to be mistakes later on. Adopt a sensible approach instead and plan for the long term, the money you save now might serve you well in the future. You will soon rekindle that special touch for financial matters in no time.


You can be satisfied with the state of your finances. It´s a favourable time for investments and big purchases, as you look ahead, find bargains and obtain astute advice. Go on and buy something special, like a smart new outfit or some tools for your favourite hobby. You won´t risk losing touch with reality.


All´s going well financially, whether you ask for a pay rise, make profits by investing or get bargains. If you´re not sure about investments or buying, get some expert advice and take time before you take any steps. Your only problem might be overly hasty, rash decisions.


You might receive tempting offers for acquisitions and investments. Some of them are bound to be interesting, but check them carefully to ensure your decisions give you long lasting satisfaction. Hasty action is unwise, but carefully considered investments could pay off now. If in doubt, wait another day or get some advice from friends or family.


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