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English Daily Erotic Horoscopes - Tuesday 14 July



You feel a strong physical attraction to your partner. Those erotic thoughts keep buzzing through your brain, at work and everywhere else too. Where sex is concerned, neither of you need to be told what to do. You both know what turns you on. Try some new things - spontaneity your creativity knows no limits.


You could well be sex-starved. That's the impression people might gain if they saw you and your partner together. The overt level of passion you display is undeniable. Don't be surprised if you're left with a few bites and scratches. After all, if you're honest with yourself, this is the best reward your lover can give.


When in your hands, your partner is easy to arouse. It seems that the smallest touch creates a sense of ecstasy for you both. You are burning up with passion and sexual desire. These moments of love-making can often happen in unusual places or at unconventional times - what could be more exciting?


Your partner might be giving you funny looks. Why are you indulging in all this teasing? No worries, though - your weird behavior has a positive side-effect - great sex! What's more, both of you end up satisfied and are impatient for the next time you make love again!


Your personal life is full of excitement and sensuality. Don't be surprised if your partner grabs hold of you when you walk through the door and makes love to you on the spot. You might think of an artful response yourself. Wear something sexy, dab on some heady cologne or take a bubble bath together. Let things develop from there!


You're not making much of an effort in matters of love. But then again, you don't have to! Your partner can take on some of the preliminary work. In the meantime, let yourself relax. Anything else would be too much, you're not exactly in total control. Your own screams of delight won't bother your partner, everything is as it should be.


Your overtly sexual attitude turns you into a genuine love God. But that's not enough for you - you fancy more sexual exploits and adventures, perhaps a threesome. Talk it over with your partner - they might agree, or delight in a night searching for some suitable candidate. If they don't warm to the idea, don't force it - present it to them in a more diplomatic way.


Don't be surprised when your sex life isn't that thrilling. Instead of faking the passion, say what you really need. Since you're finding it hard to assert yourself anyway, this won't be an easy task. If you make the effort, it'll be worth it. Life is too short for bad sex.


You are indulging in lots of sensual fantasies and sinfully delicious ideas about how you can intensify your sexual relationship. Pull yourself together and turn your dreams into reality! Of course, it won't be easy because you're being quite lazy. Compromise by setting the agenda yourself so your partner does the work. After a while, though, you'll have to make an effort too.


Lucky you – you're able to fulfil those wildest fantasies! Tell your partner your most secret desires. Don't be shy - they will be more inclined to agree than you thought. You both enjoy turning each other on with the right words. After seductive word-play, you know what comes next.


You are not in the mood to hurry, but rather prefer to go for relaxed, smooth enjoyment. Make this clear to your partner: your body is a playground - show them where the greatest fun is to be had. A really great orgasm needs to be well prepared. One thing's for sure: your lover wants to do the same for you.


You and your partner are getting along fine in the love-making department. Allow yourself to be spoiled by them. Now and then let your lover show you what they want. Don't be too submissive - a dominant style can be very erotic too!


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