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English Daily Erotic Horoscopes - Wednesday 23 October



Do you constantly think of your partner, indulging in erotic and lustful thoughts? If you do then they're probably thinking in the same way about you! Your sex life is full of unusual variations for you to share and experience together - you discover exciting positions and deviations. Can it get any better than this?


You're suffering from a bad attitude in your love-making and basically being selfish. You don't really care if your partner is fully satisfied, as long as you are. Don't let this happen too often, or your domestic bliss might suddenly be over. Sex might stop altogether - after all, who wants to make love with an egoist?


High-flying sexual adventures aren't on your agenda. Instead of passion, you feel like something straightforward. Grab your partner and get to bed. You do without that silly underwear and absurd attempts at strange positions. Right now what you need is down-to-earth delight.


Your sexual partner is giving you plenty of kicks, fulfilling your every desire and fantasy. What could be better than letting them take control? It's best not to become too passive, though. Be more adventurous and think about what erotic pleasure you might give them back. If things get too one-sided, the thrill is lost.


Take it easy with the sex toys. Read the instructions first before using them on your partner! You wouldn't want an accident to happen when you get all excited. It could get embarrassing when the paramedics have to be called in to remove those naughty accessories.


You want to be in charge, so make this absolutely clear to your partner. So how can you spice up your sex-life? Role playing does it for some folks. The teacher giving his schoolgirl pupil a lesson, or the plumber being seduced by a desperate housewife. Let your fantasy go wild!


Sex is good with your partner. You are uncomplicated and self-assured and give them pleasure effectively, especially when they are feeling a bit nervous or clumsy. You're always ready to give a helping hand. Take your time and show them how you want to be touched, in those special places. Then reverse roles.


A highly erotic phase is beginning for you and your partner. Even in ordinary everyday situations you make your feelings known for each other. You could easily end up making love hastily on the spur of the moment. You know no limits, so the bedroom might end up being neglected.


You feel a strong physical attraction to your partner. Those erotic thoughts keep buzzing through your brain, at work and everywhere else too. Where sex is concerned, neither of you need to be told what to do. You both know what turns you on. Try some new things - spontaneity your creativity knows no limits.


You could well be sex-starved. That's the impression people might gain if they saw you and your partner together. The overt level of passion you display is undeniable. Don't be surprised if you're left with a few bites and scratches. After all, if you're honest with yourself, this is the best reward your lover can give.


Everyone knows that you love to be spoiled in every possible way, but don't be too lazy. Show your partner how much you appreciate them. They might be irritated by your sexual fantasies, but don't be concerned or change your mind - your partner is more likely to be amazed and thrilled by the candor you show in the end.


Familiar and comfortable nights of passion are on the agenda - it seems that you've lost the taste for casual encounters. You yearn for romantic meals and the pleasure of sharing a bubble bath. Spoil each other with long massages and affection. In this way you'll get to know your partner's body all over again!


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